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CONTEST - (4) Chances for US Residents; (1) International winner

Thanks to Harlequin Ambassadors, there are four chances for US residents and (1) International chance to win a copy of Smokin' Six-Shooter by Harlequin Intrigue author B.J. Daniel's.  I just checked over at Amazon and (4) reviewers gave it 5 Stars!

Book Description:

Russell Corbett was all cowboy and wasn't about to let a lady lasso him! But Dulcie Hughes had him tied up in knots from the moment she nearly collided with his combine. She rode into town with her fancy rental car and city clothes to claim her secret inheritance. And neither tall tale nor handsome rancher would deter her from exposing a years-old cover-up at the Beaumont property. She expected to find answers, not fall in love. But like the threatening thunderhead on the horizon, the truth would come fast and fierce, and there would be no escaping the consequences.

Meet B.J. Daniels

I began writing when I was 8-years-old. It took me years to find the courage to actually admit to anyone that I wanted to be a writer. At 30, I quit a good job and found the only writing job I could find – a reporter at the local newspaper.

I finally had the courage to do what I wanted from day one: write fiction. I started small, writing short stories. Finally I wrote a book. After a couple of rewrites, I sold it to Harlequin Intrigue. Since then, I quit my newspaper job and have sold more than 50 books. I'm proud of the numerous awards I've won and that I've appeared on the USA Today Bestseller list. I feel blessed every day that I am doing what I dreamed of doing when I was a kid.
When I’m not writing, I snowboard, camp, boat, travel, play tennis and, of course, read.

To win a copy, since it's April Fools Day, have you ever played a prank on someone?  If so, tell us about it here or follow me here, or on Facebook at Harlequin Presents Author and Fans or Romance Author Buzz and Reviews.  Don't forget to leave your email address here so that you can be contacted.  For this particular contest, the winner will be announced Monday, April 4th.  Thanks for your post!


Girls' Guide to Flirting With Danger by USA Today Best-selling author, Kimberly Lang was an amazing reunion romance. It was a strong ardent romantic story with a shared past and now they were divorced. Consider this...... her ex-husband was a Divorce attorney, radio talk show host and the best-selling author Devin Kenney. Moreover, Megan Lowe was a marriage counselor with an axe to grind because Devin had published a book which was giving Megan all sorts of bad press and she wanted it stopped because she stood to loose her internship at the clinic where's she was working. She needed to get in hours before she took her boards, plus the research that she had to do.

Talk about one big mess. Dr. Weiss the owner of the clinic was furious. People were calling their clients due to the book and she had no choice but to ask Megan to take some time off until it all died down. Megan was furious with Devin, so she went to his book signing and pitched a fit. Devin was curious about what brought Megan here after seven years. They had married young and Megan was shy and immature. After Devin went to law school, he wanted them to move to Chicago. However, she had put her own career on hold for him and decided she had enough. She left him, moved to Albany to attend college, and left Devin without looking back. Now they both resided in Chicago and she had research papers to write and then take her boards. If this media attention brought it all to an end, she was not going down without a fight. He felt bad for her yet he remembered how she had walked out on him but he did feel bad about all of the media attention.

Devin left on a business trip but not before his producer called Megan with an idea to get rid of all of the attention. She suggested Megan appear on Devin's talk show. She was a different person now, not that shy, insecure woman of years ago. After careful thought, she agreed but he was not aware of what was going on until he showed up at the studio. They were a hit, but it only made things worse and Dr. Weiss was furious. The media adored them both drawing more attention to their marriage. They wanted them on all sorts of talk shows and Kate, the producer was over the top. In fact, at the end of the day, Kate had tricked Megan and she had news people on her doorstep. The meager apartment Devin was appalled by and that hurt. She kept remembering the past; and why she left because Devin was so caught up in himself and his career he forgot there was anyone else deserving of a thought from him. She felt he had treated her as more of a roommate and that hurt her.

The desire, passion all of it was still there. Devin made her feel all wobbly. She remembered the passion they shared, what he could do to her, and that scared her to death. As for Devin, he desired her and he was going to make it happen. Whether it was sick or twisted, he would have her in his bed again. He knew that she wanted him and it was mutual.  It would be only a matter of time and she would be his.

Between what she was remembering and feeling and all of the media attention, it was too much. Her life was in an upheaval, she so did not need this, and then inevitable happened, they ended up in each other’s arms and in bed. Fate was strange sometimes and just when Megan thought, she had everything figured out, Devin was thrown back into her life, and she worried if that was a mistake.  She also remembered because she had focused on her career, she had become dull. And then everything hit the fan, Dr. Weiss fired her and her career was in shambles, thanks to Kate his producer and she was devastated.

Devin was furious while doing his talk show because a caller brought to his attention the clip Kate had put together and up on the Internet It suggested Megan was a psycho so he fired Kate. Kate had purposely painted Megan is a bad light, damaging her reputation. Could it get any worse? He was also furious with his agent for exploiting her and he realized one major thing, this was a wake-up call for him, because he had lost control over a major part of his life. All he could think of was getting to Megan and sorting all of this out. He wanted to help her through this rough patch and he offered financial assistance. She still felt uncomfortable in the spotlight because Devin was so rich a famous. But after talking with him, she realized she had to face the media head on and take back control of her life. Part of that was asking Devin if there was an :"us" and he answered there was a "possibility"

The ending chapters were most interesting and frustrating to read because I saw a future for them.  Megan took charge of her life, found a job hours away and Dev didn't like it one bit. He didn't want her to leave and he lashed out at her. However, it gave him time to think about this "new" Megan, and her new found confidence.. He remembered she wanted to be treated as an equal. However, Megan was miserable, she missed Dev and her heart ached. And then her friend Julie called her and told her to turn on the radio as Devin was talking about her and in a way, making a public apology. Shocked and happy at the same time she decided to be bold and made a spectacular decision, one that gave them both hope for a reconciliation. If they could work it all out, happiness was within their reach.  And it took Megan making a very bold. move, one that left me smiling.  All I can say is Kimberly Lang, wrote an astonishing  happy ending and a lovely reunion romance, one I will long remember.

Just another benefit of romance by Kimberly Lang

Interview with the author

Book Description:

Life is good for marriage counsellor Megan Lowe—until the media discover that she's the ex-wife of Devin Kenney, America's most famous divorce attorney! Now the paparazzi are digging for a scoop just in time for the launch of Devin's new book. His gorgeous smile smirks at Megan from magazines and billboards, making him infuriatingly impossible to forget.

It's time for Megan to throw her very bossy rule book out the window and face her dangerously sexy ex. And their sizzling hot reunion—well, that's most definitely headline news.

Welcome to Fools for Books Giveaway Hop - April 1 thru 2 - Eileen Cooks - Unpredictable-US/CA Residents Only

Welcome to Fools for Books Giveaway Hop!

This contest is open to US and Canadian residents only.  To win an autographed copy of Unpredictable all you need to do is follow this blog.  If you're already a follower, please follow my other blog, Romance Author Buzz..  Don't forget to leave your email so that you can be contacted.....winner will be announced April 3rd.

From Booklist

Sophie will go to great lengths to win back her ex-boyfriend Doug. While spying on him, she finds out that his new girlfriend, Melanie, plans to attend a psychic fair. Coincidently, Sophie meets Nick, a professor and member of a skeptic community devoted to defrauding psychics. Nick teaches Sophie how to impersonate a psychic so she can warn Melanie away from Doug, but her stint at the fair leads to Sophie becoming a semi-celebrity when she unwittingly saves another attendee’s life. Soon she’s keeping up the psychic charade on a local radio show, and her newfound fame lures Doug back. Despite its title, Cook’s romp is predictable, and readers know where true romance will be found. But they will stick with this entertaining, humorous debut to see how long it takes Sophie to figure it out. --Aleksandra Walker

"Fresh, funny and quirky, an absolute delight." -- Annette Blair, national bestselling author of The Scot, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

"I don't have to be clairvoyant to know you'll read this book in one sitting." -- Beverly Bartlett, author of Cover Girl Confidential

"Packed with humor, romance, and magically human characters>" -- Wendy French, author of sMothering

"Destined to climb on top of the bestseller lists." -- Romantic Times

"A wonderful debut." -- USA Today bestselling author Nancy Warren

Product Description

Sophie isn't crazy, she just wants her guy back. And posing as a psychic to give his new girlfriend a fake reading designed to break them up isn't going overboard, is it? Don't answer that.

