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Claiming His Royal Heir (Billionaires and Babies) Jennifer Lewis

Stella Greco worked hard restoring books and she adored her baby son who was the result from a sperm bank.  Years ago she had made the decision to kick her boyfriend to the curb because he couldn't commit.  However, having a child was important to her and she knew her privacy would be kept confidential. Wrong!  To her surprise an unannounced handsome man appeared on her door step claiming his sperm had been used resulting in the conception their child.  His name was Vasco de la Cruz Arelano y Montoya, the future King of Montmajor and he wanted her to pack up everything and move with him to his country.  He had the upper hand because he had just learned that due to budget cuts, Stella had recently lost her job so she was free to move and let him get to know his son.  What a mess.

Stella at first was wary but later as she got to know Vasco and watched him around their son, she believed him to be a good man.  He was attentive to both of them and the bonus was he offered her a job at the palace restoring century old "palace history", history of his country and family.  He had lost his brother and parents in a car crash when his brother had been driving.  Plus, back then the laws of his country stated while his father was King, he had to leave the country.  There could be no interference in ruling; the King would make all decisions. Hence he moved to the United States and donated sperm to gain extra money to support himself.  Stella was the only recipient and he had the others destroyed.

I loved the history of Vasco's country, the lovely countryside, castle and his three doting Aunts who doted over their son.  They were together for meals, they played with their son Nicky and their friendship changed from friends to lusting for each other.  Instead of being intimate in his or her room, they went to a spectacular room in the castle which he called "their room".  In the middle of the night he left and returned back to his own personal space.  However, as time went on and a sitter was secured for Nicky, castle employees knew the score and how their relationship had changed.  As the days went on, Stella was concerned where their relationship was going and where she fit into everything.  Plus others were also speculating.

Nicky adored his father and she knew in her heart she couldn't take him away from Vasco.  But she also knew she couldn't go on has they had in "their room" and she also knew he didn't love her nor would he ask her to marry him.  She made a decision, she wouldn't take Nicky back to the States.  However, she found a villa which was vacant with a caretaker and housekeeper.  She would also be responsible for restoring the owners old books.  Some of this decision came about because at a certain ball he was opening flirting with the women attending and it broke her heart.  She felt way to much for Vasco and wanted to know where their future was headed.  When he gave no commitment, she took Nicky and moved to the Villa.  The aunties were devastated but she promised she would daily bring Nicky for visits to the castle.

I wondered when Vasco would wake up and realize what he had in front of him.  An adorable son who worshiped him and a sweet, lovely beautiful woman who realized she loved him.  It was Stella's philosophy if a man wanted to marry a woman, he came out and asked her.  If he didn't, then the woman moved on, no matter how hard it was to make that break.  All I could also remember while reading this book, on a couple of occasions, Vasco shared with his friend, marriage was not on his agenda.  Having Stella as his lover was what he desired.  And so as stated earlier, she did move out.  So it was a wake up call when Vasco returned home to the castle and found them both gone.  Finally he came to terms that he would be lost without her and that he had behaved like a spoiled child.  After thinking long and hard, he realized he loved her and that marriage to her would not be out of duty like his parents, it would be because of the joy she brought to him because he loved her.  You won't want to miss his extremely proposal, it was adorable!

Thanks to Jennifer Lewis, Claiming His Royal Heir had a fairy tale royal ending and after reading the Epilogue, with more to come their way!

Back of the Book

At Montoya's Mercy

Playboy king Vasco Montoya won't be stopped. Learning that a sperm bank deposit he made as an indiscreet youth has been cashed, he vows to claim his royal heir—and the boy's lovely mother. By any means necessary.

Stella Greco is just as determined to protect her little family from this interloper. But when life throws her a curve, she has no choice. She's whisked away to the Montoya kingdom for a fresh start. Even before they arrive, Vasco's fairy-tale seduction begins…but happily-ever-after is never as simple as a kiss, even when it's scorching…

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