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NOT FOR SALE - Sandra Marton

Not for Sale was just another stunning romance by Sandra Marton.

The first chapters reading about the ruthless billionaire Lucas Viera had me chuckling as Lucas was in a bit of a “predicament”. He really wanted a particular deal he was working on with a Russian billionaire and his voluptuous Russian wife who was acting also as his interpreter. However, Lucas had a problem, the woman was playing footsie under the table, and he could not afford any mistakes. On top that his mistress had up and left him and he needed not only an interpreter himself, he needed a woman to pretend to be his girlfriend. One of his sleazy managers said he knew someone who fit the bill. Lucas was skeptical, but could not turn down the offer, as he needed her professional services immediately. The manager called his female friend who was a high paid call girl plus the fact she was also learning to be an interpreter. However, she had a hot date so she remembered a young woman who was in her class, called her, convinced her to take both jobs and off Caroline Hamilton went to meet her future employer.

I loved the fact that Caroline was not only independent; she was excellent in her profession as an interpreter. Things were not easy for her and she really needed the money. However, what she did not count on, really neither of them counted on was their immediate attraction to each other. Therefore, Caroline pretended to be Dani Sinclair, the woman he believed he hired, the woman he was paying $1,000 to be his girlfriend and help him seal this very important deal. Lucas wanted this over, signed, sealed, and delivered. He was impatient and shortly after they determined who each other were, they got off to a bad start. Words were fired back and forth and then, she agreed to the girlfriend and interpreter arrangement. Success in more ways than one, a billion dollar deal and the woman he had wanted all night in his limo and kissing her senseless, still believing she was Dani Sinclair.

Lucas Viera was a man of mystery, a hard man, a self-made man who grew up poor in Rio, a mother that had abandoned him and he grew up living in the streets and eating out of trashcans. A man who a couple ended up taking him to North America.  However, that did not last and he ended up making his way on his own. In short, he was the only reason he was such a success. However, he was not the only one who was a mystery, so was Caroline who was known to him as Dani. The same woman he made love to, the same who left his home during the wee hours of the morning after hours of lovemaking. Can you imagine the surprise when he tracked down Dani Sinclair and found out that she was not Dani; she was in fact, Caroline and was receiving her payment. Only to discover that Dani was a call girl and so he believed Caroline was in the same profession as well. He was furious because he believed she traded sex for money yet weeks later he could not get her out of his mind!

Lucas would make her pay and so he hired an investigator to get info on Caroline and found out she had an undergraduate degree and was working on her Masters in Russian and Slavic Studies.  He was going to find her, confront her and vanish her from his mind. Well it all backfired, her shabby apartment had been vandalized, a man had tried to rob her, and so Lucas made the decision to take her back to his place but not before meeting her shabby cat, the one she rescued from the streets. It was an interesting time for them both as they resumed their relationship. However, one thing was for sure, Caroline did not want to end up like her mother, going from one man to the next hoping to find Prince Charming. As for Lucas, he still believed she was earning her money on her back.  Not waiting tables as she had before moving in with him.

He didn’t understand any of it, his desire, his feelings and what was happening in his life.  Why he was taking time off  from work to be with her, what was happening here? So much emotion see-sawing back and forth for Lucas, because he figured it out while standing in her shabby apartment, he wanted her and only her. However, in the back of his mind he wondered what she was doing with the money she earned on “her back”? Why did she have nothing to show for it?  Why did she live in poverty? But he was determined to spend time with her so he took her to his home in the Hampton’s. However, like all good things, sometimes they have to come to an end and while reading this incredible love story I held my breath wondering what “monkey wrench” would be thrown into this romance and cause heartache?

Reflecting back, Caroline remembered one thing for certain, she would not end up like her mother. So when Lucas offered her money and an apartment, she was determined not to take it, in fact she took offence at his offer. She had made it on her own and she would continue to do so, would look for a job, be a teacher’s assistant so when that didn’t happen and Dani offered her a job interpreting for another Russian at a New York hotel, reluctantly she took down the info.  However, not before Lucas overheard and conversation and jumped to other conclusions. What a mess! This proud, hard alpha put his foot in his mouth, causing heartache for them both. Reading the last twenty pages was like going on a roller coaster ride as only Sandra Marton can write. I thought it was brilliant how she tied Lucas, the “cat from Hell, Oliver” and Caroline together yet I was very sad at the same time and cried my eyes out. Because in the end, Lucas realized what a mistake he had made, that he had pushed her away, had believed her to be something she wasn’t. It had taken a simple gesture on her part, a small “autographed” gift to make him realize his mistake.

Not for Sale, to say the least was a remarkable love story,  maddening at times but the ending spectacular showing that to love was not a weakness, it gave one strength and lasting happiness, especially one so deserving for Caroline and Lucas.

Not for Sale Behind the Book story, here

Book Description:

Lucas Vieira needs a translator to seal a high-profile business deal, and a woman to pose as his girlfriend to fend off a colleague's overeager wife—so why not kill two birds with one stone?

Linguist Caroline Hamilton jumps at the chance to earn some decent money. However, when she meets her client, she realizes she may be out of her league. The powerful Brazilian seems to be interested in more than just her brains….

Is the price of this passion too high?

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Sandra Marton said...

Marilyn, I'm so glad you loved NOT FOR SALE, and that you enjoyed the emotional ride of the story! As the author of NOT FOR SALE, I loved that ride, too. Caroline and Lucas surprised me at every turn, and Oliver the Cat just sprang to life, unplanned.

I love to write books that go from laughter to tears in which the characters are truly destined for each other, and I think this book, and these characters, were absolutely that.



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