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SWEET SURRENDER, BABY SURPRISE - Kate Carlisle (Duke Brother's)

Kate Carlisle and her Duke Brother series promises to be amazing. My only regret was that I began reading the second book Sweet Surrender and missed book 1, The Millionaire Meets His Match.  Well all I can say is the other two are on order.  These proud men who don't love easily are magnificent!

Oh boy, was Cameron Duke in for a real surprise when he returned back to his hotel suite for a shower and beer and found pastry chef Julia Parrish naked in his shower. And then the bomb dropped when he heard a baby crying which was later announced to be his son! Talk about shock turned to anger and then an emotion he couldn’t describe.

Julia had spent one weekend in the arms of Cameron Duke only to be told he didn’t do relationships and once it was over, it was over because he never went back. However, being the lovely woman she was she was determined to advise Cameron that he was going to be a father so she called and then emailed him several times only to be ignored. Julia had been discovered by his mother Sally Duke and she supplied all of the Duke properties with her pastries. An now she was back attending a conference and at the insistence of Cam’s mother, was staying in his suite and that she was welcome to use it in his absence. And then when Sally saw the little baby boy, she knew immediately it was Cameron’s. Being a mother who adored her three sons, I could just tell there were going to be problems and mom would have a hand in them.

Cam wasn’t sure what to do about little Jake. At first he thought a paternity test was in order. However, just looking at him and his dimple in the same place as his, and the same color eyes he knew it wasn’t necessary. What he didn’t know was that Julia didn’t need his money because she was wealthy herself and had become so, when her parents died. He also didn’t know about her childhood or how she was raised. And let me just say, it broke my heart at how lonely she had been and it also explained her fierceness and protectiveness in regards to her son Jake. The chemistry between Julia and Cam sizzled off of the pages and so did the emotions he felt about his little son.  Especially when Jake called him Dada.  Other emotions too like the lust he felt for Julia.  Then there was the fact that he needed to tell his other two brothers. It was shear craziness when his family got involved and they were are over the top with emotions for their new nephew and grandson. And for Julia, this warm and loving family was what she always had wanted, a place to belong and to be loved.

Because they lived and worked in different towns I wondered what would happen. Would Cam try to get custody, would he want to be a dad and share joint custody because Julia was protective of her son. And then Cam set things into motion, baby proofing his home, he wanted to shop with Julia for his son and set up a place for Jake.  So Cam came up with a plan……..marriage and raising their son together. However, I wondered what Julia’s answer would be because she knew Cam never looked back, plus the fact he didn’t love her. Their passion grew for each other and there were a few blips in their marriage but for the most part all three of the settled into being a family. And then Julia realized she loved her husband but would have to keep it a secret, because Cameron didn’t do love.

Three days later they were married and the chemistry was amazing. His mother suspected Cam felt more for Julia than he wanted to admit. As for Julia, I was sure she not only loved Cam and Jake, she adored his fun and loving mother and family. The family, she so wanted to be a part of.  But could she survive her marriage without Cam’s love because her marriage now was one of convenience along with the benefits?

Of course, the inevitable happened while attending a charity ball. It was an emotional time for Cam because Martina, a woman from his past appeared at the ball and told him she wanted him back, the very same woman he had loved years ago, who left him for another man. And then the passion Cam and Julia shared in a most secluded grotto at the resort and he thought she never looked more beautiful. Of course, it got ruined when Julia blurted out and told Cam she loved him after making love. And this arrogant alpha told her he was glad because it would strengthen their marriage but he couldn’love her! Would it be enough for Julia? I Cameron would show his respect and admiration  for her but never give her his love.

The answer was no, she needed his love, she needed to belong, she wanted it all, she deserved it! And she wanted answers so she went to see his mother, the woman who had adopted him and loved him. Reluctantly, Sally told Julia about Cameron’s parents, a very sad and horrible story and other events that had shaped Cam’s life. Later they both shared with each other about their troubled childhoods.  Then Julia and their son left Cam, over the three little words she deserved to hear from her husband. It took his mother, his brother’s and in the end something as simple as his son trying to walk and Julia not being there to see it, how much he missed his wife. Emotions were churning around in his chest emotions; he would learn to understand……!  A very happy one for Cam, Julia and Jake.

Sweet Surrender, Baby surprise was beautifully written, with everything that makes a perfect romance, emotion, conflict, passion and of course the perfect happy ending, thanks to author, Kate Carlisle.

The Duke Brother's series:

The Duke brother's, Adam, Cameron and Brandon are not related by blood but rather by adoption. All have a past through no fault of their own and Sally Duke gave them love, a stable home and a ton of love! Even though blood doesn’t bind them, they are close and together they run Duke Development.

However, this loving mom wants her men to find love and in the end, giving her grand children.

The Millionaire Meets His Match (July 2010)
Sweet Surrender, Baby Surprise (December 2010)
How to Seduce a Billionaire – (August 2011)

Back Blurb:

Marriage and kids? Not for confirmed bachelor Cameron Duke. Then an affair with Julia Parrish changed everything. Once he discovered the pretty cupcake maker had borne him a son, Cameron's priorities did a complete turnaround. He would marry and give his child the Duke name. But he'd be keeping his heart.

A marriage of convenience? That wouldn't have been Julia's first choice. Yes, she had always craved Cameron, and becoming his wife could be sweet indeed. But once she said "I do," this new bride and mother realized she wanted more from her husband. She wanted love.

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