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Do Not Disturb - Anna Cleary

Do Not Disturb by Anna Cleary was an engaging  and torrid contemporary romance,  It was also a reunion, one not planned however.  Mirandi Summers at 18 met the bad boy Joe Sinclair.  She was overwhelmed by Joe, she loved him and he broke her heart while her Aunt and father watched.  She learned a valuable lesson however through the break-up, once she was over the heartbreak, she realized her happiness depended on herself and not another person.

And then she left town and went to university.  Now she had accepted a position not knowing the CEO was her ex lover.  Under Joe's watchful eye she was acting as a personal assistant to one of the department heads, just waiting for her office to be finished.  Joe was scheduled to go on a business trip to the French Riviera and when he found Mirandi in his apartment because she was sent to deliver some papers for his trip, what did he find?  Mirandi lying on his bed, daydreaming.  And then he had an idea.  He asked her to go along with him as his assistant because his own PA couldn't travel with him due to her son's accident.

I knew this was going to be explosive and it was.  The attraction was fierce immediately between them from their takeoff and he couldn't help himself, he pulled her into the bathroom on the plane and I thought, omg "The Mile High Club"?  Not quite but almost.   And she was ashamed of herself and wondered if this was why he suggested she accompany him on this business trip.  Was she so weak because look how quickly she had succumbed.  Their first stop, Zurich but Joe didn't take her to that meeting, instead he asked her to go shopping for a dress to wear in Monte Carlo and/or see the sights.  She didn't, so he took her to a boutique himself and outfitted her for their meetings with the casino people.  Mirandi was on edge and then the inevitable happened, they ended up in bed.

Next stop, Monte Carlo and she was worried for Joe for a good reason.  His successful architect father died from alcohol and he lost everything due to his gambling and she worried for Joe.  But, it didn't stop there because upon arrival at their hotel, a older French woman recognized Joe and then she remembered his mother was French and this particular woman called out his name.  The very same woman who had left Joe and his father.  They attended the meetings but the evening was a disaster because Joe gambled, they argued and talked about the past but Joe didn't tell her why he had broken up with her but he almost let it slip, her father, the Captain.  She told him her secret and why she left town. It was pretty emotional to read because they certainly had loved each other but she had been so young.  And they made up later in a most intimate way in the garden of all things!  Talk about one torrid romance!

And then Joe suggested they take a short vacation sightseeing.  Mirandi had the time of her life with Joe as they played during the day and made love at night.  And then he asked her if she would come with him because he decided it was time to see his mother and she worried again because she loved him very much. The visit went well for Joe, so he decided to stay and Mirandi went back home to Australia but she worried he might not return and wondered if he would stay and not return home to her.  She visited her father and aunt upon return and found out the truth of her father part in her break-up years ago.  And now with heavy heart she awaited for his hopeful return.

The ending chapters were quite emotional to read.  She began her new job as an MA and cried herself to sleep at night.  And then the worst thing happened, Joe resigned and she was devastated.  However, she got her "perfect" reunion when Joe returned home with love in his heart and told her so, but there was more, Mirandi accepted Joe's proposal and she shared her little secret, the results of their lovemaking in those Monte Carlo gardens.  Thank you Anna Cleary for the most charming and perfect romance.

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Book Description:

As a teenager, Mirandi Summers was a preacher’s daughter straight-laced and virginal. Joe Sinclair was the boy from the wrong side of the tracks who led Mirandi deliciously astray.

Now a CEO, Joe hires Mirandi as his Executive Assistant. But on a business trip to the French Riviera, Mirandi discovers Joe’s devilish side isn’t far beneath his new, polished exterior. Especially when Joe pulls her into his hotel room and locks the door…

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