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The incredible Heidi Rice has not only made my New Years Day enjoyable, she will provide her readers and fans with a stunning love story with Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger. Sexy doesn’t even describe billionaire Ryan King.

Maddy Westmore had been bitterly hurt by her father, her parents marriage had been a mess and a couple of past boy friends had used her. It was her time to do the using! First she had to save a surfer caught out in a storm. The well toned, handsome surfer was ungrateful and cranky when he was pulled onto shore. In fact he was a very rich man who lived in a manor up on the cliffs overlooking the bay. However, being the person she was Maddy was determined to check on him because he had a bad limp and had also injured his head. Her visit to the manor to check on Rye would changed this green eyed pixie and billionaire’s life forever.

Rye was in a mood. After the surfing incident, he realized he was done. He was not used to living this way because he wasn’t in control. On top of that a woman rescued him and that also made him angry. A bad knee, he was impotent and now he had another problem, the sexy lifeguard showed up on his front porch, soaking wet from a storm. Yes, Maddy stormed into his life and brought back to life to his body, something he had believed would never happen. He wanted her with a fierceness he hadn’t felt in a long time. The feelings were mutual and after a few passionate kisses they both agreed they wanted each other and a “no strings” blow out affair. Of course being an alpha, Rye called all of the shots and that made Maddy angry from time to time.

Maddy was in for a shock. On top of her life guard job which was soon coming to an end, she worked at the beach cafe. Her boss and friend knew she had a number one rule...... “never sleep with the boss”. Her reason had something to due with what she witnessed as a young girl. Now she was in trouble because what she didn’t know was her boss actually was Rye. He finally owned up to the fact that he owned many businesses in the area, the cafe being one of them. Learning he was the boss, made her physically ill and he couldn’t understand why. He demanded she explain and her answers surprised him. However painful it was to reveal them, in the end they agreed to a short term “no strings” affair. After a couple of weeks, Rye went to California and then on to London for business without her as he decided to take over the helm of his London based company. While he was gone, she also realized there was no chance for them, because she had broken the rule…….she loved him!

Maddy was miserable and Rye had to admit he missed her. His plan was to bring her to London and also encourage her to meet with his friend because he felt she was a talented artist and possibly had a future with her painting. He was proud of her, but still he distanced himself and wouldn’t share his past or his feelings. Maddy knew she should own up and tell him she loved him and when she did, not only did everything change; she ended up leaving London with a broken heart. A broken young woman, a woman in love with someone who would never love her back. So she returned home to her cottage.

Maddy, his little green eyed pixie, in the end, brought him back to life even though he fought it every step of the way because he didn’t do commitment. However, there was a reason why which was later revealed. Yes, Maddy also had issues but her feelings for her lover were stronger. Did he mean to be cruel by still wanting her in his bed? No; but he had to come to terms with the past before he could figure everything out. Running out on him, did the trick because in the end, he realized their relationship had never been simple; it had been so more than that. A spectacular ending with a beautiful epilogue giving this interesting couple their happy ending. Reading Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger was a great way to start out my New Year thanks to clever author, Heidi Rice.

From Heidi’s website:

The story stars ex-surfer turned extreme sports entrepreneur Rye King and female lifeguard Maddy Westmore, and their passionate affair in a cozy cottage on a Cornish clifftop (cue some hot October nights) which switches to the glitz and glamour of London high society in the run-up to Christmas

Book Description:

Honed, handsome, and needing the kiss of life!

Millionaire entrepreneur Ryan King is mortified: he's just been pulled from the ocean by a pretty female lifeguard! Why, after months recovering from a horrific motorbike accident, did he get back on his surfboard? For the same reason he wants a hot, wild woman back in his bed - to prove he's the same man he was before...

Maddy is shocked to find that this half-drowned, totally gorgeous surfer has her body humming! She always ends up getting used - maybe this time it's her turn to do the using? It's the short, sizzling affair they both need - until their dangerously addictive liaison careers out of control...

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