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Celebrate The Royal Wedding with Marilyn's Romance Reviews - Win a China Tea Cup - US Residents only

Since most of us here in the good old USA won't be attending the Royal Wedding of William and Kate, I found this little English bone china cup yesterday and thought it would be fun to offer it since it will be costly to purchase souvenir's from the UK.

Also, I wanted to let you know about Mills and Boon Royal Wedding Collection.

A Royal Wedding
Trish Morey / Caitlin Crews / Nina Harrington / Raye Morgan

Everybody loves a royal wedding! And we have four…

Dr Grace Hunter seeks an ancient text beneath the castle of Count Alessandro Volta and finds the dark, reclusive count’s brooding intensity very seductive. Stolen away years ago, Princess Lara is offered an ultimatum by new King Adel. Return to her kingdom as his Queen or pay back the bride price! Feisty Lara refuses, but remembers how Adel used to make her heart race… When Kate takes a job in Africa and meets old flame Simon, she’s shocked to discover he’s an honorary king. She’s sure the sun has gone to his head when he says she’s his perfect queen! Prince Andre plans to see his ward, lovely Princess Julienne, married to his cousin, restore peace to their country and move on.  But Julienne disagrees. Making her escape from the convent, she turns Prince Andre’s world upside down…

The Wedding Gift - Sandra Steffen

A second-chance love… A small miracle kept nurse Madeline from completely unravelling. When a tragic accident claimed her fiancĂ©, at least his heart could be used to save another life. Seeking closure, she went in search of the man who had received this gift. What she found – exasperating, irresistible architect Riley – opened a whole new world to her. Not since the transplant had Riley felt as alive as when Madeline waltzed into town. Soon she had the bachelor wrapped around her finger. Had Riley been given his very special second chance to wed this once-in-a-lifetime woman?

The Wedding Date - Ally Blake

Hannah couldn’t wait to get back to Tasmania for her sister’s wedding. But it’s hardly a holiday – to research a new TV show, her boss has decided to come with her! Hannah doesn’t want the gorgeous Bradley Knight anywhere near her crazy family! How can she act professional with karaoke as the wedding entertainment? And what if mojitos and slushy wedding songs prompt someone (her mother, sister or herself) to get the wrong idea…? Under no circumstances should Bradley be considered Hannah’s wedding date. Even if he’s incredibly charming. Even if her disobedient legs won’t do the sensible thing and walk away…

Caitlin Crews - Princess from the Past

The forgotten princess… Behind the imposing walls of the castle, free-spirited Bethany Vassal discovered that her whirlwind marriage to Prince Leo Di Marco was nothing like the fairytale she’d imagined. Before long the forgotten princess ran away, hoping the man she fell in love with would one day see sense and come and find her… Marrying Bethany is the only reckless thing Leo has ever done, and now he is paying the price. The time has come for him to produce a royal heir – and Bethany must return to the castle whence she fled!

Three Weddings and a Baby - Fiona Harper

When three is most definitely a crowd… Do you believe in love at first sight? Jennie Hunter and Alex Dangerfield did, and they married just a few weeks after they met! But when Alex disappeared on their wedding night Jennie was left alone – and angry – in her honeymoon suite. A month later, and Jennie has given up hope of ever seeing her runaway husband again. Then Alex returns – with his toddler in tow! Shocked to learn Alex has been married before, her first instinct is to run. Her second instinct – well, even a hard-headed businesswoman can’t turn away a tiny girl who needs a nappy-change and a husband with sheer panic in his eyes… Compared to umpteen clients, one small kid will be a doddle…right?

To see more Royal wedding romances, go to the Mills and Boon website, here.

Don't forget this Monday, on Lifetime TV, William and Kate Movie debuts at 9:00 EST

To win this mug, let's have some fun.  Using your choice of a search engine, i.e. Google, Bing, Excite, etc. look up Royal wedding news, tacky souvenirs, any info fun or serious and come back here and share what you've found.  Please leave your email so that you can be contacted.  Contest winner will be announced April 30th, the day after the wedding.


Lyn said...

Seems feathers will be the thing to wear as head gear at the royal wedding this month. Here is the link

aurora M. said...

Well there is a lot of tacky things out there but My fav is the Royal Wedding barf bag.

TACKY!!!! I love your giveaway and I would just roll over and die id I won! Thanks for the chance.


LindsayWrites said...

oh my gosh. i want to win the tacky tea cup! amazing!
followin on GFC!

americangirlie1991 AT yahoo DOT com

thanks for the giveaway! =]

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Yup, it is pretty tacky! lol I couldn't pass it up.

windycindy said...

How about Royal Wedding Ash Trays?
I follow you via GFC. (windycindy)
Many thanks for the opportunity to
win the Royal Wedding China Cup.
My friend would love it!

Anonymous said...

I want to win the tasteful(tacky tacky tacky)tea cup.Thanks for the opportunity to
win the Royal Wedding China Cup.I could put it next to my Gone With the Wind coffee cup and my Spooky Halloween McDonald's Plate.Yes if I win I will send

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Auroa M you're the winner. Thanks one and all of entering! I so loved the royal wedding,didn't you?

aurora M. said...

Yes! I won! I loved the wedding and just can't get enough and now I have a great memento to remember this great contest AND the big wedding day! Thanks for a fun contest and I can't wait to get my cup ♥


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