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Hired by Her Husband - Anne McAllister

Anne McAllister is a master storyteller and Hired by Her Husband was a brilliant romance, one about second chances and again the Savas family are featured in this warm and wonderful romance.

Ari Savas was a selfish playboy and  he was also very spoiled.  His family always "cleaned" up his messes, especially his cousin George Savas.  When he suddenly died in a car crash, Sophy felt she needed to attend his funeral.  It was the second time George Savas had the opportunity to see his cousin's girlfriend and talk to her.  A few months after the funeral, he visited her at her New York apartment and found out she was expecting a baby. George felt duty bound when he found out Sophy McKinnon was pregnant and he married her.  He adored his new little daughter Lily and he adored his wife as well.  But due to misunderstandings and overheard conversations which Sophy misunderstood, she packed up her daughter and moved across the country to California.

Four years later, Sophy and her cousin Natalie are business partners.  She's actually put her past behind her or so she thought until she received a call from a New York hospital  telling her that George has been injured trying to save his neighbor's four year old son.  Because Sophy was listed his wife, next of kin, she's needed in New York.  Talk about a shock as she would have thought he would have filed for a divorce years ago.  They had no contact since she left.  Now only yesterday she and her family had celebrated their daughter's fourth birthday.  What could she do and how would she feel when she saw him again after all of these years?  And what would she tell Lily even though she had told Lily about her daddy when she had asked.

Let's just say Sophy's and George's reunion was an interesting one.  The only way his doctor was going to release him was if Sophy stayed and so she agreed to stay for a month.  Their few days alone are spent getting used to each other again.  There is a marvelous dog Gunnar, George being stubborn and trying to do for himself and Sophy walking on eggs.  Through also into the mix, George's sister Tallie who we met in Anne's earlier Savas books.  A warm and noisy Greek family.  Plus the arrival of their daughter Lily, who can't see enough of her father.

To say that I adored this romance is an understatement.  I have read all of the Savas romances and George and Sophy's was incredible.  You'll shed a tear or two especially when George sees his daughter Lily, something he had sincerely waited for and wasn't going to wait for any longer.  It was such a sweet reunion for the two of them, plus adding Gunnar to the mix.  Of course, it wouldn't be a great romance if there weren't obstacles to overcome and it certainly wasn't passion.  It was communication!  Sophy sincerely loved George but she still felt he "felt obligated" and in the end that's what again caused her to take Lily and leave.  Reading the ending chapters were frustrating because I knew George loved and adored them both.  It was Sophy who needed to trust, trust her instincts, trust that she was NOT an obligation, that she was cherished, loved and adored.  It took George and Gunnar hopping on the next plane to California and telling her it had always been her, that he had always loved her giving all three of them a most happy ending thanks to this amazing author.

Anne tells her story about her how she came up with her ideas for Hired by Her Husband at I(Heart)Presents.  I loved this post, especially her picture of Gunnar.
Also, in the book there's a mention of Natalie, Sophy's cousin and their Greek families.  I encourage you to read all of their stories.

Book Description:

Once, Sophy and George Savas were happily married…. Then Sophy woke up and realized that her blissful marriage was a sham. She's never looked back—until the day she learns her husband has been critically injured, and her world is shaken....

Now, though he's stubborn and proud, George wants Sophy's help. He knows she won't come willingly, so he hires her to be his wife for as long as he needs her! But playing happy families is dangerous, and soon George realizes that his need for Sophy runs deep and strong....

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