Faking psychic powers turns out to be fun, especially after a few lessons from Nick, the cute skeptic, who teaches her all the tricks of the trade. But her readings do a lot more than she could have predicted. Now she must decide whether to accept her rising stardom in a less-than-honest line of work-and whether the best option is trying to rekindle her old flame or finding romance with someone new. And, most importantly, she needs to figure out whether the answers lie in the stars-or in herself.
About the Author:
Eileen Cook is a multi-published author with her novels appearing in six different languages. She spent most of her teen years wishing she were someone else or somewhere else, which is great training for a writer. Her latest release, The Education of Hailey Kendrick came out in Jan 2011

You can read more about Eileen, her books, and the things that strike her as funny at Eileen lives in Vancouver with her husband and two dogs and no longer wishes to be anyone or anywhere else.

To win a copy of this book tell me what you're reading or about some of your favorite authors.  Also don't forget to enter Susan Mallery's contest on this bnlog.  Please leave your email so you can be contacted.  Hopfully you'll also want to follow this blog as well. 

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March 29 through April 12th - Already Home by Susan Mallery - Book Launch

This launch is to celebrate Susan Mallery's trade size release of Already Home starting today, March 29th.

Dear Reader,

ALREADY HOME is one of the most emotional stories I’ve ever written, a story of a woman who learns to open her heart and, in the process, discovers that love doesn’t wait for an invitation. Jenna Stevens is still reeling from a recent divorce and recuperating from wounds inflicted by a husband who belittled her at every opportunity. A classically trained chef, Jenna no longer believes she’s capable of the leaps of creativity that once won her praise from her instructors and from food critics, so she moves back to her hometown in Texas to open a retail cooking store.

Just as Jenna’s settling into her new career and beginning to feel like she’s on even ground, her birth mother barrels her way into Jenna’s life. Jenna doesn’t want or need a second mother, especially a vegan mother named Serenity who would have named her Butterfly. But while Serenity listens to signs from the Universe, she easily ignores Jenna telling her to go away. With gentle but insistent pressure, she will find a way to open Jenna’s heart.

And once the heart is open, anything can happen!    Susan Mallery

To read the reviews for Already Home, here

I'm hoping you run out and purchase Already Home.  So I'm offering Internationally your chance to win a $25.00 gift card to Amazon.

To qualify, go to Susan Mallery's website and contact Susan between March 29 and April 12. In your note, mention this contest. It’s as easy as that! The gift card contest is open to fans from around the world. While you visiting Susan's website be sure to join her membership page

One lucky US resident will win a copy of The Best of Friends. So if you’d like a chance to win the book, be sure to mention that you have a US address and leave your email address so that you can be contacted.

The winners will be chosen at random from among all the qualifying entries and will be notified by email.

New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery is at her heart-stirring best in this witty, richly layered story about friendship, love, and breaking free.

In high school, studious Jayne Scott and wild child Rebecca Worden became unlikely best friends—atie that endured even after Rebecca fled her family to live overseas. After Jayne’s mother passed away, she became part unpaid assistant, part surrogate daughter to the wealthy Wordens. But now, ten years later, Rebecca is coming home to L.A. to cause havoc for Elizabeth, the mother who all but rejected her. And Jayne finds herself pulled deeper into the Wordens’ complicated family dynamics—especially when Rebecca’s brother, David, returns as well.

David is the man Jayne always wanted and knew she could never have. But when he gravitates toward her in spite of Elizabeth’s protests, her vow to escape the family’s shadow is put to the ultimate test. And as lies are shattered and true feelings exposed, Jayne must decide where loyalty ends, and love begins. . . .

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Brenda Novak: Be Part of the Cure - May 2011 Brenda Novak's Jr. Diabetes Auction

Romance Suspense author Brenda Novak's Jr. Diabetes Auction, May 2011.  There's something for everyone!

HIS MAJESTY'S CHILD - Sharon Kendrick

How does someone tell a King who doesn't remember you that he has fathered your thirteen month old son? An arrogant king, who demands you bow and curtsy.  A man who stole your heart during the five days you spent together at your apartment.   Well that's how King Casimiro, King of Zaffrinthos treated party planner Melissa Maguire in His Majesty's Child written by the fabulous Sharon Kendrick.

Amnesia or not, this cold hearted handsome man made me angry.  He was so unfeeling, made harsh accusations to Melissa, a woman who even though he treated her poorly, she still loved him.  Once he received the positive results from the paternity test, he demanded that she marry him.  Then it dawned on her, the reason he was so angry was that he actually didn't remember her due to his accident; he had amnesia.  He did, indeed due to a head injury.

After an argument, Melissa agreed to marry Casimiro.  Everything became a whirlwind, shopping with her soon to be sister-in-law and the wedding preparations.  Then the honeymoon at an estate which I knew wouldn't be a problem because they had been intimate after she told him he had a son.  Plus there was the fact that she loved him.  Melissa loved him so much and the passion between them was amazing.  However, there was only one problem with their marriage, communication and she wanted him to talk about simple things like how was his day?  What did he feel towards his son?  What about her, was she just to do her royal duty as Queen and not have an opinion about what went on at the palace, in her marriage and then she made him angry by say way too much.

Honestly, while reading the final chapters I couldn't see this couple getting their happy ending.  Something so simple happened, Melissa went without bodyguards down to the beach to clear her head after their argument.  The palace guards interrupted King Casimiro's meeting, telling him she was missing and actually he was frantic.  It took the thought of her leaving him which made him realize his feelings for her because she made him feel vulnerable, she made him feel things, feelings that as a child he was taught as future King, not to feel.  Sharon Kendrick not only gave this royal couple the perfect happy ending, she also gave it to his brother, as now Casimiro and his brother Xaviero jointly ruled their country and did it successfully.

Sharon Kendrick talks about Minor Characters and working backwards.

Book Description:

King Casimiro harbors a secret—no one in the kingdom of Zaffirinthos knows that a devastating accident has left his memory clouded in darkness. And Casimiro himself cannot answer why Melissa Maguire, an enigmatic English rose, stirs such feelings in him…. Questioning his ability to rule, Casimiro decides he will renounce the throne. But Melissa has news she knows will rock the palace to its core: Casimiro has an heir!

Law dictates Casimiro cannot abdicate, so he must find a way to reacquaint himself with Melissa—his new queen!

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Sharon Kendrick - The Forbidden Innocent

The Forbidden Innocent is part of a series  titled The Powerful and The Pure - When Beauty tames the brooding Beast!  
Enter the brooding, dark haired Englishman, riding his powerful horse through the English moors.  Sound familiar?  An old classic? Of course, he encounters a very young woman on this particular evening not knowing she is the personal assistant he has hired through an employment agency to assist him with his book.  A very young woman, only 18 years old and she had some issues.  She had been abandoned as a baby, gone from one foster home to another.  Had even been abused in one of them.  Alone and in debt, she needed this job.

Jack Marchant, was rich, powerful, retired army and writing a novel.  While reading this romance, he oozed everything we love in an alpha but he was also mysterious, one didn't learn a lot about him.  He lived at his manor, employed a housekeeper, had no family, was in his mid-thirties, he loved to ride his horse and sometimes went to London to see friends.  But that was about all one learned about Jack until he felt the pull of sexual attraction and charms of his new personal assistant Ashley.

