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His Unknown Heir - Chantelle Shaw

Lauren Maitland, respected London attorney and mistress to Roman Velaquez knew she was in trouble because she had not only fallen in love with the ruthless Spanish billionaire Ramon Velaquez, she had also discovered in his absence that she was expecting his baby.  Fall in love was  something Ramon didn't do because he'd been there, done that and had been betrayed.

Upon his return, Ramon couldn't wait to see Lauren so he called her and invited her to dinner.  However what he didn't expect was to receive a present from her because it was their so called six month anniversary and he didn't do anniversaries.  He also didn't keep a mistress around for more than a couple of months.  However, he enjoyed Lauren's personality, they had a lot in common, he respected her but then she did the clingy think and asked him where their relationship was going due to her secret pregnancy.  The answer was his father was ill, he would be expected to marry aristocracy to provide an heir and would take his royal place and live in Spain at the family castle.  It didn't include here in his life, so she broke off their relationship.  No one walked away from Ramon, never!

Lauren had trust issues when it came to men.  Her father had left her mother for a mistress, leaving her and her mother behind, never to hear from him again.  He had hurt them both so badly.  Lauren's mother took to drinking and Lauren worked several jobs to pay the mortgage, graduated from university and was determined to become an independent woman, never to depend on a man for her happiness.  After Ramon told her about what would be expected of him from his family, the decision was made for her, to keep their baby a secret and not tell him.

Secret baby?  Not for long because fate stepped in eighteen months later  Ramon's father died, he took up the reigns, taking care of his mother and family but he couldn't get Lauren out of his mind.  He somewhat blackmailed her by going to her law firm, requested that she become his London attorney and the "heat was on".  Poor Lauren was frightened he would learn about his son Mateo and in the end he did and let's just say he was furious and felt betrayed.  He was so furious that he threatened to take his son away unless they all three returned to Spain.  The chemistry was still there for both of them and Lauren fought it every step of the way.

One woman, along with her lover betrayed Ramon when he was eighteen and he thought he loved her.  However, his father had pointed out it was a scam for money.  Now this woman he was still attracted to, who he slept with again, had betrayed him by not telling him he had a son.   Talk about a roller coaster romance.  Yes she still loved him and wanted him in her bed.  However she still wanted her independence but agreed to marry him because she was so afraid he would take Mateo away from her.  Throw into the mix, Pilar, an attractive model, a family friend who stirred up doubts about her relationship with Ramon and Lauren wondered how secure was her marriage.  Pilar said things like "do you know what Roman does on Fridays".  That would put up a red flag personally for me.

There were many challenges for both Ramon and Lauren but it was touching to read about how well Ramon adapted at being a father and husband.  In the end, as this sexy alpha stated to the wife he adored..... "true love, the kind that lasted forever was profound and loving, passionate and tender.  It was about trust, forgiveness, friendship and an abiding affection that transcended all of life's problems and disappointments and brought the greatest joy."  Such a lesson for all of us to remember, don't you think?

His Unknown Heir was an amazing roller coaster romance thanks to Chantelle Shaw, one I will long remember.

Book Description:

She committed a sin...and hides a shocking secret...

Ramon Velaquez, heir to the Velaquez winery, clearly stated his cardinal rule to Lauren Maitland – he can’t promise her more than a red-hot affair. Whilst she heard the words, her heart wasn’t listening, and her punishment for falling in love was to be sent away. Two years later, and Ramon still can’t escape the memories of the woman he banished. But when he finds Lauren again she’s independent, strong, and harbouring a shocking secret...

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