Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Innocent Virgin, Wild Surrender - Anne Mather

I must say, this was my first time reading a romance by Anne Mather.  Innocent Virgin,Wild Surrender was no "innocent" romance.  The beginning reason Rachel Claiborne was sent to an island off of Jamaica was interesting.  Her father wanted her to fly to the island of St. Antoine to bring her mother back to England.  Her mother had wanted her father to retire and he didn't and now he wanted he wife back home.  Personally I thought what kind of a back bone did this man have?  Sending his daughter, for a couple of weeks to find her mother?  What would that accomplish because she and her mother didn't have a good relationship.  Plus that fact when she finally found her mother there was nothing but nasty words exchanged and scenes in the Brody home and at the hotel.

Thirty year old and a virgin, she worked at the local newspaper in her town selling advertising.  I wondered how she would deal with her missing mother.  Especially when the very handsome and rich Matt Brody made his entrance and meeting by accident.  It was obvious they were attracted to each other.  They spent some time together but she wondered how this man and her mother were connected.  And then there was the fact of Matt's father Jacob and the evening she spent at their plantation and her mother "exploded in" making a scene. That wasn't the only scene she made, there was also one at Rachel's hotel.  Taking also into the factor, their night of passionate love making even though there were questions not addressed by the Brody family concerning her mother.

A lot of things happened on this tropical island.  Sexual tension between Rachel and Matt but there were two things in this romance that bothered me.  First of all she suspected her mother might be having a relationship with Matt or there was a secret.  At the end, her mother allowed something to be "assumed" that was horrific.  I thought  her mother and even her father who had kept secrets from her, should be shot.  Add to the mix a honeymoon couple where the groom made a pass at her.......interesting.

While the writing was descriptive the two plots involving her parents and the Brody family were disturbing., I tried to make sense of this love story.  It was just some things that were lightly suggested between Matt and Rachel which suggested a taboo that bothered me.

While they got their happy ending there were certain elements that disturbed me from the family secrets to her mother's behaviour.  Maybe that was what the author intended, I'm not sure.  Will I read another Anne Mather book, of course because I'm a Mills and Boon and Presents author fan.  We all have differences of opinion and there was this "one secret" and unsettled me.

Book Description:

Seduction and sins...

Rachel Claiborne is a blonde beauty - but, tired of being judged on her appearance, she's never let a man close. For the moment she's focused on finding her mother, who abandoned her family for the sultry paradise island of St Antoine.

But soon St Antoine works its dark magic on Rachel too, in the shape of irresistible Matt Brody. For the first time ever she wants to give herself to a man. But Rachel can only look, not let herself be touched...because Matt clearly knows something about her missing mother... --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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