Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Pink Heart Society - Bloggiesta Ole!

I spend a lot of time writing reviews for the Pink Heart Society as well as reading author and editor posts. 

For readers and writers of Category Romance novels! Find out about great books, hear from your favourite authors, stop by for some fun!

The Pink Heart Society on Facebook.

If you're not a part of a book club, there is one there for you to participate in monthly.  Pink Heart Society editor and Author Donna Allward each month chooses a selection.  Here's a recent pick.

Did you make any resolutions about your reading habits?  If you did, I hope you'll share them with us.  I've decided to try some YA, Historicals, Medicals and possibly paranormal.  Any suggestions?

How about reading reviews, do they influence your book purchases?  If they are negative, how do you feel about that?  Personally, for me as long as they are constructive and not "nasty", that's ok.  However, I always try to remember the time the author spent writing the book and how the the negative must hurt.

International win a $10.00 Amazon card, follow The Pink Heart Society Reviews and The Pink Heart Society Blog.  Come back here, post a comment and please leave your Email address.  Happy Bloggiesta Ole!


Lois said...

Hi and Happy Sunday! :) Yep, I'm following the blog and the reviews blog too! :) Definitely love me my category romances too! :) As for reviews, I'll read them, but mostly to help tell me more about the book -- sometimes they are better than the blurb. Sure, I'll see the opinion of the reviewer, and once in a blue moon there might be a reason why the dis/liked it that will keep me from getting it or the opposite, add it to my list... but mostly, it always seems I liked something they didn't and visa versa, so I don't necessarily pay attention to that part afterwards.


Linda Henderson said...

I am now following The Pink Heart Society Reviews on GFC as seriousreader. I already followed The Pink Heart Society Blog on GFC as seriousreader. I usually won't base buying a book off of reviews, I read them, but I don't make my final choice on them. I am on a fixed income and have to watch my book buying budget very closely.

seriousreader at live dot com

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Thanks ladies for your comments. A question for you, do you base your purchase based on a review or the description?

Also, how do you feel about critical reviews? Personally, I hate them because I feel the time and love the author pub into the book, how it was marketed, makes such a difference.

Linda Henderson said...

A lot of times I simply buy because it's an author I particularly enjoy. In a choice between review or description I would have to say description. I have on very rare occasion bought a book because of a good review. I don't like really negative reviews. Not everyone has the same taste in books so what might appeal to me might not appeal to others.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Lois, you're the winner!


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