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A Bride for Kolovsky - Carol Marinelli

The Kolovsky's were certainly a dysfunctional family, due to their parents.  Russian, selfish and wanting their freedom, they left one son behind (Zakahr Belenki), actually left him in a orphanage and took another son conceived by another woman with them plus hid jewels  and fled to the USA.  Now it was payback and revenge for the son they left behind and caused such misery in his life.  His plan was to destroy the House of Kolovsky!

It was his dream since he had been a child to destroy everything they symbolized his mother and father and he didn't care what happened to his mother and siblings.  He certainly didn't owe them anything.  However, to see his plan through, he needed a personal assistant and the person available was Lavinia who knew all of the family dynamics but had also suffered a horrible weekend because her half sister Rachel had been put in a foster home.  She was exhausted and fell asleep at her desk.  He was beyond annoyed  but with all of the announcements he was going to make, he needed someone.  I knew from a previous book I was going to enjoy her story, she had spunk and her character was dimensional and in the end, she would compliment Zakahr and possibly help him to heal his wounds.

Lavinia's past was also "troubled".  At sixteen she had been hauled out of school by her mother and had become the breadwinner.  She had been bright enough to know her mother didn't need to know the amount of her tips.  For years she had hidden away cash in her bedroom.  At eighteen she had opened a bank account and started studying part time.  At twenty two she had started working at the House of Kolovsky and had used her saved money to purchase a small home.  Like Zakahr, she overcame so much but couldn't understand his hatred for his mother and his need to destroy the business she loved.  When would he reveal his plans and how would it all come down?  On top of that, how could she save her sister, the sister she adored and wanted to take in and mother?

Immediately I could tell this couple's story was going to be so full of emotion and tension.  Would they be a good fit for each other?  Would their passion get the better of them?  Zakahr gave her excellent advise about her sister and she tried to heal him due to his family and business issues.  He wanted Lavinia the woman not her personal problems.  He honestly couldn't understand her need to hold him off.  The tension was mounting between them and his employees because they were now  concerned he was going to destroy the business.  Plus the fact that his mother was insisting on seeing him even though it threatened her mental stability.

He took her away with him for a business trip on a clients yacht and she confessed if they slept together, he would be her first.  It was hard for him to believe, but in the end he believed her.  However, with everything on the line, taking the relationship further, closing up the business, her loosing her job and possibly jeopardizing getting her sister how would each of them survive a personal relationship?  What a mess and I wondered if they would take their relationship to the next level and how it would affect their working relationship?  Because it was obvious he fascinated her.  His smile could make her stomach turn she adored his dark humour.  She saw  his softer side and found him sexy.  Their first time together was beautiful and lovely to read.  He said things to her he had never said to another woman because he was her first.

When would the House of Kolovsky come tumbling down and how would it all end for Lavinia and Zakahr?  Inside of me while reading the ending chapters I could feel the tension of the people who would be affected especially this couple.  He offered her to move in with him, to pay her a ridiculous amount of money for being terminated.  She was furious he could be so cold, so cruel.  Especially to their hosts, the King and his family and the King's daughter who was soon to be married.  She dressed for their parting breakfast and put on a false smile on her face and he felt cold.  Would they both loose a chance at happiness and would he loose his family?

In Carol Marinelli style, the tension, passion, and heartache at times was  too much.  Sometimes I had to set the book down, calm myself and then pick it back up.  The ending was dramatic, demanding and at times devastating but wonderful. .  In the end as she was desperate to save her sister, Lavinia begged him to pay her the money he had offered her but soon she realized her mistake and she stood up to him.  All I could say was bravo to her and "wake up" to Zakahr.  A Bride for Kolovsky was the perfect ending to this mini series and an incredible love story.

Back of the Book

Zakahr Belenki has clawed his way out of Russia's gutters to seek revenge on the family that abandoned him. He'll destroy their pride and joy: their fashion empire, the House of Kolovsky.

All that stands in his way is his new secretary, Lavinia. Her flirtatiousness, refreshing honesty and passion for her job make Zakahr's conscience—and desire—waver…momentarily.

It's not long before the dark knight is crossing the checkered board, ready to take innocent pawn Lavinia….

I highly suggest you read the other books about this family.

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