Ashley, the heroine was another story. She learned early in life how to camouflage her feelings and somewhat fit into situations. She didn't under stand the attraction, the feelings he made her feel because she was an innocent. There was one thing for sure, she needed this job and she wouldn't do anything to loose it; or so she thought until Jack finally kissed her.

Without the eyes of Christine the housekeeper or the other manor workers, after frustrating weeks of working together and having these sensual feelings they acted on it and began a hot and torrid affair.  For both of them it was incredible.  But something kept creeping into my mind because Jack made it very clear he didn't want anyone, and he meant anyone to find out about them.  However, people in the town were gossiping about them and the housekeeper warned Ashley because she didn't want to see her get hurt.  It was obvious she was so munch younger than Jack and so innocent.

Like all love stories when secrets are revealed and let me just say it was a whopper, one wonders if there will ever be the possibility of a happy ending.  Jack married?  His wife living in the United States and in a comma.  Talk about heartbreak for the couple because in secret Jack had proposed to Ashley.

In the middle of the night, Ashley fled, went back to London and found a job.  However, through pain came some joy in the form of her relatives seeking her out.  She now had a family, even though she didn't have Jack.  And then via  the manor housekeeper she found out that the manor had suffered a fire and Jack was blind.  Of course because she adored and loved him so, Ashley returned back to Jack only to learn he was now a single man because his wife had passed away.  Even under the circumstances of his blindness, Jack was a vibrant force and would soon be her husband.  Through all of this tragedy they both became so much stronger, rebuilding the manor but using it for the good of others.  Because in the end for Jack and Ashley "love conquered all"!

I sincerely think Sharon Kendrick translated Jane Eye into a modern romance and she did it with sexual tension, a forbidden love, heartbreak, an explosive secret plus giving in the end, the couple a their happy ending.

A new series, with Sharon being the first author to write.  See the blog post here

Book Description:

New bride at Blackwood Manor? Having spent her childhood in care, Ashley Jones has no one. She desperately needs her new live-in job as an author’s assistant. But she is filled with trepidation when she arrives at isolated Blackwood Manor and meets the formidable Jack Marchant. Ashley thinks she is just a drab nobody…but her heart goes out to anguished, tortured Jack. She has no idea what troubles him. But one day a private kiss becomes a passionate affair…an affair that is as secret as it is forbidden…

The Powerful and the Pure When Beauty tames the brooding Beast… --

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The Tycoon's Marriage Bid - Patricia Thayer

Patricia Thayer was a new author for me.  That why I love what Harlequin has done with these 2 in 1 romances.  Patricia's The Tycoon's Marriage Bid was a sincere joy to read. 

Hugh McCutcheon worked directly for his father and was excellent in getting the job done.  He was known for rising to the cause, getting the acquisitions his father demanded and was up for a promotion.  There was no love loss between father and son.  At an early age with Mac McCutcheon walked out on Hugh and his mom, the writing was on the wall.  Mac abandoned his family and all that was important to him was the bottom line.  He had sent Hugh to Oregon State to purchased an orchard and vineyard from the Flanagan's.  Cullen Flanagan had over extended his mortgage when his wife had become terminally ill.  Now all there was left was their home and their vineyard and Ellie Flanagan, Cullen's grand daughter was determined to keep it.

Hugh couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the beautiful redhead with lovely green eyes.  They sparked and she took his breath away.  She was one determined young woman and Hugh was going to cause her family heartache. He was not going to take away her dreams of becoming an accomplished winemaker.  Ellie fought him every step of the way and she made Hugh feel things he had never felt before, things he never allowed himself to feel.  He spent several weeks at the Flanagan's, learning the business, working in the orchard, tending the vines and learning about wines.  Not only did they have the land, they also did events, celebrations and weddings.  Plus they booked guests at the home, and that's where Hugh spent his time.

Ellie was one feisty young and determined woman and she adored her grandfather.  He had loved her grandmother, had nursed her until the day she died.  Now because of it and the loans, he stood to loose his home.  The love between them was something Hugh was not used to because of his own childhood.   All of his childhood he wanted his father's attention, his love.  Later years, Hugh would have settled for his father's acceptance.  Of course that never happened, so Hugh resigned. Witnessing the Flanagan's interacting warmed him to his soul.  In the end, when his father pushed him, he couldn't hurt the Flanagan's because he respected and loved both Ellie and her grandfather.  He came up with the most amazing plan and he wanted it all because Ellie and Cullan had taught him the true meaning of family.  He wanted that with Ellie and Hugh in the most amazing way, gave her all of her dreams and his love.

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International Contest - Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway Hop - The Tycoon's Rebel Bride

The Lucky Leprechaun Hop is scheduled from 12:01 AM March 17th until 11:59 PM March 20th.


Tycoon Theron Anetakis had only one problem--and she just walked through his door. With his business takeover complete, he'd intended to arrange a marriage for himself to further secure his future. However...

Little Isabella Caplan had blossomed into a voluptuous vixen with plans of her own, and they didn't include letting the executor of her father's estate also arrange a marriage for her to another man! She had pined for Theron long enough. Now it was time to seduce her hotblooded hotel tycoon and bring him to one bended knee.


Mya Banks lives in southeast Texas with her husband and three children. When she's not writing, she loves to hunt and fish, bum on the beach, play poker and travel.

Escaping into the pages of a book is something she's loved to do since she was a child. Now she crafts her own worlds and characters and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible.

Maya loves to hang out with readers and dish books. You can find her at the Writeminded Blog as well as at her Yahoo! group, the Writeminded Readers.

To Win a copy of The Tycoon's Rebel Bride, follow this blog and leave your email address.  If you're already a follower of this blog, tell me how you'll be spending St. Patrick's Day or share what you're reading.  Don't forget to leave your email address so that you can be notified.

Honeymoon with the Rancher - Donna Alward

Honeymoon with the Rancher was an amazing and beautifully crafted love story by Donna Alward with two so very different people being brought together by unusual circumstances.

If your mother had tried to "direct" your entire life, wanted that perfect country club wedding, suggested you marry the right man and thought your boss to be that man how would you feel? The right man being a Canadian well known politician, a lying, cheating man who had a mistress. How would you have felt and how would you have chosen to react? Well you don't want to know my answer. However, Sophia Hollingsworth finally decided to take charge of her life. So she packed her bags thinking she was going to a 5 star hotel, taking designer clothes, stilettos and off she went solo to take advantage of the honeymoon that had never been cancelled.  It had been booked in Argentina at the Esta Vista del Cielo. However, what she found was a dusty and very "homey" ranch, a sexy ranch hand and no reservation. On top of that, the ranch was being renovated due to a spa, no pool and the employees were on leave while the ranch was being restored.

When the very sexy and handsome ranch hand greeted her she was stunned. He was determined she not stay but her taxi had left, he was alone taking care of the ranch. He saw her vulnerability, so he allowed her to stay. What she didn't know was Tomas was more than a ranch hand, he was part owner. He was an amazing looking man, mysterious and he believed her to be a spoiled rich girl. When he dropped the "bomb" this was a "working ranch”, which the guests all worked whether cooking, mucking out stalls, herding the cattle, simple ranch chores at first she was shocked. And then he taunted her and she was determined to prove herself. Not only to him but also to herself and let me tell you it was a most amazing transformation where Sophia was concerned.  After a few days of shared barbs, they worked in sync, learned a little about each other and well the attraction was there and then some.

