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Author Nicola Marsh brought back so many memories for me with Wild Nights with her Wicked Boss. This heartfelt and warm romance takes place in the state of Alaska. A place I not only visited so many times due to work but a place that stole my heart. I can’t even begin to describe my experience while reading this beautifully crafted romance. Both of these characters tugged at my heart and their personalities leaped off the pages and so did their chemistry.

Rhys Cartwright was quite the handsome millionaire and owned a tour operating company which catered to clients who wanted to experience Alaska. However, early on he had experienced the loss of his older brother and he and his brother the rejection of their parents after his brother’s death. Later on he would also experience the loss and death of his girlfriend for which he blamed himself. So love and commitment, absolutely not! However he did care very much for his brother and family who lived in Australia. Callum and Starr's story were in Overtime in the Bosses Bed.

And then there was the lovely Australian society girl, Jade Beacham. She had lived the high society life and had been spoiled by her parents. However, not only did her parents let her down by their betrayal in their own marriage, so had her fiance when she found out he had been cheating on her. Now she had the chance to make something of her life and live independent from her family. Her first interview to be a tour guide with Wild Thing was with Callum Cartwright, the CEO’s brother and now she would have her interview with the owner of the Alaska tour company, Rhys Cartwright. Let’s just say it wasn’t the normal interview and there were lots of sparks flying on both sides. However, she got the job and was quite surprised due to her lack of experience. What she didn’t know was that dear old dad had secured the job for her.

Jade was determined to succeed because at the end of season she wanted to return to Australia and study biology. However, she was so attracted to Rhys and he was attracted to her as well. They fought their attraction every step of the way but in the end when they were left along at his lodge, they made love. Rhys could tell she felt something for him and he didn’t want to hurt her so he told her absolutely no more, it was over. Her pride and determination in tact, she worked doubly hard and her two male co-workers admired her determination and secretly so did Rhys.

Jade was under Rhys skin and she drove him crazy. He was determined she would never have his heart but he wanted her so badly. It was their turn to make the journey to Skagway, AK for supplies. Rhys was determined to give Jade the date they never shared. They went to dinner, again made love and stayed overnight at his condo. He knew then and there he was in trouble but what he didn’t know was that he would hurt her beyond repair when she overheard a phone conversation concerning the terms of her employment with Wild Thing.

The hero Rhys Cartwright and heroine Jade Beacham were so real, warm, spirited and funny and you’ll actually feel like you’re personally on their journey. Jade and Rhys had suffered so much loss; Jade due to betrayal by her fiance and her parents and Rhys by the death of his brother and girlfriend. Their journey wasn’t an easy one, it was full of obstacles but in the end and oh what an ending it was spectacular!

Wild Nights with her Wicked Boss had a most creative and beautiful ending. It’s one you definitely won’t want to miss because Nicola Marsh’s love of romance, love of Alaska was truly portrayed in this most amazing love story.

Behind the book:

"I'll let you in on a little secret: this book in its original form is the first partial I ever submitted to Mills and Boon! While 'Fire and Ice' wasn't suitable for Harlequin Modern at the time, Kim Young wrote a 2 page encouraging rejection, asking for anything else I'd written. The result? I sent in THE TYCOON'S DATING DEAL and it sold!

Cue forward five years and with a hefty rewrite, Rhys and Jade have their romance in Alaska published! I'm thrilled this book will be released, considering it was inspired by my honeymoon. Glacier Point, Davidson Glacier, all real. And the canoe? I actually rowed out on it to the glacier, incredible experience! As for the hot tub in Skagway, sadly, I didn't get to research that first hand!" Nicola Marsh

Connected book Overtime in the Bosses Bed

A Personal Note from Marilyn::

For more than 17 years, I worked for Princess Cruises and Princess Tours. At first as PA to one of the Vice Presidents and then as a tour and shore excursion coordinator. The places Nicola writes about Davidson Glacier and Glacier Point, I've visited several times. Years later I planned personalized tours to the state with Knightly Tours. If it’s your dream to see Alaska, I highly encourage it whether you travel by cruise ship, rail or personally drive. It’s glorious country with beautiful vistas, lodges, especially South East Alaska. And there is no better way to see by a tour operator like Rhys Wild Thing. It's a wonderful way to view a glacier in canoes or kayaks, by helicopter, by float plane .  On land by rail or rafting down a river in Denali National Park.

Book Description:

Her red-hot boss definitely shouldn't be on her "To-Do" list!

When glittering socialite Jade Beacham's life falls apart she's determined to make a completely fresh start. Packing away her designer wardrobe, she heads out to the arctic splendour of Alaska to become deliciously dangerous Rhys Cartwright's newest - and feistiest! - employee.

Expecting a high-maintenance princess, Rhys finds Jade's enthusiasm and natural beauty surprising...and outrageously enticing! If working together is wicked torture, then giving in to temptation is worse - as their blistering night together plays havoc with Rhys's strict "one night only" rule...

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