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WALK ON THE WILD SIDE - Natalie Anderson

They were so different from each other, he handsome, rich and charismatic and a professional snow boarder. She quirky, creative, somewhat of a loner and they met in the most bizarre way. Kelsi Reid literally hit him with her car, and after talking to each other, Jack Greene talked her into spending the day together at the beach. Explosive is what I would say happened next, they made mad passionate love and her life changed on that day forever!. Walk on the Wild Side was a most amazing and out of the box romance by the very talented Natalie Anderson.

Kelsi Reid was an interesting heroine. She worked as a web designer, worked extremely hard, and as a reward, her co-workers got together and treated her to a day at the spa. Instead, she spent the day with a very sexy man. She also lived alone away from the mother she adored. She didn’t trust men, thanks to her father who had left her mother for another woman. Her mother was so proud of Kelsi and that meant the world to her. As for her father, well let’s just say he had let her down by favoring his second wife and daughter. Kelsi never measured up to his expectations because she thought she wasn’t pretty enough and for other reasons, her father he never gave her his time. She had red curly hair, freckles, pale skin, and she disguised her looks with clothes and colored contacts. However, Jack found her attractive and he appreciated her personality. And then Jack left because he wanted to follow his own dreams and that was to train and get his gold metal. Besides what would he want with a girl like her? Kelsi thought?

Kelsi was an interesting woman and Jack was attracted to her, so much so he couldn’t get her or their lovemaking out of his head or forget their day at the beach. Yes, he was popular with the ladies but something about her intrigued him. She was different and besides that, he had the greatest sex in his life. One thing was for sure, he wanted to see her again and sleep with her again. However, one thing bothered him, because they made love in the ocean he wondered if she could possibly be pregnant?

Kelsi, was renting a room in an old home which was about to be sold. No roommates, she lived alone so she was surprised when Jack showed up on her doorstep. She was also surprised when he suggested she might be pregnant…….actually she was shocked. So when he demanded she take a test she was absolutely floored to find it positive! He was like a steam roller, he bought her large home, moved in, cooked for her, tempted her, taunted her and drove her crazy. He wanted her like no other woman and so did she and it drove them both crazy until they finally satisfied their urges. However, it made everything worse because they couldn’t deny their emotions for each other. On top of that was the pressure for Kelsi to tell her mother and the possibility of disappointing her.

Like Kelsi’s mom, Jack’s father had given up his dreams. At childbirth, Jack’s mother had passed away and he had to revamp his life for his son. Jack was worried about Kelsi being so petite, just like his mother. Taking over her life didn’t even describe it, especially when he insisted on moving in and then he broke her heart when he told her he was leaving to follow his dream. Was he being selfish? Did they even have a chance to find happiness together?

The ending chapters were so amazing because each of Natalie’s characters learned so much about each other and themselves. A man used to his freedom, fame and fortune was transformed due to his feelings for this amazing and interesting woman. As for Kelsi, let’s just say she learned to love and trust and give up on the past hurts thanks to her father. Walk on the Wild Side you won’t want to miss and I can certainly see why Mills and Boon chose this particular romance as their Book of the Month.

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Book Description:
A fling with sinfully hot champion snowboarder Jack Greene isn't Kelsi Reid's normal behavior…but one glimpse of his wicked eyes has Kelsi throwing caution to the deep blue sea (along with her clothes!). After all, who better to go crazy with than a man who deserves a gold medal for his prowess on the slopes and in the bedroom…?

Then Kelsi crashes down with a terrifying bump—of the baby kind. They couldn't be worse matched—Jack is Mr. Right-Now, while Kelsi craves stability. But it's hard to keep your feet on the ground once you've met the man who turns your world upside down….

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