Tomas Mendoza was such a complicated man. He came from wealth but in college he met and became friends with Miguel, the son of Carlos and Maria. And then he met their daughter Rosa and fell in love. As much as his family wanted him to head up the family business, Tomas loved the ranch and Rosa and then when she was on her way to meet him in Buenos Aires, she was attacked and killed. So many layers of guilt but there was one thing for sure, he loved the ranch and wanted no part of corporate life, He was also sure of another thing, he was going to challenge Sophia because she insisted on staying and because Maria and her husband were taking a mini-vacation, he would have to somewhat make sure she enjoyed her stay. However, she was going to work for it just like all guests did whether it meant painting sheds, cooking, riding herd on the cattle; she would learn he meant business.

Sophia blossomed under Tomas guidance, his acceptance of how much she accomplished at the ranch. She loved learning new things, experiencing life and she got the ranch and him. She saw the simple beauty, the easy life. Just when she thought she was getting to know him better, he would close off. Tomas would share a little of himself and then he would retreat. Both of them felt the attraction, the sparks, in fact she even shared with him that she was a virgin. They shared some touches, kissing and even innocently slept together but it was torture for both of them and they both knew it would end. Tomas couldn't forget and he blamed himself for Rosa's death.

My heart ached for Sophia because of her experiences growing up, her honestly not knowing who she was or what she wanted but here at the ranch she learned quickly. However, she felt she might have taken this trip for revenge. But she was determined to make things better for herself and figure out who she was and where she was heading. But there was one thing for sure, the chemistry sizzled between Tomas and Sophia and she knew he was holding back and he had secrets. Soon she would have the opportunity to meet the other owners Carlos and Maria. As much as she was looking forward to it, she silently resented they wouldn't have their time alone.  Seeing Tomas with Maria and Carlos made her realize the affection in her home hinged on conditions, achievements, and knowing the right people. Yet she knew her mother wanted the best for her. However, she also realized one thing that evening, "she would respect and accept herself".

There were only a few days left and Sophia enjoyed her time spent with Rosa's and Miguel's parents Maria and Carlos. Her heart ached however, because she was leaving the ranch and Tomas behind. She made a decision to move forward, leave a few days early to do some sightseeing before she had to leave Argentina. However, Tomas had other ideas and he went along with her because honestly, he didn't want to let her go.  I felt while reading this, was this a good sign? Could he learn to let his guard down and share his feelings? Well I hoped so because love, acceptance and finding "home" is what it was all about!  Honeymoon with the Rancher had a spectacular ending, one I will personally remember for a long time. I you want a warm and sincerely romantic read, then this one is for you!

Book Description:

Honeymoon with the Rancher After his fiancĂ©e’s death, Tomas retreated to his Argentine ranch in search of peace…until socialite Sophia planted her stilettos in front of him and demanded to stay the week! She’s impulsive and unexpected, but could she be just what he needs? Nanny Next Door Sydney’s ex left her with nothing, but she will do anything to provide for her precious young daughter. Gorgeous sheriff Daniel’s Sydney’s new neighbour, who could give her the perfect opportun

Hired by Her Husband - Anne McAllister

Anne McAllister is a master storyteller and Hired by Her Husband was a brilliant romance, one about second chances and again the Savas family are featured in this warm and wonderful romance.

Ari Savas was a selfish playboy and  he was also very spoiled.  His family always "cleaned" up his messes, especially his cousin George Savas.  When he suddenly died in a car crash, Sophy felt she needed to attend his funeral.  It was the second time George Savas had the opportunity to see his cousin's girlfriend and talk to her.  A few months after the funeral, he visited her at her New York apartment and found out she was expecting a baby. George felt duty bound when he found out Sophy McKinnon was pregnant and he married her.  He adored his new little daughter Lily and he adored his wife as well.  But due to misunderstandings and overheard conversations which Sophy misunderstood, she packed up her daughter and moved across the country to California.

Four years later, Sophy and her cousin Natalie are business partners.  She's actually put her past behind her or so she thought until she received a call from a New York hospital  telling her that George has been injured trying to save his neighbor's four year old son.  Because Sophy was listed his wife, next of kin, she's needed in New York.  Talk about a shock as she would have thought he would have filed for a divorce years ago.  They had no contact since she left.  Now only yesterday she and her family had celebrated their daughter's fourth birthday.  What could she do and how would she feel when she saw him again after all of these years?  And what would she tell Lily even though she had told Lily about her daddy when she had asked.

Let's just say Sophy's and George's reunion was an interesting one.  The only way his doctor was going to release him was if Sophy stayed and so she agreed to stay for a month.  Their few days alone are spent getting used to each other again.  There is a marvelous dog Gunnar, George being stubborn and trying to do for himself and Sophy walking on eggs.  Through also into the mix, George's sister Tallie who we met in Anne's earlier Savas books.  A warm and noisy Greek family.  Plus the arrival of their daughter Lily, who can't see enough of her father.

To say that I adored this romance is an understatement.  I have read all of the Savas romances and George and Sophy's was incredible.  You'll shed a tear or two especially when George sees his daughter Lily, something he had sincerely waited for and wasn't going to wait for any longer.  It was such a sweet reunion for the two of them, plus adding Gunnar to the mix.  Of course, it wouldn't be a great romance if there weren't obstacles to overcome and it certainly wasn't passion.  It was communication!  Sophy sincerely loved George but she still felt he "felt obligated" and in the end that's what again caused her to take Lily and leave.  Reading the ending chapters were frustrating because I knew George loved and adored them both.  It was Sophy who needed to trust, trust her instincts, trust that she was NOT an obligation, that she was cherished, loved and adored.  It took George and Gunnar hopping on the next plane to California and telling her it had always been her, that he had always loved her giving all three of them a most happy ending thanks to this amazing author.

Anne tells her story about her how she came up with her ideas for Hired by Her Husband at I(Heart)Presents.  I loved this post, especially her picture of Gunnar.
Also, in the book there's a mention of Natalie, Sophy's cousin and their Greek families.  I encourage you to read all of their stories.

Book Description:

Once, Sophy and George Savas were happily married…. Then Sophy woke up and realized that her blissful marriage was a sham. She's never looked back—until the day she learns her husband has been critically injured, and her world is shaken....

Now, though he's stubborn and proud, George wants Sophy's help. He knows she won't come willingly, so he hires her to be his wife for as long as he needs her! But playing happy families is dangerous, and soon George realizes that his need for Sophy runs deep and strong....

For other stories concerning the Savas and Antonides families here

Monday, March 14, 2011

Chosen as the Sheikh's Wife (Becoming the Tycoon's Bride) - Liz Fielding

Violet Hamilton put her grandmother first when she had a stroke and took care of her for three years. Before the stroke occurred she had been at university and was studying to be a fashion designer. She had always known her grandmother was a descendant of the desert princess, Fatima. It was a long and involved story but as a young child, Violet remembered seeing pictures of Fatima, an Arabic letter and other family mementos.

Now her grandmother has passed away and due to circumstances she stood to loose the house.  As she was getting ready to pack up household and personal items, her foot went through the floor boards. She discovered an ancient dagger encrusted with large rubies and her friend and next door neighbor suggested she take the dagger to an antique road show called Trash or Treasures. According to the appraiser, it was indeed ancient and very valuable.

Word got to the future Emir, Sheikh Fayad al Khalifa concerning the dagger.  Because Violet shared additional information concerning her grandmother and grandfather via television, she also showed a picture of Fatima and mentioned a letter. The Chronicle, a local news paper was going to run an article about the dagger possibly being “The Blood of Tariq which supposedly had  mystical powers and that put an unbelievable value on the dagger. To hold and posses it was to hold the fate of Ras at Kawi. Finding it meant trouble, especially for the person who possessed it and of course, that meant Violet.

What Fayad feared was what it meant to his country as well as Violet because many would go to certain lengths to steal it, possibly harming Violet especially the Sayyid’s who were Violet's relatives.  Fayad made a decision to travel to England and make Violet an offer. Once there, he was almost too late because someone had broken into her home and was holding her neighbor by the throat. Violet admitted the evening before she had put the dagger in her ancient freezer.  I almost died laughing at her choice of hiding places. However, before she could turn it over, Fayad overtook the thief and saved the day! Violet being the person she was and always putting others first, handed over the ancient dagger to Fayad, its rightful owner.

