Friday, April 15, 2011

JESS'S PROMISE - Lynne Graham

I have been such a fan of author Lynne Graham and she certainly has outdone herself with Jess’s Promise, the last book in her Secretly Pregnant, Conveniently Wed trilogy. It was an amazing romance and lots of twists and turns, especially the ending.

Jessica Martin was the only woman who ever had the courage to say no to Cesario di Silvestri and still he wanted her. Cesario was outraged with he found out his prize painting had been stolen from his English manor. Therefore, he returned home to get to the bottom of things and secretly hoped he would see the woman who intrigued him, Jessica.

Jessica was a veterinarian and she adored her little tribe of dogs she had rescued. Due to an attack by a deranged male while attending university, she played down her appearance.  She didn't wear make up nor wear fancy clothes.  One could find her wearing jeans, boots and an old jacket.   For the most part was not interested in having a relationship and she was definitely a virgin. She put all of her love and devotion into caring for her animals and loving her family. She realized she would probably never marry or have children. But she had a definite problem, her father admitted to giving his security card to her cousin’s so they could enter Cesario’s manor, to take pictures and sell them to the local gossip magazine. However, now Jess and her father suspected her cousin’s were the thieves of the missing painting.

Jess heard that Cesario had returned home and was determined to make sure her father wasn’t charged with the crime. However, Cesario had other ideas and a plan and I about fell out of my chair when I read what it was and wondered if Jess would go along with it. This Italian billionaire had only loved one woman and she was now married to his cousin who he loved like a brother. Jessica couldn’t believe her ears when Cesario said he wouldn’t press charges but in order to keep his promise to her, she would need to keep a promise to him. Marry him and provide him with an heir. If she were willing to have his son or daughter, they could in the end, divorce and share custody of the child. She couldn’t believe her ears but in the end she agreed because she loved her family and then had been through so much during the past years when her mother had been fighting cancer.

Jess played down her beauty due to her past at university. However, Cesario wasn’t having it because she was so beautiful to him and he demanded she dress the part due to his social status. They had a fairy tale wedding and weeks together in Italy on their honeymoon. However, it was much more than that because Jess in love with her husband, even though he told her he could never love her back. They explored Italy, shared meals with his cousin and wife, spent lazy days together making love and then Jess suspected she was pregnant but she didn’t want to tell her husband because that would mean their marriage could possibly be over or would it? However, she overhead a conversation between her husband and his ex lover and wondered if they were having an affair? They returned home to England only to be told that Cesario had to return to Italy on business.

Jess confirmed she was pregnant when she returned home.  However, she also got confirmation her husband had been lying to her. I wondered what was the secret he shared with his sister-in-law? Because I could not believe that he had not fallen in love with Jess on their honeymoon.  Let me just say the secret was shocking! More than shocking, it was tragic! Would this couple get their happy ending? Would Jessica get her heart broken? Lynne Graham in the final pages of Jess’s Promise had me sitting on the edge of my chair wondering how this couple would resolve their situation.  This couple deserved a happy ending because each of them in their own way were strong, strong enough to endure what ever came their way.

Book Description:

Cesario di Silvestri isn't just fast with women, he's supersonic. After mere minutes spent in his charismatic presence, many of Europe's most glamorous women tumble into his bed…

With the exception of one—shy vet Jessica Martin, who refuses to become his weekend plaything. But when Jess's flaky relatives steal from Halston Hall, Cesario's country retreat, he has all the ammunition he needs! For now he'll enjoy her creamy-skinned beauty, but in the future he'll need an heir….

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