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SCANDAL: UNCLAIMED LOVE-CHILD - Melanie Milburne (Sabbatini Brothers)

SABBATINI BROTHERS Three powerful playboys from the richest dynasty in Europe! Ruthless, irresistible…impossible to tame?

The Scandal:   Unclaimed Love-Child was quite the reunion and secret baby romance.  It was absolutely beautiful as crafted by the very talented Melanie Milburne.

Luc Sabbatini has cast his beautiful Bronte out of his life.  The reason why wasn't revealed until later in the book.  Now he was back in Australia to see if what they had before he had to urgently leave was still there and he wanted a second chance.

Bronte and her friend were now running a ballet school in Australia.  She and her daughter lived with her mother Ella.  Luc didn't know about Ella and she wanted it to stay that way.  So when he invited her out for dinner, she definitely said no but he literally blackmailed her because he now owned her building and he would raise her rent.  What to do, she feared he would find out about Ella.  He was rich and powerful and she didn't want to risk it.  After finding out she was pregnant, she couldn't try out for the ballet in London.  Having Ella was the best thing in her life and to have him find out after the years had passed would be horrible for Bronte.

Like all secrets, after their second meeting as his hotel, Bronte accidentally left her cell phone in his hotel room and when she called it, he answered but not before seeing the pictures of his baby girl, one who looked just her mother.  However, she didn't tell him the baby was her and she lied about the baby's age.  He wanted to resume their relationship but it was hard for her to forget the way he abruptly ended things, having one of his men bring her a farewell gift, telling her it was over.  On top of that, his housekeeper when she tried to get a hold of him, told Bronte, Luca was involved with someone else.  It was all very sad especially when he found out Ella was his child while meeting some of Bronte's friends where they were dining.  The other couple had a child born on the same day, mentioned it and Luca put two and two together.  Ella was his!  Talk about explosive and an upsetting scene.

Luca was furious and he immediately wanted to see Ella.  Bronte felt he had lost respect for her and he immediately wanted his name on his baby's birth certificate.  It didn't matter at all that Bronte had tried to contact him at his Milan villa and why he hadn't returned her phone calls.  Immediately, he made a decision.....they would move to Italy and she had no choice in the matter at all.  After all she had deprived him and his child of 13 months together.  So everything was building up like a storm, from making her move to Milan, the marriage demands and having their marriage be a "real" marriage in every way.

Did they argue.....yes!  She thought the marriage not only provided him with his child but also a bed partner.  When they were in London together, it was somewhat the same, a few nights here and there and he never took her on his business trips.  It was all about what suited him and then he abruptly ended it.  How would Bronte survive it all?  A ring on her finger, taking off in a jet bound for Italy, she apologized for some of her behaviour and thanked him for all he had done of Ella, her mother and her.  She only wished Luca would love her as much as he loved Ella and it seemed to me she was resigning herself to being married.  Then I wondered how his Italian family would respond to Bronte and the baby?  And of course there was the fact that Bronte realized she had blocked out her love for him to protect herself.  And of course what was the secret behind him breaking if off with her so quickly?  Another woman or an illness?

These Sabbatini Brothers are amazing.  I first read Giorgio and Maya's story, also a stormy one, Shock:  One-Night Heir and loved it.  So when I saw that Luca and Bronte's story was coming out in May, I jumped on the chance of picking it up.  Love those red hot Italians!  Talk about a bombshell when he shared his secret and the reason for leaving Bronte.  His reason was so unexpected and an interesting way to conclude this love story.  Scandal:  Unclaimed Love Child was a wonderful second story in the series.

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He’ll claim his baby…by whatever means!

Billionaire Luca Sabbatini may have ruthlessly cast Bronte from his life…but he’d be lying if he said he’d forgotten this sweet ballerina.

That’s why he’s back, and ready to reawaken their lost passion. Only this time he finds Bronte isn’t quite so biddable!

Her better judgement is urging her to walk away. Bronte has been lured into Luca’s lair before… This time, however, the secret she’s hiding will have its repercussions!

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