After meeting Fayad, turning over the dagger and getting his personal phone number, the next day upon returning home Violet found her home entirely trashed, beyond repair. She was distraught, called Fayad and enter her Prince Charming to the rescue. She was so upset, he wasn’t thinking and he kissed her in front of his staff. He told them to pack up Violet he was taking her home to Ras al Kawi and to his grand father to present him with the ancient dagger. However there was one problem, in his culture kissing a woman meant more it meant marriage. Fayad had been there, done that and lost his wife and son in a tragic accident, resulting in both of their deaths.

Fayad had the perfect plan, present her to his grandfather.  With Violet returning the symbol of their country’s origins, she would be righting an old wrong, restoring her family’s honor and neutralizing the Sayyid threat. It was a marriage that would please his grandfather and give Fayad a beautiful wife and reunite two great tribes. He really didn’t have time to explain the entire process of the presentation,  so he did a quick run through telling her how to react to her relatives, presenting the dagger to his grandfather and when he personally addressed her, “just say yes”. Talk about being trusting and now she was in a few weeks going to be married with an eventual escape, divorce and he tricked her. There was one thing for sure, she made him feel like a man and he hadn’t felt that way since his wife and child had died.

She loved seeing this new country, meeting his family and being apart of it all. She contributed and gave her ideas to Fayad and his countrymen loved her. She dreaded leaving in three months and the time passed quickly and it was time to become his wife, only to leave. However a chain of events happened from Violet being kidnapped for the dagger, to Fayad turning it over as ransom.   In the end love won him over, giving this unusual couple a beautiful and perfect happy ending. On top of that, a lovely wedding to seal the deal with Fayad making sure Violet knew “I am yours, twin of my soul”.

Book Description:

Chosen as the Sheikh's Wife by Liz Fielding (Becoming the Tycoon’s Bride)

After a beautiful stranger discovers his long-lost heirloom under a floorboard, Sheikh Fayad al Khalifa swoops in to protect innocent Violet Hamilton. Now, with greedy enemies gathering, the only way he can keep her safe is to put her on his private jet, take her to his desert kingdom and…marry her!

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THE PROUD WIFE - Kate Walker

Kate Walker's The Proud Wife, was a most amazing romance.  I believe it will be at the top of my "Favorite Kate Walker" romances.  A very intense romance about a short lived marriage due to communication problems, the loss of a baby and putting up walls.  Now two years later Pietro D'Inzeo demanded his wife Marina return to Sicily to end their marriage and file for divorce until Marina walked into the room.

Two years earlier the beautiful woman who took his breath away, fueled his passion walked out on him.  No one walked out on Pietro D'Inzeo.  Now he was determined to end his marriage or so he believed until she entered his lawyer's office.  She was still stunning and she moved things in him like no other woman ever had.   He couldn't forget the passion they once shared.  He was more than willing to give her a fair settlement until he found out she absolutely didn't want anything from him.  She just wanted to forget the past, the pain and move forward.  The meeting was so emotional for both of them that neither barely held on by a thread.

Emotions running high Marina thought, again Pietro was in control.  Two years ago she thought she had everything; a husband she loved, a baby they created together, a beautiful home and then it was all gone.  She lost her baby shortly after their marriage, Pietro retreated and she couldn't take it anymore.  She left without a word and no explanation.  However, secretly she hoped he would come after her but he didn't, so the writing was on the wall.  But I wondered, why then didn't she file for divorce?  She believed the only reason he had married her was for the baby and the heir she would provide him.  Her only thought was she needed to move forward. However, when she told him she didn't want a thing from him, he couldn't believe it. 

Kate Walker set up an emotional reunion and it was obvious they were both confused by the feelings stirred up at seeing each other again.  Just seeing him, remembering how she felt when she first met him, remembering loosing the baby, hiding out in her room and not communicating to her husband her feelings about loosing the baby almost killed her.  For Pietro, just seeing her stirred feelings.  For the past two years he had hidden and hadn't faced up to loosing her.  When she walked into the room, immediately he knew in the back of his mind that he wasn't ready to let her go.  There were bitter words exchanged.  He asked to speak to her alone and then made the mistake of kissing her.  At that time, that's when I truly believed he would spring into action with some sort of a plan to keep her in Italy and I wasn't wrong. He used the press as an excuse not to take her back to her hotel and said he couldn't afford a scandal. So they drove off with only Pietro knowing their destination.   However, instead of taking her to the home they lived in as a married couple, he cruelly took her to the cottage where they stayed on their honeymoon.  Could he hurt Marina anymore I thought?  How could he just shutdown and not remember how much he felt when he married her and she was pregnant because she had cast a spell on him.

 The core of their love story for me was they needed to deal with the past before they could have a future.  Would this happen at the cottage that was so special to them.?  Would these two stubborn people let down their guard?  In someways, yes they did but only in a physical way.  Again they made love and it still was incredible how they could make each other feel.  It was explosive!  Yet the issues of their failed marriage needed to be addressed but what were those issues?  First of all, they got married only knowing each other for a short time and because of the baby.  Then having a live in mother-in-law who wanted her son to marry a Sicilian girl and who lost her heir.  And the lack of communication after they lost their baby. Pietro using work as an excuse and Marina staying behind closed doors and refusing to talk about it.  What a mess!  However, they needed to deal with it.  Pietro and Marina needed to resolve their hurts and either move forward together or alone.  Quite a lot to forgive and forget but not impossible.

Talk about complicated.  Marina was heartsick when she realized the mistake they had just made in the bedroom because it only complicated their issues.  They had let their emotions get the better of them and had finished what had happened back in the attorney's office, they  hadn't made love, they had sex.  She felt herself a fool to believe he wanted more and so her plan was to walk away just walk away as she had in the past.  I believed Pietro wanted more; he just didn't know how to tell her.  However, he was determined not to let her walk away. He told her she was not "going to shut or lock any doors again!"   And that little statement was the key to why their marriage hadn't worked Marina realized.  So she stayed to sort things out.  However, it didn't work out as each of them thought.  They continued to argue about their reasons for their failed marriage .  In the end it was Pietro who walked away taking Marina's broken heart along with him.

Would this proud Sicilian wise up and realize this beautiful  woman loved and adored him?  Would the walls come down and could they forget the past? Yes to all, especially when Pietro realized that when Marina walked into his lawyers office,  "his life had been on hold until she walked back into it".  The Proud Wife along with it's roller coaster ending was magnificent!  It was a beautifully crafted and  extremely emotional along with a few secrets  revealed as only Kate Walker can pen.

Kate talks about the Behind the Book story over at I(Heart)Presents

More from the Harlequin Presents Blog

Book Description:

Marina thought her dreams had come true when her husband placed a wedding band on her finger. But their marriage was not the fairy tale she'd hoped for, and eventually Marina walked away, her heart broken.

Two years later Pietro D'Inzeo no longer haunts Marina's dreams. She knows the time has come to move on, and even a summons to join him in Sicily won't deter her….

However, with his wife standing before him, about to sign on the dotted line of their divorce papers, Pietro wonders why he ever let her go.

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TO TEMPT A SHEIKH (Pride of Zohayd) - Olivia Gates

To Tempt a Sheikh is the second book in the Pride of Zohayd series.  It's absolutely a brilliant love story and probably one of the most amazing in the "sheikh" genre because of the exotic and passionate heat due to the amazing talents of author, Olivia Gates.

