Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Tycoon's Marriage Bid - Patricia Thayer

Patricia Thayer was a new author for me.  That why I love what Harlequin has done with these 2 in 1 romances.  Patricia's The Tycoon's Marriage Bid was a sincere joy to read. 

Hugh McCutcheon worked directly for his father and was excellent in getting the job done.  He was known for rising to the cause, getting the acquisitions his father demanded and was up for a promotion.  There was no love loss between father and son.  At an early age with Mac McCutcheon walked out on Hugh and his mom, the writing was on the wall.  Mac abandoned his family and all that was important to him was the bottom line.  He had sent Hugh to Oregon State to purchased an orchard and vineyard from the Flanagan's.  Cullen Flanagan had over extended his mortgage when his wife had become terminally ill.  Now all there was left was their home and their vineyard and Ellie Flanagan, Cullen's grand daughter was determined to keep it.

Hugh couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the beautiful redhead with lovely green eyes.  They sparked and she took his breath away.  She was one determined young woman and Hugh was going to cause her family heartache. He was not going to take away her dreams of becoming an accomplished winemaker.  Ellie fought him every step of the way and she made Hugh feel things he had never felt before, things he never allowed himself to feel.  He spent several weeks at the Flanagan's, learning the business, working in the orchard, tending the vines and learning about wines.  Not only did they have the land, they also did events, celebrations and weddings.  Plus they booked guests at the home, and that's where Hugh spent his time.

Ellie was one feisty young and determined woman and she adored her grandfather.  He had loved her grandmother, had nursed her until the day she died.  Now because of it and the loans, he stood to loose his home.  The love between them was something Hugh was not used to because of his own childhood.   All of his childhood he wanted his father's attention, his love.  Later years, Hugh would have settled for his father's acceptance.  Of course that never happened, so Hugh resigned. Witnessing the Flanagan's interacting warmed him to his soul.  In the end, when his father pushed him, he couldn't hurt the Flanagan's because he respected and loved both Ellie and her grandfather.  He came up with the most amazing plan and he wanted it all because Ellie and Cullan had taught him the true meaning of family.  He wanted that with Ellie and Hugh in the most amazing way, gave her all of her dreams and his love.

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