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THE DEVILS HEART - Lynn Raye Harris

The Devil’s Heart was an amazing romance by USA Today Bestselling author Lynn Raye Harris. So much emotion and all over a yellow diamond heirloom necklace.

They had a history, more than a history. At one time they had been married. Francesca D’Oro was only eighteen when she married Marcos Navarre and it only lasted a few hours. Now she was on a mission because Marcos was back in the US. She needed to steal the necklace in order to help Jacques, a man who was like a father to her, a man who if he did not get the proper care, would die.

Marcos couldn’t believe after all of these years that Francesca was back in his life. When he met her, her father possessed the Corazon del Diablo (The Devil’s Heart). Now he owned it but still the past memories came flooding back for both of them. Francesca thought he felt sorry for her when he married her the first time because her mother and sister were superficial, only thinking of themselves and she felt excluded. Plus the fact that at that age she was 40 pounds heavier. After her father died, it was Jacques who was like a father to her, he was family and she was desperate to get the necklace so she could sell it for his treatment. But it was all about the necklace, the necklace his uncle had stolen and sold to her father. And I kept wondering why it was so important to Marcos and in later chapters learned why and it was extremely emotional to read.

Whether he had to drag her on board his jet, Marcos came up with a plan, he would force Francesca to sign a contract, marry him for few months, pay for Jacques treatment and return home to Buenos Aires. She at first was appalled by the idea, but in the end, agreed because he agreed to provide the finances to help Jacques. They were married and it was awkward for her. He was such a man of mystery, he had a strange tattoo he refused to talk about, he was in charge of a charity to benefit the “street kids” which was important to him but kept at first, the reasons to himself. It was Marcos passion to to take care of the orphans, his life’s work to provide stability and opportunity for these orphans. He also didn’t want to talk about his childhood, especially his parents death and that bothered her as well. However, the sexual tension between them kept growing and at times was confusing.

Francesca and Marcos both had secrets. She the baby she lost and the man who deserted her, plus the fact that she couldn’t have children. And he, well his parents death, where he spent his youth, his uncles betrayal and more. Right after their marriage and the charity event, he took her to his winery in Mendoza for a honeymoon and to visit his sister and her family. All I can say is the ensuing chapters were very emotional to read because they both shared so much of their past life. Plus the fact that at this winery in Mendoza some of the “street children” worked and one especially stole Francesca’s heart, both she and her infant son. And then the worse possible thing happened, the young mother ran away, leaving behind the baby. Due to loosing her own baby it was hard for Francesca to help care for him but in the end, both she and Marcos not only cared for him along with the staff, they both shared so much more, they shared a bed and talked about their pasts and what had gone on in each other’s lives after their first marriage ended.

What was worse, Marcos couldn’t understand his feelings for Francesca. He had brought her to Argentina to punish her for talking the “Devil’s Heart” and to “cement his possession of it”. He had definitely not brought her there to let her worm her way through his defenses. But she definitely saw through him and to the heart of things as no other person had and I knew it was because she had fallen in love with him again. As for Francesca she adored him, more than that, she loved him. “He felt things deeply and acted with more dignity and morality than anyone she’d ever known.” She knew despite his loss and pain and horrible childhood, he had dedicated himself to helping others.

Honestly, I thought this couple had a chance and maybe a chance to adopt the baby boy who was left behind the winery. But as Marcos had told her, he didn’t do love, wasn’t capable of it. But I wondered how could that be when he was so devoted to the orphans of Buenos Aires. But she seriously thought he wouldn’t want to stay married to a woman who couldn’t have children plus the fact he woudn’t take the baby back home with them, he was going to find a home for him. So heartbreaking to read because Francesca felt he didn’t have any feelings for her. As for Marcos, he felt because of his damaged past he had nothing to offer. So she told him she was going home and because she knew the necklace was important to him, she signed a statement stating it belonged to him.

The ending chapter was beautiful to read because Marcos realized he couldn’t live without Francesca and that he was tired of being a prisoner to his past. He wanted her to come home, more forward and have them both raise Armando, the little baby boy from Mendoza. However, more important, “the devil’s heart” meant nothing to him without the love of his heart, Francesca!

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Book Description:

Francesca D'Oro was just eighteen when darkly sexy Marcos Navarre swept her up the aisle—then fled before the ink on the marriage license had dried. Marcos might have given Francesca a jewel for her finger, but he stole another: the Devil's Heart, a dazzling yellow diamond he believed belonged to his family….

Years later, Francesca, no longer so youthfully naive, is determined to reclaim the precious gem! But she's forgotten that Marcos lives up to the treasure's name—and dealing with the devil is always dangerous!

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