From the moment as a reader I was introduced to Prince Harres Aal Shalan Zohayd's Minister of Interior and head of Central Intelligence and Homeland Security, I knew due to his position and love of his other "sheikh" brothers he would be loyal, fierce and determined to find out who was trying to over throw his family's reign.  For months, they had known of a conspiracy to overthrow their father, the King.  The Pride of Zohayd jewels which gave the royal house the right to rule, had been stolen and replaced with fakes just before their holiday, Exhibition Day.  There was the threat if this information was exposed it would bring down chaos that would see the King removed from power.  A US reporter by the name of T.J. Burke had information concerning the conspiracy.  However, "he" had been kidnapped and it was Harres job to rescue T.J.  A successful mission but oh what a surprise.

Talia Burke, a surgeon was on a mission to prove her twin brother T.J.'s innocence.  However, before she could leave for Zohayd in her disguise as a man, she was kidnapped and held captive in the desert until a group of men burst into the cabin and bodily took her away.  She was thrown into a helicopter by her new captor and whisked away into the desert until they were fired upon and crashed.  Imagine both of their surprises when Harres uncovered Talia Burke NOT T.J. Burke and Talia found out that Harres family are the ones she feels responsible for having her twin brother T.J. imprisoned in a US jail  for a crime he did NOT commit.  However, in order to survive, she needed to stitch up the wounded pilot, Harres and then make a 200 mile trek across the desert to the oasis in order to be rescued by Harres family and get to the bottom of everything.

From the first moment one reads about their "crash meeting" and their connections to each other, one immediately learns a couple of things.  They are two confident individuals, loyal to their family, fierce, determined to survive and very, very attracted to each other.  For Harres I believed it was love at first sight and he saw into her soul.  For Talia, I knew there would be trust issues because all she had left in the world was her twin and she believed he'd had been set up.  However facing all of the danger together, the elements of the desert and trying to get to safety and get down to the bottom of things became very complicated.  I believed there was one thing for sure, there would be great passion and challenges for this couple and that  would take place at a very exotic oasis if they survived their desert trek.

The oasis was magical and I can honestly say I felt transported to that oasis with these two soon to be lovers because of the way the author set up all of the scenes.  From the culture and welcoming of the oasis nomad tribe, to the way their culture was described, the wildlife, flora and fauna, everything was magnificent.  It was all very exotic, erotic and so full of emotion.  From the moment Harres had to leave Talia behind to make his way on his own, to his feelings for this woman, to his worry was he going to be too late and would he find her dead?  And then there were Talia's feelings, if she were going to die, why hadn't they made love in the desert sands, something she would regret.  Talk about a knight to the rescue and one dedicated to seeing this woman live so he could make love to her and oh  such erotic scenes, especially the two of them on a "white horse".  One thing was for sure,in the end they loved each other and their time together would soon end. Harres family would come for them, take them back to the palace and try to sort out everything.  They needed to prove her brother innocent and find out who was trying to overthrow the reigning Aal Shalaan's?

Talia was anxious about her brother but there was one thing for sure, she loved and adored this prince.  After meeting his family she was secured undercover at the palace until they flushed out the traitors.  But not before she was set up to over hear a conversation between Harres and his brother at the hands of the "royal's" enemies.  After that everything came crashing down around the two of them.  However, her brother was set free but at what cost because Talia's heart was broken.  She felt used and she returned back to the United States to her position as a surgeon at the hospital and to the truth!.  So much heart break for this couple and feelings of betrayal.  The ending of To Tempt a Sheikh was gripping and so very unexpected.  So hold on to your seat when this desert prince surprises his princess and gives her that happy ending in a very public way!

Book Description:

He rescued hostage Talia Burke from his royal family's rival tribe and swept her into his strong embrace. But Prince Harres Aal Shalaan soon discovered there was more to the brave beauty than he knew. Talia held information vital to protecting his beloved kingdom…and she had every reason not to trust him.

Marooned together at a desert oasis, Talia couldn't resist Harres. Yet even as his sizzling seduction entranced her, his loyalty to his family and country would always make them enemies. Falling for the sheikh would be her heart's greatest mistake…but she feared it was already too late….

What other's are saying:

To Tempt a Sheikh garners PRIDE OF ZOHAYD trilogy its 2nd TOP PICK from RT Book Reviews!!

“Unbelievably, Gates gives readers a second sexy and singularly charming sheikh from the royal family of Zoyhad.”

“Unbelievably, Gates gives readers a second sexy and singularly charming sheikh from the royal family of Zoyhad.”


“Love is not weak, love is strong.”

The Inherited Bride is Maisey Yates “debut” sheik romance and if you think the desert is hot, well think again, this is one spectacular hot romance that will definitely need an oasis to cool everyone down or will it heat everything up?

Princess Isabella Rossi knew and understood her duty to her country.  She honored the marriage contract her family had arranged with High Sheikh Hassan al bin Sudar to benefit both countries.  However, before she could go through with the marriage, she only wanted a few days to experience life.  So she fled her brother’s home and retreated to Paris. She wanted to experience things like sightseeing, movies, shopping, the normal things any young girl would have had the opportunity to do. Why?  Because her parents had told her what to do her entire life.  How to think, how to dress, leaving nothing but an empty shell. She didn’t know who she was and she just wanted to experience the simple things in life. However, Hassan’s brother Adham had different ideas. He had arrived in Paris to stop Isabella from not only making the mistake of putting her self in danger; he was determined to bring her home to his brother, her future bridegroom because their royal wedding was to take place in a few months and he wanted to keep an eye on her to make sure it happened for the good of his country.

Adham was a handsome sheikh himself.  He was so loyal to his brother, the high sheikh and duty bound to his country. He felt honor was the one thing no one could take away from you. Isabella stirred things in him he tried to deny.  He thought her to be a spoilt royal.   After some conversations with her, he agreed to take her to the Eiffel Tower, buy her a simple hamburger, take her to a movie and shopping. The shopping trip, well let’s say she had never chosen her own clothes but she tormented him when they went to the lingerie department. He saw a different side of her. She was a lovely and beautiful woman with curves and she made his body harden.  She drove him crazy and there was only one way to put a stop to it!  So he took her home to the Palace and his brother, the brother who had gone missing and was now at the family retreat!

During the early chapters, the interesting reading part for me was getting to know both Adham and Isabella because one could immediately feel their connection.  It was going to be intense and very, very sad because he definitely would not betray his brother. Their loyalty was not something that could be thrown aside for a woman even if she was sweet, beautiful and tempting.  She was forbidden as his brother’s future wife and as brothers, they had an unbreakable bond.  They worked together as a team for the good of their country. On top of that, Adham had seen too many things, horrible things……the death of his parents and it had scarred him in more ways one could imagine.  He also had physical scars from being a prisoner of war.

As for Isabella's feelings, she was attracted to him and was confused because she had no experience with men.   She ached for him and she was tormented like him because she also wouldn’t betray and agreement nor her country. However, where was her future groom and why was he away at a retreat and not to return  until the wedding? Well, Adham knew the truth and he was not just angry, he was shocked and was put in a position again to entertain Isabella. How could survive this and survive this passion and tension?

Poor Adham, I thought when he suggested taking her to Adalia, a desert oasis located two hours away from the palace because I knew it would be trouble for both of them. Palm trees, sand, water, sun, the seductive setting of a tent because who in their right mind could resist something like this and kid themselves and survive? Isabella called to him more than any other woman. She was alive in the desert and temptation. But it was a line he would never cross. We’ll see, I personally thought! Duty and honor like I mentioned before, meant everything to him but would cross the line?

This proud sheikh had seen so much…..his parents being killed in front of him. He’s been a prisoner of war. .He would protect the high sheikh, his brother and his country with his life. Isabella wanted to comfort and soothe him. Her innocence and touching turned into blazing heat, At this oasis, in the tent, this couple exploded with want and mutual need for their passion. She honestly loved him but it cost Adham everything he was, everything he believed in and she knew she was the cause of it. He had betrayed his only family member and he felt the shame because she had been promised to his brother.

