Thursday, June 16, 2011

At His Majesty's Convenience (Royal Rebels) - Jennifer Lewis

Andi Blake had worked for Jake Mondragon and now he was was being pressured to choose a royal queen before Ruthenia's Independence Day.  She was in love with her boss and on the eve of one of his royal events, which she had planned, she was going to give him her letter of resignation and return home to New York.  She couldn't stand to see him wed anyone else.

Nothing bothered the sexy and handsome Jake Mondragon.  He had left a successful life in Manhattan and had adjusted well to his role as King of Ruthenia.  He was determined not to let his personal assistant resign from her job.  He would be lost without her.  So after his event was over, he went looking for her because she had disappeared from his party.  None of his staff had seen her and she definitely was not in her room.  What he didn't expect was to find her in a shear evening gown, with her hair down, twirling around on the front palace lawn, dancing and singing and acting like they were a couple.  Not until he talked with her and examined the bump on the  her head, he sent for the doctor.  The doctor confirmed she had amnesia.  Jake came up with the brilliant idea to tell his people and the press that he and Andi were engaged to be married.  It would surely take the pressure off of him to choose a wife.  His people would be pleased about having Andi as their queen, he was sure of it!

Talk about a man who steam rolled his assistant.  Immediately he took her to choose a ring and they were photographed after their outing to the jewelry store.  It was almost as if he had planned it.   She couldn't remember her name and if she was engaged to Jake.  So she wondered why didn't he know anything about her family, or where she went to school?  It all seamed  so strange.  On top of everything, while she still suffered memory loss, he made love to her.  I thought, what would happen when her memory returned?   Would she be angry with him, feel cheap and/or used?  However, days later Andi's memory did returned and she was devastated because their lovemaking wasn't the result of a loving romance.   She felt he had no respect for her feelings,  Another thought crept into her mind, Jake's desire to keep her had nothing to do with him wanting her as his fiancee, or even his friend.  It had everything to do with keeping his office running smoothly.  However, Jake thought his idea was brilliant because Ruthenia's powerful families were putting the pressure on him for one of their daughter's to be crowned queen. 

The upcoming Independence Day was drawing near, things were quite tense between them, so they took some time off and went for a hike and picnic in the mountains.  It was lovely and I could only hope that Jake would come to his senses, realize that Andi was a gem and that he sincerely wanted to marry her.  I suppose
the straw that broke the camel's back was when Andi heard him say the words "I love you" while speaking to another woman.  That showed her he did not feel an ounce of love for her so she made the decision to break off the engagement.

Finally, Jake realized he loved Andi and told her so but she didn't believe him.  She felt he'd go to great lengths to keep her, making sure their marriage took place.  Like a "thief" in the night, Andi for the second time packed her bags and snuck away to catch a train and then an airplane to return home to the US.  All Jake could think of was they were a great "team" and  they complimented each other.  He enjoyed their lovemaking and sincerely felt their marriage would be a good one.  She hurt his pride when she told him she didn't believe he loved her.  But this royal King had a plan.  Like a knight on a charging white horse, he went after her and it was such a wonderful ending for this couple.  His declaration of his love will have you crying as this "royal rebel" brought his love, Andi, to her knees, thanks to author Jennifer Lewis.

Back of the Book

When her boss accepted the role of king of a far-off land, Andi Blake willingly followed. Yet despite her devotion, Jake Mondragon had never looked at her with desire. Until Andi lost her memory and forgot she shouldn't throw herself into her boss's arms.

Shocked—and enticed—by his secretary's actions, the king used Andi's amnesia to hatch the perfect plan. She would be his fake royal fiancee, deflecting pushy suitors and nosy public alike. But when Andi inconveniently regained her memory, she faced a choice: put the brakes on Jake's scheme, or hold out for a fairy-tale ending!

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