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The Forbidden Wife - Sharon Kendrick

The Forbidden Wife was part of a series titled The Powerful and The Pure - When Beauty tames the brooding Beast!

Enter the brooding, dark haired Englishman, riding his powerful horse through the English moors. Sound familiar? An old classic? Of course, he encounters a very young woman on this particular evening not knowing she is the personal assistant he has hired through an employment agency to assist him with his book. A very young woman, only 18 years old and she had some issues. She had been abandoned as a baby, gone from one foster home to another. Had even been abused in one of them. Alone and in debt, she needed this job.

Jack Marchant, was rich, powerful, retired army and writing a novel. While reading this romance, he oozed everything we love in an alpha but he was also mysterious, one didn't learn a lot about him. He lived at his manor, employed a housekeeper, had no family, was in his mid-thirties, he loved to ride his horse and sometimes went to London to see friends. But that was about all one learned about Jack until he felt the pull of sexual attraction and charms of his new personal assistant Ashley.

Ashley, the heroine was another story. She learned early in life how to camouflage her feelings and somewhat fit into situations. She didn't under stand the attraction, the feelings he made her feel because she was an innocent. There was one thing for sure, she needed this job and she wouldn't do anything to loose it; or so she thought until Jack finally kissed her.

Without the eyes of Christine the housekeeper or the other manor workers, after frustrating weeks of working together and having these sensual feelings they acted on it and began a hot and torrid affair. For both of them it was incredible. But something kept creeping into my mind because Jack made it very clear he didn't want anyone, and he meant anyone to find out about them. However, people in the town were gossiping about them and the housekeeper warned Ashley because she didn't want to see her get hurt. It was obvious she was so munch younger than Jack and so innocent.

Like all love stories when secrets are revealed and let me just say it was a whopper, one wonders if there will ever be the possibility of a happy ending. Jack married? His wife living in the United States and in a comma. Talk about heartbreak for the couple because in secret Jack had proposed to Ashley.

In the middle of the night, Ashley fled, went back to London and found a job. However, through pain came some joy in the form of her relatives seeking her out. She now had a family, even though she didn't have Jack. And then via the manor housekeeper she found out that the manor had suffered a fire and Jack was blind. Of course because she adored and loved him so, Ashley returned back to Jack only to learn he was now a single man because his wife had passed away. Even under the circumstances of his blindness, Jack was a vibrant force and would soon be her husband. Through all of this tragedy they both became so much stronger, rebuilding the manor but using it for the good of others. Because in the end for Jack and Ashley "love conquered all"!

I sincerely think Sharon Kendrick translated Jane Eyre into a modern romance and she did it with sexual tension, a forbidden love, heartbreak, an explosive secret plus giving in the end, the couple a their happy ending.

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Back of the Book

After her mother died, Ashley Jones spent her childhood in care and foster homes. Alone in the world, she desperately needs her new live-in job as an author's assistant. But she is filled with trepidation when she arrives at isolated Blackwood Manor and meets the formidable Jack Marchant.

Ashley thinks she is just a drab nobody…but her heart goes out to handsome but arrogant, tortured Jack, though she has no idea what troubles him. What is the secret that he keeps hidden? It is only after Jack proposes marriage and Ashley joyfully accepts that she finds out…and, for this innocent bride-to-be, the truth is shocking….

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