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Talk about a punch straight to my heart! Natalie Anderson and her Unbuttoned by Her Maverick Boss took my breath away thanks to this amazing author. The socialite and the tormented and wounded warrior was extraordinary.

Immediately there was an attraction between both of them. He was the billionaire playboy and out of her league. However, Lorenzo Hall intrigued her and she was here at his office to do what she did best, bail him out of a jam. His charity volunteer had a premature birth and the Whistle Fund needed administrative help, something the beautiful Sophy Braithwaite was used to providing. The word “no” wasn’t in her vocabulary when it came to her family and friends.

Their entire time together to put it simply was complicated. Sophy had dated a few people and had even been engaged and was used by her fiancée. For the most part, she played life safe. Her father was an accomplished judge and her siblings were lawyers. Sophy was just sweet Sophy, always trying to please her family so much so, at times they took advantage without meaning to do so. She wasn't an academic like her sisters and brothers. She was always running errands for her family, planning events, etc. It was her dream to be a jewelry designer but she was afraid her family wouldn't approve. However, Lorenzo made her feel prickly, made her desire, made her want to walk on the wild side. They taunted each other, they played games and then she stepped out of the box and went for it and the brass ring, Lorenzo.

Lorenzo Hall had a past and it wasn’t pretty. He had been abused by his father, his mother never came to his defense and he acted out with anger. All of it ended up with Lorenzo appearing before a judge. He was sent from one foster home to another, never belonged, and was never loved. The one good thing that happened was he was sent on a scholarship to boarding school. He became friends with a wealthy school chum, Alex Carlisle. (Alex’s story is Caught on Camera with the CEO). Throughout school and later, they became more than friends, they were more like brothers!

However, Lorenzo knew he would never marry, have children, he would just live, see selected women but never commit. However his desire for Sophy was strong. He’d never felt desire like this before with the women he dated. Sophy, the buttoned up rich girl turned him on. He wanted her messy and in his bed! Let’s just say, every step of the way Lorenzo fought his feelings for her and it seemed he couldn't get enough of her. A one night stand turned into weeks of intensity, weeks of getting to know each other. Between getting Lorenzo’s charity organized, spending time with him it all became overwhelming.

Sophy wanted her dream to come true. She wanted to become a successful jewelry designer. She had the opportunity to show her pieces and she so wanted to make her family proud. What few people could see besides her best friend and Lorenzo, Sophy was frightened she would fail For a big mean playboy, Lorenzo had a soft side. He could actually see who and what Sophy was when it came to her family and her insecurities about her talent. As much as he would never admit it, he was somewhat putty in her hands. He did special things for her so that she would have a successful show and it will melt your heart what this beautiful man and the lengths he goes to make sure she’s a success.

Magical is all I can say about Lorenzo and Sophy. She knew they had something special but he couldn’t and wouldn’t acknowledge it. When it became personal, he pushed her away. So much so, that everything about their relationship exploded and ended in an extremely emotional way. Sophy finally demanded Lorenzo at least share why they couldn’t be together. I just have to say, this tormented and wounded warrior broke my heart, as he will yours. When Lorenzo finally comes clean about his past and how it’s somewhat linked to hers it was pure agony to read. I wondered how would it be possible for them to have a future? I couldn’t believe it.

His friend Alex had his happy ending and I so wanted one for Lorenzo. This closed off alpha surely surprised me not only with how much he accomplished in his lifetime but how he gave the woman he adored her happy ending. That’s what it’s about, isn’t it…….the happy ending? Thanks to the lovely Natalie Anderson for writing this beautiful and most amazing love story and for the two sexy rogues and best friends.

Behind the Book:

A themed duo about a couple of gorgeous best friends (and rogues) with
Book 1 Caught on Camera with the CEO

Book Description::

Office gossip...

It's well known that rugged tycoon Lorenzo Hall comes from the wrong side of the tracks, and that opposites attract... Apparently one glimpse of his pristine new assistant Sophy Braithwaite had Lorenzo itching to undress her - we wonder if she's as prim and proper as she looks!

Of course, to Sophy, her smouldering boss should be off-limits, but it's easy to see how Lorenzo's criminally hot body and the dangerous twinkle in his eyes could tempt her to break all the rules...

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