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Chosen as the Sheikh's Wife (Becoming the Tycoon's Bride) - Liz Fielding

Violet Hamilton put her grandmother first when she had a stroke and took care of her for three years. Before the stroke occurred she had been at university and was studying to be a fashion designer. She had always known her grandmother was a descendant of the desert princess, Fatima. It was a long and involved story but as a young child, Violet remembered seeing pictures of Fatima, an Arabic letter and other family mementos.

Now her grandmother has passed away and due to circumstances she stood to loose the house.  As she was getting ready to pack up household and personal items, her foot went through the floor boards. She discovered an ancient dagger encrusted with large rubies and her friend and next door neighbor suggested she take the dagger to an antique road show called Trash or Treasures. According to the appraiser, it was indeed ancient and very valuable.

Word got to the future Emir, Sheikh Fayad al Khalifa concerning the dagger.  Because Violet shared additional information concerning her grandmother and grandfather via television, she also showed a picture of Fatima and mentioned a letter. The Chronicle, a local news paper was going to run an article about the dagger possibly being “The Blood of Tariq which supposedly had  mystical powers and that put an unbelievable value on the dagger. To hold and posses it was to hold the fate of Ras at Kawi. Finding it meant trouble, especially for the person who possessed it and of course, that meant Violet.

What Fayad feared was what it meant to his country as well as Violet because many would go to certain lengths to steal it, possibly harming Violet especially the Sayyid’s who were Violet's relatives.  Fayad made a decision to travel to England and make Violet an offer. Once there, he was almost too late because someone had broken into her home and was holding her neighbor by the throat. Violet admitted the evening before she had put the dagger in her ancient freezer.  I almost died laughing at her choice of hiding places. However, before she could turn it over, Fayad overtook the thief and saved the day! Violet being the person she was and always putting others first, handed over the ancient dagger to Fayad, its rightful owner.

After meeting Fayad, turning over the dagger and getting his personal phone number, the next day upon returning home Violet found her home entirely trashed, beyond repair. She was distraught, called Fayad and enter her Prince Charming to the rescue. She was so upset, he wasn’t thinking and he kissed her in front of his staff. He told them to pack up Violet he was taking her home to Ras al Kawi and to his grand father to present him with the ancient dagger. However there was one problem, in his culture kissing a woman meant more it meant marriage. Fayad had been there, done that and lost his wife and son in a tragic accident, resulting in both of their deaths.

Fayad had the perfect plan, present her to his grandfather.  With Violet returning the symbol of their country’s origins, she would be righting an old wrong, restoring her family’s honor and neutralizing the Sayyid threat. It was a marriage that would please his grandfather and give Fayad a beautiful wife and reunite two great tribes. He really didn’t have time to explain the entire process of the presentation,  so he did a quick run through telling her how to react to her relatives, presenting the dagger to his grandfather and when he personally addressed her, “just say yes”. Talk about being trusting and now she was in a few weeks going to be married with an eventual escape, divorce and he tricked her. There was one thing for sure, she made him feel like a man and he hadn’t felt that way since his wife and child had died.

She loved seeing this new country, meeting his family and being apart of it all. She contributed and gave her ideas to Fayad and his countrymen loved her. She dreaded leaving in three months and the time passed quickly and it was time to become his wife, only to leave. However a chain of events happened from Violet being kidnapped for the dagger, to Fayad turning it over as ransom.   In the end love won him over, giving this unusual couple a beautiful and perfect happy ending. On top of that, a lovely wedding to seal the deal with Fayad making sure Violet knew “I am yours, twin of my soul”.

Book Description:

Chosen as the Sheikh's Wife by Liz Fielding (Becoming the Tycoon’s Bride)

After a beautiful stranger discovers his long-lost heirloom under a floorboard, Sheikh Fayad al Khalifa swoops in to protect innocent Violet Hamilton. Now, with greedy enemies gathering, the only way he can keep her safe is to put her on his private jet, take her to his desert kingdom and…marry her!

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