However, I couldn’t help but wonder, wasn’t his brother also betraying his country and Adham as well because I knew the “secret” of why he wanted two months at the retreat before the wedding.  What his brother Hassan asked of both of them would not only affect both his country and hers due to the original agreement to benefit trade routes, military alliance and oil prices; it would change their lives. Everything well let’s just say was complicated.. You’ll just have to read it to understand it without me spilling their secrets.

The ending chapters were amazing and shifted just like the desert sands. He was so cold, so hard and she wondered how she would live and survive Adham withholding himself.  Now everything was different for both of them and for his country and they were both tormented. He now had so much placed on his shoulders, a man who needed to be strong and one with so much responsibility one will learn. What a roller coaster with so much emotion and so much to loose if they each made a wrong move.

What was so special about The Inherited Bride? Adham had “taught this sheltered woman and had helped her to become a woman, shown her the importance of putting others before herself and the importance of living for more than her own happiness. He made her complete.” Isabella taught him about absolute love and healed him. It was such a beautiful, sweet and romantic royal romance thanks to the author’s creative and genuine skills.  It reminds one of the true meaning of love and how it can heal and make one strong, not weak because of it.

Behind the book:

Way back when, Maisey posted a blog post and her wedding pics……and about her sheikh and the inspiration

Book Description:

Princess Isabella was certain of three things...

She desperately didn't want to marry the Sheikh to whom she was betrothed...

There was more to the darkly handsome, dark-hearted desert stranger escorting her back to the altar than met the eye...

And, having kissed the stranger once, she was never going to be the same again...

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Secrets of the Oasis by Abby Green was full of sexual tension, secrets and lots of twists and turns. Add to this romance an extremely tortured hero Sheikh Salman al Saqr. with a past relationship with the heroine Jamilah Moreau.

In Ms. Green’s first sheikh release, Breaking the Sheikh's Rules one was introduced to Sheikh Nadim Bin Kalid Al Saqr and the lovely Irish woman Isuelt O’Sullivan. Nadim bought one of the O’Sullivan’s prize horses and took the horse and Isuelt back to his native country where she went to work for the stable manager and trainer Jamilah a childhood friend. Nadim and his brother Salman shared a past with Jamilah. Both sets of their parents had perished together. Nadim and Salman had been close as children and she had always loved him from afar. So you can well imagine years later when they accidentally bumped into each other in Paris and he saw how lovely she’d become, she was stunning. He had no problem seducing her and taking her virginity.

Their affair lasted only three weeks because Jamilah let it slip that she loved him and he sent her packing because he didn’t do emotional affairs and most certainly not love. He broke her heart in a very cruel way. He had seen way too much in his past childhood, had been tortured when years earlier a neighboring sheikh had captured his parents, along with he and his brother. Things had been done to him that no one knew about, horrible things and he was ashamed, very guarded and unfeeling man. However, what he didn’t know was he had gotten Jamilah pregnant and she miscarried. Now six years later, Salman was asked to return to his country to take over being an interim ruler while his brother and wife went back to Ireland for a vacation. You can well imagine the shock of Jamilah seeing this man again and for Salman she was lovelier than he ever remembered, he still wanted her and was determined to have her.

While out of the country, his brother requested that Salman fly to Paris to attend meetings in his absence and to take along Jamilah with him to negotiate and checkout a neighboring horse farm. He demanded she stay with him in his penthouse suite at the Ritz. He tormented her, made her feel so uneasy with his touches, kissed her, driving her crazy until she gave in and they took up where they left off. However, this time the affair was more intense. All I will say is from then on to the end of the book you absolutely won’t want to miss the sensual tension and passion this couple share. For some reason Salman shared more with her, even his tortured past. But it didn’t stop there because Salman made it very clear he wanted her but he didn’t do love nor commitment.

To protect her heart from further hurt, Jamilah informed him once they returned home there would be no more shared passion. However, Salman had other ideas and tried to be very creative to coax her back into his bed. He even went so far as to get her out into the desert on a pretense she was needed for her veterinarian skills. An oasis, lavish tent, incredible food and this handsome sheikh….temptation at it’s best. The ensuing chapters featured roller coaster emotion and more secrets revealed as only Abby Green can pen. This sizzling “sheikh” romance complimented and tied Green’s first book together and the ending chapters were extremely emotional to read.

Abby Green talks about Secrets of the Oasis at I(Heart)Presents

Book Description:

Shocking secrets of the sands!

When she gave herself to Sheikh Salman in Paris five years ago, Jamilah Moreau fantasised about wedding dresses and happy endings. But Salman was driven by desire, not diamond solitaires

Now, Sheikh of a desert kingdom, Salman can have anything he wants and, as Jamilah discovers when he spirits her off to a desert oasis, its still her! However, time has wrought changes, and their lovemaking is no longer enough Something happened back in Paris that had everlasting consequences for both of them…

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March/April Contest With Presents/Mills and Boon Author Annie West and Marilyn's Romance Reviews

Presents author Annie West and I are “partenering" with an International Contest this month. From the moment I read Annie’s debut book, I was hooked. Throughout the years since her first release, we have maintained a very special friendship
I love discussing favourite stories with other readers and writers. It's a wonderful way to find new books to explore, and to think again about what makes our favourites so special. 
So, for my new contest I'd love to hear about some of your reading favourites. Just send me an email with the word "contest" in the title and tell me:

1. Two books you'd like to have with you if you could spend a few days at leisure reading, and why you'd include them; and

2. The names of the hero and heroine in PRINCE OF SCANDAL (details on this website).

The winner will receive some great Harlequin Presents/Modern/Sexy reading:

• a copy of THE DESERT SHEIKH'S DEFIANT QUEEN, which includes stories by me and fellow Presents author Jane Porter,

• a signed copy of CARETTI'S FORCED BRIDE by Jennie Lucas, yet another Presents author, and

• something sweet to nibble on while enjoying your new books.
And as a special treat, Marilyn of Marilyn's Romance Reviews, who is another lover of Presents stories, has contacted me about some special Presents titles she is giving away. She's offering an extra prize especially for residents of the USA and Canada. Anyone who identifies themselves in their entry for my current contest as being from Canada or the USA will automatically be added to a second draw, courtesy of Marilyn. The winner of that 2nd draw will win copies of the following books
Three of my favourite authors! The only condition is that Marilyn asks entrants to visit her website (no need to leave a comment unless you wish).

This contest runs until 9th April 2011 Australian Eastern time. Only one entry per person please. If you're happy to include your postal address with your entry that will save time in sending out prizes, but it's not obligatory. The winner will be contacted via email and their first name and location posted on this site. Note that by entering you give Annie permission to send you occasional newsletters about new releases. 
Marilyn’s Romance Reviews Contest - USA and Canadian ONLY

The books I’ve purchased and want to share with category romance lovers and of the line.

Carole Mortimer – The Infamous Italian’s Secret Baby

Italian millionaire Gabriel Danti was renowned for his prowess in the bedroom—and Bella Scott was unable to resist the temptation of the night he was offering….

Five years on, Bella is living alone, carving out a life for herself and her little boy. She never thought she'd see Gabriel again!

Gabriel has changed. His dark, dangerous looks are marred by scars. But his desire for Bella hasn't waned—he wants her more than ever now that he knows he has a son….

One Night Mistress – Convenient Wife – Anne McAllister

As a teenager, Natalie was utterly humiliated when rich, debonair Christo Savas rejected her clumsy advances…. Now, suddenly, she finds herself at the brilliant businessman's beck and call! And she's sure he sees through her aloof manner to her frantically beating heart….

So the little firecracker has grown up! Christo will take what she offered all those years ago—one night to satisfy his desire…. But one night is never enough!


