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Intensity, conflict, trust and sensual tension all rolled into one incredible love story as penned by Abby Green. In Christofides' Keeping was an exceptional book giving this couple who shared a one night stand and making it so much more.

Gypsy had trust issues. Her single mother, on her own, tried to raised her and in the end it was too much so she gave her to the man who was her father. A nasty man who didn’t want her, verbally abused and kept her away from her mother who eventually died in a mental health institution. And now her father was dead. On a fateful night she met a handsome Greek and they only exchanged first names, Gypsy and Rico and they had a one night affair. The following morning he left her a cold note and later on the news she saw what he did to women who tried to betray him, claiming he was the father of their child. He destroyed them publicly.

Rico Christofides’, successful billionaire couldn’t get the woman he slept with two years earlier out of his mind. He remembered their one night of passion and returned to London on business, or so he thought and then he saw her working as a waitress, the fire was still there and she ran. However, her boss gave him her address and from then on everything changed. Gypsy had a small child with his eyes, he did the math and went ballistic! Just like her controlling father, Rico demanded she leave her shabby apartment and move in with him. Once the paternity was established, he was furious, he couldn’t believe she had kept his daughter from him, had deceived him and wondered if she would have ever told him, he was a father.

For Gypsy, this was torture because her body betrayed her and so in the end did her heart. However, remembering her father and how he treated her, how all wealthy men treated and demanded things from the female sex, she was determined to keep her beautiful daughter Lola safe and worried that Rico would try to take her away. In the end, they agreed on fifteen months with the three of them living together. It was hard on both of them, emotionally and physically especially when they travelled to Buenos Aires where they attended Rico’s brothers sons christening. She learned all sorts of things about Rico, how his stepfather had physically abused him, about how his mother had lied, he barely had a chance to meet his biological father and on and on. Plus the fact that he gave his family the impression their being together was temporary. And then on to Greece and Rico’s villa, all changed for the three of them. Rico enjoyed his role as Lola’s father and each day the tension built until it finally snapped and they made love.

Trust was an issue for both of them, especially Gypsy. Rico wondered what she was hiding about her past and Gypsy was frightened that Rico would in the end, be like her father. Trust was like giving up a little piece of yourself, a part of the control you had over your life, because when someone got in that “circle of trust,” they were also in a position to hurt you and she couldn’t allow that. She had been there, done that!

The ensuing chapters tugged at my heart because of the trust issues, the secrets Gypsy was keeping and reading about their relationship because it was obvious that both of them were teetering on something that could become very special. When Gypsy’s past was revealed, I was overwhelmed. Would Rico be able to prove he wasn’t like Gypsy’s father? Would the three of them get their second chance and a happy ending? The final scenes had me sobbing. In Christofides’ Keeping was every bit as amazing as Bride in the Gilded Cage, the connected story about these two Greek brothers and very proud men. Simply stated…… this romance was extremely impressive!

Book Description:

Pregnant and alone...

When one night with ruthless playboy Rico Christofides leaves her pregnant, Gypsy Butler is determined to spare her unborn baby the heartache of her own neglectful childhood. But a shock meeting is about to change her plans...

Captured and claimed!

Rico has never forgotten - or forgiven - the one woman who managed to smash through his cast-iron defenses. Now he's discovered he's a father, nothing will stop him from claiming his child...even if unwilling Gypsy craves her freedom!

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