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I couldn’t wait to read The Millionaire Meets His Match by Kate Carlisle, which was Book 1 in Kate’s Duke Brother series. The series I just know is going to be fabulous because I read Book 2 (Sweet Surrender, Baby Surprise) first, and adored it!

Brandon Duke said to his brother Adam, “just don’t be surprised when you find yourself on a honeymoon with some woman who was planted right under your nose by our diabolically clever mother.” And yes, their mom Sally Duke was not only a matchmaker she was an incredible mother to her adopted sons.

Adam was at the top of Sally’s list to marry off and he wouldn’t put it past her dear friend Marjorie, the HR Director to have this so called woman right under Adam’s nose. If Trish was a plant and a gold digger, then Adam was on top of the situation and he would out maneuver his mother and her best friend!

And then Adam remembered a conversation he overheard when Trish said, “he won’t even know what hit him” not realizing they were speaking about something else entirely. But what he didn’t know was the conversation was between Trish and her best friend. He had asked Trish to join him on a business trip to Fantasy Mountain, Duke Enterprise’s new resort. He wanted to check out an error that was made in the construction of the new parking garage because it wasn't up to code or user friendly for the ADA traveler. The very same facility that had displaced Trish, her grandmother and other family friends because Duke Enterprises had purchased the entire block before they could bid on it themselves because they wanted it for Fantasy Mountain's parking garage.

Trish was on a mission to find out something negative she could use against Adam and bring him down. What she didn’t count on was she was attracted to her new boss and nervous about the trip. However, she remembered her promise to her grandmother on her death bed and she wouldn’t let her feelings for him to get in the way. She would take him down no matter what or how handsome and nice he was because it was about doing the right thing. She didn’t want to let down the past residents of Victorian Village, the property they lost because they weren’t the owners when they had applied for historical designation for the Village. She was furious with the city to allow a historical building to be bulldozed and in it’s place a parking garage erected by Duke Enterprises. And then it was suddenly clear, if she messed up she would never find work in this town again.

I was so intrigued by this storyline and yet I hadn’t even got to the “good parts”, their business trip, their love making, the feeling of betrayal and Adam finding out if his mother and her best friend had played a part in all of this or had they? Well I wasn’t disappointed because their chemistry sizzled! .Trish fell in love and Adam fought it and he realized after the gala and grand opening that he would need to end their relationship because he didn’t “do forever” even though he had feelings for Trish.

Of course when one keeps secrets they are bound to come back to haunt them and for Trish it was devastating when a man recognized her as one who had pleaded for him not to tear down Victorian Village which destroyed all of their homes and businesses.. However before leaving so abruptly, she managed to tell him about what his company had done to her and had in the end caused the death of her grandmother. Not before revealing and handing him a disc that told him he was about to do it again. What a mess and it all took place in front of his guests and family.

They were both miserable without each other but trust me, in the end Adam did the most incredible thing for Trish to make up for Duke Enterprises involvement in the destruction of the Victorian Village. It was so obvious to me that not only did Adam Duke have charisma and charm, he was a good man. However Trish had other ideas because she found an incriminating file and when Adam had to address this issue, in the end, he did the right thing not only giving them their happy ending, one for the residents of Victorian Village as well.

These three Duke brother’s who came from similar backgrounds, who were adopted by the lovely Sally Duke, nurtured and loved and who together built up a corporation, have been a joy to read. Brandon Duke will be the last of the miniseries and I’m hoping author Kate Carlisle also gives their adorable and meddling mother Sally, a “love interest”.

Book Description:
Mr. July: Adam Duke, committed to his company

His Foil: A matchmaking mother

His Future: Avoid Operation Matrimony

The CEO of Duke Development had been on guard since he discovered his mother's diabolical plot to marry him off. Him and his brothers. And when his desirable new assistant, Trish James, hinted she wanted more than just a business relationship, Adam figured she was in on the scheme. So the boss decided to play along and seduce the secretary...then put a stop to his mother's meddling marriage plans once and for all. But even Adam could not have guessed Trish's true agenda for wanting him in her bed....

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