Saturday, April 23, 2011

THE PRINCE'S PREGNANT BRIDE (Royal Rebels) - Jennifer Lewis

The Prince’s Pregnant Bride was the first book in the Royal Rebels series. Author Jennifer Lewis wove an interesting royal romance set in a lovely Pacific paradise.

AJ Rahia was quite the prince now a Hollywood producer. Now fate had stepped in where it was not wanted because his older brother, the King was presumed dead but his body had not been found. Due to tradition, it meant AJ was expected to become King and marry the royal wife. It was position he did not want. Could life possibly become more complicated? For God ’s sake, he had a life in Hollywood and he did not want to walk in his brother’s shadow.

Lani Rahia secretly was glad her husband was missing and possibly dead because she had a secret. The man was a monster and had treated her horribly throughout her marriage. On the eve of his disappearance he had assaulted her both with words and physically and her worse fear was that he had made her pregnant.

Maybe for Vanu, his brother, he enjoyed being King but not for AJ. When he left Rahiri, he thought he would only return to visit occasionally not that he would rule it! His mother wanted him to marry his brother’s wife and to become king but how could he do it and to a woman he didn’t know? What a mess! Even though the sparks flew between them, would it be enough?

Lani was lovely, sweet and AJ definitely was attracted to her but could he marry her? She also had a secret she shared with her mother-in-law, she was expecting the Vanu’s baby. If she shared that fact it would be the baby would be the heir to the throne. Could or would she keep this secret from AJ? In the end, she could not and it was should we, could we what were they going to do?

It was like a roller coaster until they found the King’s body but not before they made love. Talk about complicated but there was one thing for sure, AJ was definitely NOT going to walk in his brother’s shadow.

The Prince’s Pregnant Bride had an action packed happy ending. It took AJ returning back to LA to realize what he could have lost due to his pride and a most romantic reunion for the two of them. From landing an airplane on the palace grounds to making love in the throne room a pretty explosive ending. I am looking forward to reading more Royal Rebels.

Book Description:

It took only one kiss from his brother's widow to set AJ Rahia's soul on fire—and set him closer to assuming his brother's throne. Tradition would have the prince turned Hollywood producer marry his brother's wife…but could he accept his brother's unborn child as his own?

Lani Rahia was caught between two men—her dead husband and the future king. By telling the truth about one, would she lose the other? She'd been snared in a marriage of convenience before. This time, she wouldn't settle for such pretense—for her or her child. Instead, she'd have a lifetime of AJ's love…or nothing.

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