Already haunted by a youth of illegitimacy and poverty, Valente Lorenzatto never forgave Caroline Hales's abandonment of him at the altar.

But now he's made millions and claimed his aristocratic Venetian birthright—and he's poised to get his revenge. He'll ruin Caroline's family by buying out their company and throwing them out of their mansion…unless she agrees to give him the wedding night she denied him five years ago…

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Meet Tiffany Ashley - Q&A and Giveaway

Tiffany, welcome to Marilyn’s Romance Reviews.

Hi Marilyn! Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me about the new book.

How long have you been writing and what was your call story?

At a very young age, I was exposed to the writings of some really amazing authors. I studied their work, marveled at the way they conveyed stories, devised story settings and established character development. That early exposure influenced the way I read books as an adult. Now, I expect greatness every time I pickup a book I consider reading. And I read A LOT. Needless to say, I've read many not-so-great books. As time passed, I found myself thinking more often, "I wish the author would have done..." or "Why didn't the writer use the flat characters more effectively?" or (my favorite) "I hate all these characters!"

The more I read, the more questions I had, until eventually I decided to see if I could do any better. Let me say here; writing isn't as easy as it might seem. It can be brutal. But I am so happy I took up the challenge. Completing a novel is immensely rewarding.

What are you currently working on?

My current project, The Next Hollywood Heartthrob, will be available Spring 2012. This will be a 3-4 book series. I am so excited about this book. I'm completely in love with all the characters. Here is the synopsis ...

When Hollywood publicist Bailey Woods finds herself publicly dumped by actor Paris St. John, she vows revenge. She knows the only way to get back at her ex is to hurt him where it matters most: his ego. Opportunity knocks when a new client wanders into her office wearing an old T-shirt, worn jeans, tousled hair and the face of an angel. An unknown actor, Sebastian Dunhill doesn’t know the first thing about being a celebrity, but he unwittingly becomes a pawn in Bailey’s vengeful game. She will transform Sebastian into Hollywood’s newest heartthrob—a feat Paris won’t be able to ignore. But when her plot begins to take on a life of its own, will she be able to control the events she’s set into motion?
This book is one of the more complicated storylines I've written, and I love it. Like Love Script, there are some funny moments and some not-so-funny moments. But it wouldn't be a Tiffany Ashley book without a few good love scenes:) I'm positive my readers will enjoy this series.

Is there a back story to Love Script?

Funny story. I actually had a job very similar to Laney's. I hated it there. (Yes, Mary-Knight is a real person. Yes, she is a total bitch.) I would sit in my office and wish I was anywhere else in the world but at work. Escaping on a tropical vacation was ideal. This started the idea of Laney's story. From there, the book practically wrote itself. I completed the novel in three or four months.

Do you plot your stories or let your characters lead you.

I am a strong believer in story plotting. I don’t begin a writing project until the entire storyline has been plotted. It is extremely important to me to have a focused story. I can’t do this unless I outline the plot. I’m also very particular about tempo building, so I have to rely heavily on my gameplan to establish the right amount of suspense.

I write in a Step Format. When plotting a manuscript, it is essential to me that every scene builds on the next. I am a firm believer in cutting the fat. Even if I LOVE a particular scene, if it doesn’t serve a specific purpose, I will cut it from the manuscript.

Once the story has been plotted, I can give myself a little freedom to make minor adjustments as the story unfolds. But, for the most part, I stick to the original plot.

Of all of your characters, do you have a favorite you identify with and why?

Ooooo! That is like asking me to pick my favorite child. During the writing process, I become completely obsessed with my characters, so I love all of them in different ways. I'm a girlie girl, but I think like a guy. So even though I love my heroines, I identify more with my male heros.

That being said, if you’d asked me this question 12 months ago, I would have said Nick Sinclair (from Love Script). However, now that I am 600 pages deep into my next novel, The Next Hollywood Heartthrob, the character closest to my heart is Sebastian Dunhill. He's just (sigh) perfect.

What is the best thing about your job as an author? What is the hardest thing?

The absolute best thing about being an author is creating your own world. Turning a thought into a story, then a story into a’s amazing. But it is also exhausting.

The hardest thing about my job is dealing with the business side of publishing. It’s easy to get caught up on the business side of things, you lose your enthusiasm for the artistry. It’s a balancing act you have to master.

Describe a day in the life of Tiffany Ashley.

Absolutely nothing is typical about my day. But there are a few things, no matter what, I find a way to get done on a daily basis. I use the first part of my day to check emails and read comments on my website. The middle of the day is spent putting out fires, working with my publicist, emailing the cover artist, and convincing myself I do not NEED Starbucks coffee (this one-sided conversation usually happens while I'm in drive-thru waiting for my Grande Carmel Macchiato). Late in the afternoon, I start writing on my current manuscript. I typically write 5-8 hours straight. Around 3-4AM in the morning, I drag myself to bed.

What is something you definitely want readers to know about you?

I love communicating with my readers. They are awesome! I make a serious effort to reply to every comment and email I receive. It's important to me that readers know I'm an ordinary person who just happens to have an awesome job. I try to make myself available to anyone wishing to reach me. My personal email address is displayed on my website for that purpose.

Scene you like most and would never cut.

My favorite scene is actually a scene my readers are pretty fond of. I get more emails about the ‘tennis shirt’ scene than any other scene in the book! I love it. That scene really sets the stage for sexual tension between Nick and Laney.

Thing your heroine would never be caught dead doing/saying:

Laney Parks is a pretty conservative woman. When compared to Nick Sinclair, she is his polar opposite. So as a result, Laney wouldn’t be caught dead doing anything Nick would normally do (i.e: swearing, lying, casual dating). Laney thinks everything out; unlike Nick, who can be very impulsive. I believe this is one of the many elements that draws these character together.

Scene in the book that moved you the most as you wrote it, or made you the most happy?

Wow! It’s hard to answer that question without ruining the book for readers. Love Script: Deluxe Edition is an emotional roller-coaster ride. I think the scenes that moved me most happened in the last three chapters of the book (Again, I’m trying not to give the ending away). Nick and Laney go through so much within these few chapters, it’s hard to limit my choice to a specific scene.

Have you learned or found any bizarre facts while doing research?

Interestingly enough, I have never been on a cruise (I have a fear of large masses of water:). So given the fact Love Script takes place on a Caribbean bound cruise-liner, I had to do a lot of research just to understand the setting I was creating. Everything was a learning experience.

What is one thing in your history that has influenced your writing, whether it’s a character, your work habits, or your favorite plot conflict?

Tough question. I have a short list of influential authors but if I had to choose one, I would say Rosemary Rogers is my ultimate favorite author. Her books are so well written and are impossible to predict where the storyline is headed. I grew up reading syrupy historical romances my mother had laying around. Rogers was the first author I ever read that lacked 'love at first sight' nonsense. The characters had true grit. I loved it. As a result, I am inspired to create edgy stories with an alpha male hero. No one can say Nick Sinclair is soft.

What’s next?

Right now, I’m focused on completing the Hollywood Heartthrob series. When I’m not obsessed with that project, I’m plotting the sequel to Love Script. The working title is Love Undefined.

What are you currently reading?

Honestly, I haven't picked up a book in months. I've been so busy with pre-pub projects for Love Script: Deluxe Edition, I don't have any energy left to read. That sucks, because I love to read. I have a blog on my website where I post book reviews. I hope to return to that soon.

Before I let you go is there anything I forgot to ask that you want the readers and fans to know?

Firstly, I would like to thank the readers at Marilyn’s Romance Review for giving me the opportunity to chat with you. The interview was fun. Thank you.

To my readers, I want to thank you for all your support and words of encouragement you have given me over the years. I am extremely fortunate to be able to do what I do and have the readership I have:) Look out for The Next Hollywood Heartthrob, coming Spring 2012. You won't be disappointed!

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