Wednesday, April 27, 2011

THE END OF FAKING IT - Natalie Anderson

Carter Dodds and Penny met is a most unusual way…..she thought he was an intruder and he thought she was stealing from his family friend Mason. Mason had hired him to investigate someone helping themselves to the company funds.

The attraction was immediate for both of them. Carter was quite handsome and well built and he intrigued Penny. She liked to have a good time like everyone else but she was always careful to let the person she shared her body with know that commitment was definitely not something she was interested in and that she always walked away. She also liked to be in charge. Therefore, when this handsome stranger kissed her, he made her feel dangerous things in fact on a daily basis they flirted, touched and it was obvious they would end up in the bedroom.

From the very beginning Carter knew he was in trouble kissing and touching her would never be enough. He would only be in town a few weeks max so why not have a little fun and bed this sexy little PA. She was magnificent, so full of fire, a great body, someone he wanted in his bed and then would walk away and go back home to Melbourne.

To complicate matters, being around her he constantly wanted to touch her and then her brother came into town and Penny panicked. She had lied to her family about having a boyfriend and she had asked Carter to play the part. However, it backfired on them both playing like they had been together for months. I wondered what was the deal of her not wanting to go home to see her family and friends and why did she always move? Carter also wondered, after he checked her personnel file and there was some secret she was hiding. Why did she move from city to city and job to job every 6 months? Let’s just say it was something extremely sad.

Carter was an amazing lover, so careful to pleasure Penny. He suspected she might have a problem because she always wanted to be in charge. He was perfect in every way, spoiled her by cooking, actually enjoyed her company and all I could think of was how well matched they were especially for two people who didn’t want commitment. Then everything changed when her brother came to say goodbye and spilled the beans to Carter. She had been lying to him and in the short space of time they had spent together, he actually cared for her more than he wanted to and she had become important to him.

Carter found out who was involved in cheating Mason’s company. Yes, he should go home but he did not want to, he still wanted to spend some time with Penny. Then I thought the rules have changed. Penny’s relationships were always short lived and she moved on….but why? Who had hurt her so much or how? As for Carter, the man who did not trust women because of the past, now he wanted more, he wanted Penny and he wanted her to be honest with him, he wanted it all!

Knowing her “secret” made me wonder if Penny would ever find happiness. In the past, if a woman wanted something from Carter, he walked. So now he was prepared to give his all but Penny was determined not to want it. Therefore, when it all came tumbling out I held my breath and it was horrible to read because it was so obvious that Penny needed someone to love her.

Well, Natalie Anderson’s title was spot on….The End of Faking It, because that’s how Penny had lived her life until Carter came in to it not only showing her what her body had never felt, sexual satisfaction he also gave Penny her life back by loving her and bringing her absolute happiness!

Book Description:

Everyone fakes it. Don’t they?

A teenage romance-turned-nightmare has taught Penny Fairburn that faking it is the only way to go. It’s not until she meets gorgeous Carter Dodds and his bullet-proof ego that she realises how wrong she’s been!

Carter can have any woman on a plate, and likes the smorgasbord approach! But after some scorching nights with Penny, ‘no-strings’ Carter has changed his tune – Penny’s not faking anything in his bed, but getting her to admit her true feelings for him out in the real world is a whole new challenge…

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