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HIGH-SOCIETY SEDUCTION (The Roth's) - Maxine Sullivan

The Roth brother’s each unique, each handsome, each wealthy and each one lethal and Maxine Sullivan has again written an extremely powerful love story. It’s one full emotion, passion and revenge. High Society Seduction was about family loyalties, friendships and two lovers caught in the middle. In the end for Adam and Jenna to find their happiness, it was about letting go of the past.

Jenna Branson was troubled when she learned from her brother that the deceased Liam Roth had $350,000 of his money he had invested in Roth’s business venture. While attending an event with her boss and his wife at the race track Jenna was introduced to Liam’s brother, Adam. Sparks immediately arched between them and Adam was definitely interested in seeing Jenna again. However, he received the shock of his life when Jenna revealed her brother’s secret but he finally agreed to at least check into the matter and find out if her accusations were true.

Adam Roth was an extremely handsome millionaire and playboy. He had once been married and lost his wife and unborn baby in an automobile accident. It took him months to get over their deaths with the help of his close friend Todd and now that same friend’s wife Chelsea was coming on to him and he wanted it to stop. Especially before Todd got hurt! When he learned from Jenna about her brother’s problem and that she needed him to help her brother and his family, Adam came up with a plan to kill two birds with one stone. He would look into the lost money if she would agree to play his “pretend” mistress until he could get this difficult situation with Chelsea under control.

Jenna agreed, only for the sake of her brother because he had left his family and went to work out of the country to try to earn some of the money he’d lost back. She couldn’t believe how attracted she felt towards Adam. It was a distraction and she didn’t like it. And then she met Todd and Chelsea and could see for herself that Adam had a mess on his hands. On top of that she also met Adams mother and liked her very much. She knew how much Adams family meant to him, he loved them, and of course he wanted to protect his dead brother’s name. But at her families expense?

Both situations became complicated for both of them. Attending different functions with him, going away for a weekend with him at Todd and Chelsea’s summer home, and making passionate love plus the blatant flirting from Chelsea….what a mess. Throw into the mix having lunch at the Roth’s family estate because it became very clear the Roth’s actually thought Adam and Jenna were a couple. And just when I thought they might have a chance to really fall in love, Adams revealed the truth about Jenn’a brother. Talk about a shocker.

Jenna was passionate about her family. She adored her parents, brother, sister-in-law and nieces. She especially wanted to help her sister-in-law because she didn’t know the truth about the lost money and then the bank threatened to foreclose on her brother’s home due to lack of payment. However, Jenna was strong, stronger than she realized because she had to not only face the shock of what her brother had done, she also had to face the fact that she had become pregnant and that Adam would never marry her because he couldn’t let go of his dead wife and child. He would never marry her nor be a father to her baby, he would never love her as she loved him. So with determination she walked away and forced her brother and family face up to her brother’s problems.

I wondered how Maxine Sullivan would give her hero, Adam a wake up call. Well it came first when he learned Jenna was pregnant and then when she fainted and had to be taken to the hospital. Adam knew he would provide for the baby he also felt she deserved more because he had lost his heart five years earlier with the death of his family. Jenna was not only a beautiful person, she touched people and in the end she touched Adam, because it took her being taken to the hospital to realize he loved her; she had repaired the hole in his heart.

Behind the book:

"The first book in my Roth family series, High-Society Secret Baby, had been a story brewing in me for a long time. I hadn’t really thought about making it a series, but as I started writing the book for Silhouette Desire, I could easily see the benefit of adding a second brother to the mix, intricately weaving the lives - and loves - of Dominic and Adam Roth around their late brother, Liam.

Of course, then I had to decide on the storyline for this second brother. He was a man in his own right and not in the least in his older brother’s shadow. He needed a woman who could stand up to him… who challenged him and his belief that he was beyond getting emotionally involved with a woman after his wife was killed in a car accident. Enter Jenna Branson - and High-Society Seduction was born." M. Sullivan

I would also like to suggest you read High Society, Secret Baby, the older Roth brother's story.

Book Description:

A question of lust or loyalty?

He needed a mistress. A pretend mistress, that is. So when Jenna Branson confronted playboy billionaire Adam Roth, demanding he return money his brother stole from her family, Adam saw his opportunity. He'd look into her accusations, but she must act as though they're involved—intimately. Anything to rid himself of the unwanted attention of his best friend's wife.

The proposition seemed simple, but soon their game of seduction was no longer just for show. Then a high-stakes confrontation forced them to choose between family loyalty…and the chance of forever.

He would possess her!

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