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Castellano’s Mistress of Revenge started out to be exactly that “revenge” at first but dramatically changed and it caused such an “ache” in my heart for this couple who had once been and it continued on through out the entire book, to the very end! This second chance romance, this happy ending was extremely enjoyable as only the very talented Melanie Milburne could write.

Normally I read a book of this size in one day but I realized I needed to take my time because of the intensity. Actually, it took me three days to digest this love story, such a strong intensity that required reading it and putting it down. You will cry, want to scream, maybe even through the book across the room, that’s how intense and extremely wonderful it was to read, with many tears shed.

How does one begin? She loved him from the first moment she met him. Loved him completely and he couldn’t commit, never wanting marriage nor children. He had his reasons because of what he experienced in his childhood but she loved and adored him. When Ava realized their relationship wasn’t going anywhere, she left him.

After their mother passed away she took care of her younger sister. Her sister was employed in accounting and made a huge error. In order to save her sister from being prosecuted, she went to her employer. She was literally blackmailed into a marriage by the owner, an older man who was ill and wanted to keep up appearances with being married to a young wife. And then her sister had married and was trying desperately to have a baby and the treatments were extremely expensive, so Ava was able to help her sister out. In the end, she also took care of her dying husband even though they didn’t share a bed.

Her husband ruined her ex-lover Marc Castellano and he took most of her life with him, five years of being at his side for appearances only. Now he was dead and had left a ton of debts behind. Now Marc was back in her life and owned everything and wanted her as his mistress. Again she was being blackmailed into a relationship in order to help her sister never giving any thought to herself.

No one walked out on him, and she was responsible for him being ruined, thanks to her husband. The press labeled her as a gold-digger and he believed them. However, he still wanted her with such a force it couldn’t be denied. For both of them, as much as they both fought it, it all came tumbling back, it was basic, it was sensual, it was need that couldn’t be denied. It tortured them both, it consumed them, it couldn’t be stopped even it they wanted it to

Marc moved into her villa and demanded she share his bed. He also made all sorts of accusations, breaking her heart but at the same time making her want him so much with an intensity that knocked her sideways. In fact, they both felt it every time they were near each other. And then, the tension finally got to them and they made love. On top of that there was a threat of a pregnancy. Physical, emotional and sensual pain is all I can say, so much so I had to put this book aside because I so wanted them to resolve things and get their second chance. However, learning about Marc’s childhood made me realize that Ava knew nothing about it and it would cloud any chance for them to move forward until Marc could come to terms with his past.

Did Marc want revenge? Honestly, I felt he fought it the entire time because he couldn’t get her out of his system and there were so many secrets he wasn’t aware of, so much he didn’t realize like how much she had sacrificed for her sister and her husband. They both had such strong feelings about each other, a strong love/hate relationship, one of such passion it lept off of the pages. But so did all of the mistrust and tension in their new relationship. Add to the fact that Marc didn’t trust her and manipulated their entire affair. Add to all that a possible pregnancy scare with a man who didn’t ever want a child or marriage? How I wondered, would they survive this false time together?

So much anger, sorrow and pain and I sincerely wondered if for a second they would survive it? Ava was such a vibrant and strong woman and gave the impression she was strong while she crumbled with her love for Marc. However, for Marc to come to terms with the past and present, he had to face his demons and realize how much he wanted, needed and loved this woman. In the end, this incredibly sexy man and this strong and amazing woman got that happy ending along with a most special prize. However, to learn about it, you’ll have to read this amazing, interesting and extremely entertaining love story by the very talented Melanie Milburne.

Behind the book:
Book Description:

Men like Marc Castellano don't forgive. They get revenge…

Five years ago, Ava McGuire married Marc's business rival, causing a high-profile scandal. But no one knows that Ava was forced to say "I do." Now a widow, she's left with nothing but crippling debts and another scandalous proposition.

Marc is going to have Ava right where he wants her…not with a ring on her finger, not even in the palm of his hand. But in his bed for as long as he desires….

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