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The Matchmaker Bride (US) - Mr. and Mischief (UK) - Kate Hewitt

I'm such a a fan of reunion and office romances, especially those with happy endings. Kate Hewitt writes stunning love stories. Mr. and Mischief was no exception.   Emily Wood at one time was the neighbor of the handsome Jason Kingsley. In fact at  her sister's wedding while dancing with him,  she asked him to kiss her.  Embarrassed when it didn't happen she fled. From then on she tried to avoid him. Now years later she's in London working for him at Kingsley Engineering.

Jason Kingsley was the ladies man and was desired by every eligible single woman in London.  He was the CEO of Kingsley Engineering.  He travelled for most of the year so Emily rarely saw him.  In the past five years since she joined the firm she had seen very little of him, which was fine with her because he made her nervous and secretly a little uncomfortable.  Now he was back on "personal" business and that made her wonder.  In her younger days, she, her sister Isobel and his younger brother Jack had always got into scraps and Jason being the sensible one always had to bail him out.  Now Jack and Isobel were happily married.

It had been seven years since Jason and Emily had danced at his brother Jack and her sister Isobel's wedding and now after being out of the country and showing up at the party she had planned for the office he was going to tease and humiliate her about it, making her remember her request to be kissed.  In fact, now he was standing so close to her, had even touch her, and was bringing up all those memories and behaving very un-Jason like.  The light bulb when on for me because I wondered if due to their age difference and their families being friends, had Jason always held off because he had admired Emily and actually was attracted to her?  Well it seemed so to me. As I adore office and reunion romances, I couldn't wait to read their story and knew it would be spectacular due to auth Kate Hewitt.

Emily Wood was beautiful, full of life and just plain sparkled.  She loved to socialize with friends and frequented parties and night clubs.  She usually made the social pages of the local newspapers.  She believed in true love but not for herself.  Em sincerely took interest in other peoples lives from the cleaning lady to the firms executives..  Standing so close to her she stirred things in Jason.  Just reading about their encounter after years of not really seeing each other, I just knew there were going to be sparks.  She was known as quite the little matchmaker and had some success at match making until she interfered with a new hire Jason had wanted her to interview for a receptionist.  Helen Smith was a friend of a friend.  Emily felt a certain protectiveness for Helen.  Her "friend" Richard had worked on a project with Jason, therefore the recommendation.  It all turned out not as Emily had hoped and Jason wasn't pleased.

Out of the blue, he asked Emily out to dinner.  They sparred back and forth, Em calling him "stodgy" and asking him not to give her any lectures.  At times they flirted back and forth.  Jason had to remind himself  he was twelve years older and she was a family friend.  They talked about Helen and Richard and Emily made it quite clear she didn't want to get married because she hadn't met anyone worth marrying.  She'd rather stay single than be with someone who asked her to make a "go of it" like Richard had said to Helen.  And I knew her matching making was going to get her into trouble because she liked Helen and wanted her to find that someone special; not someone "boring" like Richard.  Oh, yes, I could just imagine the fireworks and couldn't wait.  Because over dinner they both shared their ideas on love and marriage; Jason's was boring and sensible and Emily's  was loving and romantic.  Let the games begin!

Unfortunately Jason wanted Emily.  He tried to stay away but he couldn't.  Why shouldn't he have her in his bed.  She didn't want love or marriage she had said she only wanted fun.  They could enjoy themselves, get her out of his system and no one would get hurt?  He knew she wanted him, so what was stopping them?  For starters Jason was out of town for weeks and did not contact Emily.  Emily was busy working on a fundraiser with another of the firms exec's which would take place at his penthouse.  For the most part, she was on edge and confused.  In the end, she spent the night making love and was more confused than before.  Jason realized after the kiss she gave him it meant more to her.  She didn't know now to act the next morning and she felt she gave too much of herself away.   As for Jason, he enjoyed her but for him it could only be a fling.  Only a day later, Emily realized she had fallen for Jason, "hard" and that she wanted it be swept off her feel and to be loved just like her father had loved her mother.

Love means so many things to each and everyone of us.  I think that Kate Hewitt touched on most of them during her last chapters.  Jason's telling his mother he loved her and she not telling him back and then dying.  His father, finally speaking out to his son when his dear friend had a stroke and realizing life was short.  He finally told  Jason he loved him.  Not to mention Emily and her explanation to Jason and her sister on how she felt about Jason and love.  But most of all Jason, yes the man who would never reveal himself, finally realized what love meant to him and his relationship with Emily.  Very moving thoughts and you'll probably cry because they were all so real and extremely touching thanks to this author.

Book Description:

Will love conquer...her boss?

Beautiful, clever, rich - and determinedly single - Emily Wood is the youngest ever head of HR at her company. Whether dousing corporate fires or matchmaking lonely colleagues, Emily's at the top of her game. Only her handsome, sardonic boss Jason Kingsley appears to remain immune to her charm...

Jason is used to women falling at his feet,but relationships, with all their illogical demands, are not for him. So why does he find Emily so attractive? She's a highly unsuitable target for his seduction and merger skills - what with her misguided belief in the power of love...The Powerful and the Pure When Beauty tames the brooding Beast...

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