Monday, March 28, 2011

HIS MAJESTY'S CHILD - Sharon Kendrick

How does someone tell a King who doesn't remember you that he has fathered your thirteen month old son? An arrogant king, who demands you bow and curtsy.  A man who stole your heart during the five days you spent together at your apartment.   Well that's how King Casimiro, King of Zaffrinthos treated party planner Melissa Maguire in His Majesty's Child written by the fabulous Sharon Kendrick.

Amnesia or not, this cold hearted handsome man made me angry.  He was so unfeeling, made harsh accusations to Melissa, a woman who even though he treated her poorly, she still loved him.  Once he received the positive results from the paternity test, he demanded that she marry him.  Then it dawned on her, the reason he was so angry was that he actually didn't remember her due to his accident; he had amnesia.  He did, indeed due to a head injury.

After an argument, Melissa agreed to marry Casimiro.  Everything became a whirlwind, shopping with her soon to be sister-in-law and the wedding preparations.  Then the honeymoon at an estate which I knew wouldn't be a problem because they had been intimate after she told him he had a son.  Plus there was the fact that she loved him.  Melissa loved him so much and the passion between them was amazing.  However, there was only one problem with their marriage, communication and she wanted him to talk about simple things like how was his day?  What did he feel towards his son?  What about her, was she just to do her royal duty as Queen and not have an opinion about what went on at the palace, in her marriage and then she made him angry by say way too much.

Honestly, while reading the final chapters I couldn't see this couple getting their happy ending.  Something so simple happened, Melissa went without bodyguards down to the beach to clear her head after their argument.  The palace guards interrupted King Casimiro's meeting, telling him she was missing and actually he was frantic.  It took the thought of her leaving him which made him realize his feelings for her because she made him feel vulnerable, she made him feel things, feelings that as a child he was taught as future King, not to feel.  Sharon Kendrick not only gave this royal couple the perfect happy ending, she also gave it to his brother, as now Casimiro and his brother Xaviero jointly ruled their country and did it successfully.

Sharon Kendrick talks about Minor Characters and working backwards.

Book Description:

King Casimiro harbors a secret—no one in the kingdom of Zaffirinthos knows that a devastating accident has left his memory clouded in darkness. And Casimiro himself cannot answer why Melissa Maguire, an enigmatic English rose, stirs such feelings in him…. Questioning his ability to rule, Casimiro decides he will renounce the throne. But Melissa has news she knows will rock the palace to its core: Casimiro has an heir!

Law dictates Casimiro cannot abdicate, so he must find a way to reacquaint himself with Melissa—his new queen!

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