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Fascinating is the word I would use to describe Unfinished Business With the Duke. Adding to that sweet, sexy and sad because the hero, handsome Gio Hamilton refused to acknowledge his past hurts as a child. He also refused to get involved or have any sort of relationship with a woman.

The author’s heroine Issadora or Izzy as her friends called her was magnificent. She was a fiery redhead with a heart as wide as the ocean. She was sweet, charming, fierce and could be determined at times. Issy adored her mother and father and then her father died. As a young girl she and her mother lived at the manor taking care of Gio and his father the Duke. Issy had loved Gio and felt so incredibly sad because Gio’s relationship with his father and mother was horrible. His parents had used him as a pawn. His father tormented and yelled at him and his mother neglected him. Because of her love for him at age 17 she on particular night when he had argued with his father Issy went to him and blatantly told him she wanted him. In one heated moment he took her virginity. She told him she loved him and he dismissed her with cruel words. He didn’t regret his decision to walk away because she had been so romantic and so very young.

Now years later, Gio was back in England restoring the manor he inherited. Issy was running a theater company and its existence was threatened due to the lack of funds. And then they were reunited in a most bizarre way. Oh what a reunion! Gio literally rescued her from a disastrous situation. When he saw her scantly dressed, he thought she was a stripper and everything in the room sizzled! Then he kissed her and offered her money because he misunderstood her profession. However, feeling proud, Issy parted with angry words exchanged with Geo.

However, when she realized there were no other options available and only one way to save her theater company, she went to ask Gio for financial assistance and without realizing it, her fate was sealed! What Issy didn’t know was that Gio was worth millions and a very successful architect in Florence, Italy. Gio had a plan and he convinced her she must return to Italy with him to sign the papers which would rescue her theater.

Gio’s plan was to bed Issy because he was so attracted to her and not because of the business arrangement between them. He actually tricked her into returning home with him to his villa. Being with her was amazing and he was determined not to let her go especially after they made love. As much as Issy didn’t want to admit it, she was excited because like Gio she wanted the passion and sincerely believed she could survive it while keeping her heart intact. Wrong on all counts!

The passion was overwhelming for both of them and Issy drove him crazy with all of her questions about his past and her determination to get the answers. His past was just that, the past and he didn’t want to let her in, he only wanted to make love to her and keep her there with him. Days flew by and a chain of events happened that were powerfully overwhelming for them both which involved his Italian family who wanted to get to know him and be a part of his life. Gio resisted and Issy insisted and they went to a family gathering which was extremely hard for him. And then everything came tumbling out, his relationship with his parents, everything because this stubborn woman wouldn’t let up. Then she made the mistake of telling Gio she loved him. However, he couldn’t return that love, words were exchanged and she returned home to England.

Would Gio and Issy get their second chance? Not until Gio realized that Issy who had always been there for him, loved him with such a strength and she filled all of the “empty spaces” that had been in his life. Unfinished Business with the Duke was a beautifully crafted and extremely enjoyable romance about love, acceptance, healing of the heart and second chances.

Behind the book: First Love, second chances!

Book Descripion:

Long ago Issy Helligan lost her virginity to gorgeous aristocratic rebel Giovanni Hamilton. Then he left without a backward glance and Issy was heartbroken.…

Now, years later, she's doing just fine. Well, perhaps performing singagrams is not her first-choice career, but needs must. But now who should be there to bear witness to her humiliation? Gio Hamilton, now a duke and more gorgeous than ever. He steps into the fray, rescues her, ravishes her senseless and offers to solve all her money worries. There'll be no "forever" with this guy, so is he too good to be true…or simply too delicious to refuse?

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