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Author Caitlin Crews has written a very bold and beautiful romance, just like her heroine Tristanne Barbery in Katrakis’s Sweet Prize.

Tristanne had a problem, an abusive step-brother with an agenda. He wanted his half sister, Tristanne to hook up with a very rich businessman, get her self noticed and photographed in the tabloids. Having her seen with someone so important would bolster his business and make his investors more confident. In return, Peter would give her the trust fund she needed to take care of her frail mother’s debts.

However, what her brother Peter didn’t count on was that she would go after his arch rival Nikos Katrakis. While attending a party on the Katrakis yacht, she walked right up to him and after some small talk, asked if she could be his mistress. It was almost comical to read because it was very obvious by her remarks and behaviour she had never been anyone’s mistress.

Nikos Katrakis hated Peter Barbery with a vengeance because he was the cause of his sister’s death. What surprised him was Peter’s sister’s proposition. Well he’d just take her up on her offer. What he didn’t count on was that she would be so lacking in the mistress department. Revenge was his motive yet their attraction to each other was powerful and explosive. All I could think of was what would come of their relationship because their was so much emotion involved and powerful and mutual desire between them. Yes, Tristanne was strong, strong enough to choose her own path in life, to walk away from her father and step-brother, earn an art history degree and move to Vancouver, B.C. But would she be strong enough not to get hurt in the end?

Holding my breath I knew it would only be a matter of time before they made love and it was so full of emotion and tenderness. One thought came to her mind, she would never be free of this man and he would haunt her forever. She knew the truth between them even though Nikos would never speak of them. He was so very tender with her and she loved him. He spoke of his father and sister and of his mother who had abandoned him and how he came up the hard way in the streets. And daily she drew sketches of him.

Then I wondered how Nikos would seek his revenge on her brother Peter. Because now they were intimate, so what more could happen? “Marry me” he said and boy was I shocked because how far would he go to revenge his family? More than anything she wanted to marry him but first the truth, all of it. What Peter had asked her to do for the sake of his business, and her need for her trust fund to protect her mother…….all of it! Yet still he wanted to marry her and I thought that was his revenge but how could he? Would he humiliate Tristanne to get the revenge he craved for three of the deaths caused by her family?

Well Nikos got his revenge and she couldn’t believe it especially how they began in Florence, what had passed between them over the days and weeks. Especially when only the night before she had declared her love for him. Then humiliations of being stood up at the alter. However, inner strength she didn’t know she had caused her to gather up herself and her mother and return back home to Vancouver.

She knew he’d show up in Vancouver because that was the man he was and in spite of herself she still loved him even though he had left her broken hearted and devastated. So what now? In the end, she was the only woman who had believed in him and yet he hurt her and could he explain why he left her standing at the altar? It was a moving and emotional ending and my heart ached for this proud man, a man who had never known love, who had been abandoned but in the arms of his Tristanne, the woman who loved him, he knew they had a chance at happiness.

Over at I(Heart)Presents, Caitlin talks about Katrakis's Sweet Prize

Book Description:

Notorious Nikos Katrakis was looking for a new woman to bed when, out of the blue, heiress Tristanne Barbery offered herself to him. Could satisfaction and revenge really be that easy to obtain?

Tristanne knew better than to play games with a man of such devastatingly lethal charisma as Nikos. But, though she had a good idea of the kind of sacrifice she was offering, she had no choice.

To Nikos's surprise, Tristanne was not the weak, biddable good-time girl he'd expected…and soon his plans for vengeance came crumbling down around him!

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Lia said...

In all fairness, I didn't like this book very much. The plot seemed far too far-fetched to be believable and the supposed hero was just very unlikeable and unlovable. Towards the end I found myself actually rooting for Tristanne to tell Nikos that no way she would ever take him back, but sadly she did.

Yes, Nikos had a bad childhood. But then again, most heroes in a contemporary series roman have and they are no way near as mean as Nikos.


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