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Kate Hewitt charmed with me with The Undoing of De Luca;taking a billionaire playboy and a young woman who couldn’t let go of her family home and weaving together a most amazing romance. I couldn’t wait to read this particular story after reading Kate’s post at I(Heart) Presents concerning defining moments in one’s life whether good or bad. And for this couple they both had “closec hearts” due to the actions of each of their fathers.

Ellery Dunant and Larenz de Luca, her house guest shared something in common. His mother had been the mistress to a wealthy man and his housekeeper. Whereas, Ellery’s father had lived a double life and not until he died did she and her mother find out her father had a mistress and a son as well. Now this sexy playboy and his assistant are staying at her family home, Maddock Manor. Once Ellery discovered what her father had done, she decided never to give her heart to a man. As for Larenz, the same thing because when he was fourteen he went to see his father only to be told “I don’t know you”.

Ellery’s mother had allowed her to stay at the manor and she was renting out rooms, sort of a bed and breakfast but not for much longer. The place was falling down around her. However, Larenz’s assistant had an idea for his high end department stores, to have a photo shoot at the manor and pay Ellery handsomely for the use of her home. The money at least, would help to make the much needed repairs and allow her to stay for a little while longer until she could move forward with her life.

Larenz was a magnificent alpha and he unsettled Ellery. After his assistant left and he had the time to really look at Ellery and her manor. He felt an amount of pity for her and that angered him because she had come from a privileged background and he had worked so hard to pull himself out of the gutter. This woman intrigued him. He always got what he wanted and he wanted her. He also knew she was attracted to him and it would only be a matter of time. He was right, it only took hours when they were alone until they made love before the fire and he took her virginity.

Reflecting back on her home and childhood, sometimes she hated the manor because it caused her to doubt who she was and why she stayed. And then just when Ellery thought he was going to leave her and return to his busy life, Larenz asked her to go away with him for a week. Why he didn’t know but there was one thing for sure, he wasn’t ready to let her go. It was to be a fling, a fling she could end and walk away from any time. But as the days went on, she didn’t want to leave. Larenz was confused because Ellery with her violet eyes confused him and somehow she could see right into his soul. She made him want to tell her things he had never told anyone. But is more than that, he felt a little guilty for taking her virginity and was determined to cheer her up by spoiling her a little and then he could ease his conscience and let her return home.

When they arrived in Milan, he left her to attend to some business and gave her spa treatments, bought her a lovely ball gown, diamonds, really spoiled and pampered her. And then while attending a function in a high end hotel in Milan, she overhead two women talking about her, using the word she most hated “mistress”. For her this word reminded her of her father’s betrayal.  That reminded her she was behaving just like her father’s mistress. It was so painful to remember her father and the aftermath when she and her mother found out his secret.  So that evening in their hotel suite, Ellery told Larenz the sordid story. And then he realized something, he didn’t want this to end and so he told her things he had never shared with anyone.

Larenz had no idea why he was taking her to the palazzo he now owned, the one that had belonged to his father. The very same father who denied him and sent him away as a boy. He also took her to meet his mother. So after all of that emotion, it gave me hope for this couple because it was so obvious that Ellery loved and adored Lorenz. However, she also wondered if they ever could move forward? Was Larenz the man he was today because of his father’s rejection and would he ever be able to have a relationship or even love? However the moment came when he realized she had slipped past his defences and she touched him in ways no other person ever had. And then believe it or not, it was over, just like that and he sent Ellery away.

Heartbroken her first stop was to visit her mother and then home only to encounter the photo shoot which made a mockery of her manor. They made it into a ghost house. To add salt to the wound, Larenz showed up to present her with a check. Talk about upsetting and I only thought foolish man because this woman moved you like no other and when would he realize it? Weeks later, he found her at her apartment and I held my breath because would he realize he had closed off his heart and that because of her, it was now open to love? Kate Hewitt gave these two their beautiful ending because neither of them were alone or afraid; they both opened up their hearts were simply able to admit their love!

Behind the Book, Kate’s post at I(Heart)Presents

Book Description:

The undressing of an innocent…

In theory, Ellery Dunant is the last woman you'd expect to find on world-renowned playboy Larenz de Luca's to-bed list. Ellery has met Larenz's type before. There's no way a stallion like him would be interested in a plain-Jane housekeeper like her….

So why does Larenz find himself risking his cool and dropping his guard to spend the night with her?

The undoing of the playboy…

Just one night…but for Larenz it doesn't turn out to be enough. Is his unworldly housekeeper going to be his undoing?


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