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Cupcakes and Killer Heels immediately had me hooked that meant reading it cover to cover... I could tell Ruby Delisantro was going to be one unbelievable and sexy heroine. One got the impression she was always in the “relationship” driving seat and immediately I knew she would be one sassy, sexy red-hot female and would be more than a hand full. She definitely would give as good as she got, so lookout alpha hero, you are in for the ride of your life! Honestly, Heidi Rice immediately captivated me with only a couple of pages of reading under my belt

Ruby had one important day ahead of her, she was meeting with a chef that could put her cupcake business on the map and it had taken her months to secure this appointment and then everything went down the drain. =-An incredible man with his expensive car rear-ended her VW bug and that put her in a tailspin. Of course, she was late for her appointment and did not secure the deal she and her best friend and partner hoped to secure.

Gorgeous, well built, rich, sexy did not even describe the man behind the wheel; Callum Westmore was not only telling her off, he was turning her on. She had no time to flirt but that did not stop her from doing so and I just knew they were going to be to “hot” together because they certainly had the chemistry and both wanted to be in the “driver’s seat”. Score one the sexy barrister Callum as he tracked her down, asked her out, let her think she was taking the lead, and let her choose the place their first date would take place. A salsa bar, hot music, sexy dancing, with Callum leading them in a dance and setting the scene for one hot romance. Let’s just say, this couple sizzle, they combust and they are electric together and in the end, I wondered who would win because they both wanted to be in control.

Cal’s sister Maddy adored him and wanted to see him more, spend time with her, her husband and his niece. It was her daughter’s birthday and she expected him to attend the party but it was painful for them both and I hoped he would invite Ruby to go along. He did and then I remembered, in another romance Heidi had written Maddy’s story and we got a short glimpse of Callum in Surf, Sea and the Sexy Stranger We also got to know the sexy surfer Ryan King and the woman who saved him, Maddy.

Ruby was proud of what she had achieved but she also realized Cal was educated, successful, rich, charming and too much in control. She enjoyed her time at the manor, adored Cal’s niece and sister and was scared about her feelings because their passion for each other was fierce. And then he admitted the most ridiculous thing, he didn’t believe in love and had never been in love. Ruby was shocked and wondered who had hurt him. And then he revealed a childhood secret about his parents and she was shocked and so was I, reader of this emotional romance.

Some good things happened over the “birthday” weekend. Callum and his sister talked, really talked and everything came tumbling out. He knew Ruby felt things, things he wasn’t ready to address, probably would never be able to address. However, his secret was so shocking and I wondered how this successful man had been able to push aside this family secret and at what cost and would it be for Ruby? For both of them, the weekend had been too much and it cost them both dearly.

They were so perfect for each other but who would make the first move? Ruby realized one important thing; what her parents had, what Callum’s sister and her husband had was true love. It was taking risks, taking a chance, giving your entire self to someone. However, I wondered what sort of a chance they had because Callum was so affected by his parents and their secret. Would Ruby and her love for him be enough? Well she definitely drove him crazy and she messed up his life. In the end they got their happy ending and it was definitely one you absolutely won’t want to miss.

Never have I laughed and cried so much while reading a romance. Cupcakes and Killer Heels will also make my Top Ten List for 2011. Simply, it was a stunning and explosive romance thanks to Heidi Rice. It was for me not only moving and fun, it was just a romance I did not want to end and one will be worth keeping” and I will read again.

Book Description:

Ruby Delisantro never blushes… …but after one glance from the infuriating Callum Westmore’s bedroom eyes she’s flushed redder than a glacĂ© cherry. Her body has the right idea, for now Callum’s convertible has crashed into her life nothing will ever be the same…

Cupcake baker Ruby has always been in the driving seat when it comes to relationships, but something tells her that Callum sees straight through her snappy one-liners to her soft-as-buttercream heart beneath. For Ruby’s in danger of losing control and – worse still – of liking it!

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