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SHOCK: ONE-NIGHT HEIR - Melanie Milburne (The Sabbatini Brothers) One Last Night (USA)

THE SABBATINI BROTHERS Three powerful playboys from the richest dynasty in Europe! Ruthless, irresistible…impossible to tame?

Shock:  One Night Heir - was a sexy and turbulent love story by Melanie Milburne.  It's part of her Sabbatini Brothers series and it's Girogio and Maya's love story.

What a predicament......Maya is soon to divorce her husband, had break-up sex at his brother Luca's wedding and now she found out after all of this time, she was finally expecting his baby and heir.  The entire family had been praying this would happen.  No more temperatures or ovulation charts, injections.  She had felt in her marriage that she had wasted five years of his life by not giving him a baby.  He was moving on and he was seeing a lingerie model.  She would tell him later when it was safe to do so.

I could just imagine how hard it was from this couple.  When she met Giorgio years ago, it was like a fairy tale.  He had showered her with diamonds and she believed she would one day get the happy ending.  He needed a wife and an heir.  Each of her miscarriages had been hard on her, they were her babies and she had named them all.  However, Girogio didn't want to discuss any of it.  Of course, there were also the family dinners when members mentioned how one of his friends had fathered a child.  How horrible for Maya.   She had been like a business transaction and they had both failed their marriage.

Their marriage was soon to end.  However, Girogio stopped by to invite Maya to his grandfather's 90th birthday party, because he wanted her there.only to find out Maya was leaving for England and hopefully take a teacher's position. And then he dropped the bomb, his grandfather was dying and he wanted her to move back home with him and pretend they had made up.  He was going to stay at her rented villa until his was refurbished.  And then while preparing for bed, he found the pregnancy test and exploded.  He also reflected on everything in his marriage, the death of his father, the death of his infant sister and how at times he felt he had thrust his wife into situations she wasn't prepared for, corporate, family and the press.  With Maya being pregnant and would she carry the baby to term?  It was also a time for reflection for Giorgio, the past pregnancies and how he reacted.

With the new found information Maya was pregnant, their marriage took on a new dimension.  Maya had only wanted her husband to love her and he had wanted to protect her.  I don't believe love was in his vocabulary.  After he had found his baby sister dead in her bed, witnessed his father have an affair, his mother's despair, and his father's death it had made him to be strong for his family.  They had a second chance at happiness and a baby and I wondered could this couple make it work?  Because for Girogio, emotion frightened him, when you loved it was taken away from you.

Their road was a rocky one but in the end they seemed to share their feelings more, Girogio seemed to mellow more and even though he hadn't loved her when he married her, in the end he realized he did.  Their dream of having a child, a son came true, Marco...."their gift from God".

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Sabbatini men play for keeps – losing is not in their vocabulary…

When Maya met Giorgio Sabbatini, he rescued the penniless waif and stray despite her inferior breeding. So her decision to divorce him now is made with a heavy heart. Giorgio belongs to a notorious blue-blooded family, and their duty to maintain its lineage is unquestionable. Unable to give him the heir he craves, Maya knows she has to walk away.

But the ink on their divorce papers isn’t given the chance to dry: after one last, reckless night of passion there’s a very shocking announcement…

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