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Nicola Marsh has written a spectacular, light, fun and sexy romance with Sex, Gossip and Rock and Roll.

Imagine a young girl thrown out of her home by her mother as a teenager, scared to death, trying to survive the streets and ending up in a strangers back yard the CEO of Australia's biggest recording label.  And Hector Landry had taken Charli Chambers in and under his wing.  Now Hector's grandson Luca Petrelli was asked as a favor to his grandfather to oversee the financial part of the tour of an aging rock star.  Just reading the first pages of the book, I could tell that Charli was not happy to not only have the playboy Luca tagging along but she also had to oversee Storm Varth's comeback rock tour and also entertain his young son.

From the time Luca opened the door to Charli I just laughed because it was obvious there would be sensual tension of seismic power.  Oh was I spot on, it was amazing.  However, Charli harbored feelings against Luca because he hadn't seen his grandfather in ten years, the wonderful man who had given her a chance and had taken her in.  How could this playboy be so hurtful and she wasn't sure she would survive this trip, especially when this hot man should be "labeled illegal".  However, Luca in a way, also mistrusted Charli because after some research he discovered Charli accompanied his grandfather on trips, charity dinners and many functions.  She was quite the "package" and he wondered why Charlie was not like the usual staff Pops employed?

In the beginning the mistrust worked both ways.  Charli didn't understand why after all of these years, Luca was helping Hector and well Luca wondered as well about Charli's motives.  She made it clear that she wanted to know why now after all of these years he returned to help pops.  He told her it was none of her business.  They both had secrets, it was obvious and while reading further into this incredible book, they were revealed especially Luca's and why he was so bitter about his father and his childhood.  For his mother had been Rad Landry's mistress and she had tried to get him by getting pregnant with Luca.  It backfired big time, so much so that his father denied him but I wondered what about his grandfather Hector?  If he took in Charli, mentored her, why not Luca?  But Luca was determined to have her and keep it light because he didn't do emotion, he learned that lesson from the past and his parents.

There was intense emotion in Sex, Gossip and Rock and Roll, add to the mix the comeback rock star, his son, the sexual attraction, the sex, it all had me smiling and crying because they had both lost so much in their youth.  Charli craved stability and well Luca went through life making light of everything.  And they they spent the day together in bed, it changed everything for them both and they agreed to concentrate on work and not all of their hours making love.  They were so meant to be and it saddened me to read of their uneasiness with each other because they were spectacular together in every way that counted.  Honestly, Luca knew it as well plus the fact he felt guilty for not letting his grandfather into his life, thanks to his father.  However, they both made each other feel things then didn't understand, things they wanted to deny.  In the end, they were wary of their emotions but agreed to one last night before he left Australia and Charli.

So intense were their last hours together in her bedroom.  I wanted to shake them both because it was obvious they were crazy for each other.  How could he leave her behind and return to his world?  Because it was there in her eyes, their last time together.  She loved him and he didn't know how to love her back.  It would take Charlie a lifetime to recover from loving Luca.  Reading the final chapters I was tearing my hair out, hoping Luca would see what he walked away from.  He returned, spoke with his grandfather to get some answers about his father and his past and then went to see Charli a few days after originally leaving her.  It was a splendid reunion an incredible ending to a perfect love story.


Backstage Pass

In all her time as premier tour manager to Australia’s stars, Charli Chambers has never had someone as infuriating – or delectable! – as successful businessman Luca Petrelli along for the ride. He might always be in the gossip columns, but there’s no way she’s letting him claim VIP status!

But Luca’s wicked eyes are just too tempting… In spite of herself Charli’s soon attending after-parties – just for two. She wants to believe this is one duet that’s about to go platinum, but in spite of Luca being unprintably good in bed can she ever get close enough to the real Luca for their fling to be more than just a one-hit wonder?

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Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Marilyn, I've only just discovered it!

Charli and Luca are two of my favourite characters, so glad you enjoyed them :)


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