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Restless Billionaire (Bad Blood - UK) - The Stolen Bride (USA The Wolfes) - Abby Green

Sebastian Wolfe was a ruthless business man and kept to himself.  He was alert, cool and very controlled.  Soon that control would slip due to a sexy Bollywood actress by the name of Aneesa Adani.

A beautiful young woman who was running out on her wedding day because she had found out her grooms dirty little secret.  He was a famous Indian actor and when Aneesa walked in on him and his male lover, she was not only shocked, she was sick.  The reason she was sick was that he threatened to ruin her career if she didn't go through with the wedding.  As she walked toward her groom, her eyes connected with a handsome stranger, Sebastian Wolfe, the owner of the hotel.  Something definitely passed between them.

It was all too much for Aneesa.  She fled her wedding guests and family.   She ran up the service stairs;  took an elevator to to an unknown destination.  It was Sebastian's penthouse suite.  He was stunned when she walked into his living quarters.  From that moment on a "spell" was cast upon this couple and their amazing journey began.  It was one "hot" and sensual journey, one you definitely won't want to miss.  This tortured hero was sensitive to this lovely woman's needs and gave her the wedding night of her dreams.  However, he gave her something more as well.

In Sarah Morgan's Tortured Rake we met Sebastian's brother Nathaniel.  We also learned of all of the Wolfe's tortured childhood.  It was Sebastian who helped Nathaniel and Katie escape to his private island.  In this particular book it's obvious that this amazing hero holds back his emotions and that he's also the one his mother due to her mental condition doesn't recognize.  Due to his troubled childhood it's made Sebastian the man he was today.  He knew he couldn't give Aneesa what she wanted and so they parted.  As a bonus for Aneesa,  her Indian fans forgave her for not marrying.  When she saw Sebastian's picture in a Mumbai newspaper, she found out exactly who he was.....one of the famous Wolfe's from England.  Finding out she was expecting his baby, she knew she had to travel to the UK and tell him.

He couldn't erase her from his mind.  She was the only woman who had managed to somehow sneak under his guard to a place no one had ever reached.  Ever!  Not even his own family.  She went to London, as it turned out and told him she was expecting his baby.  He didn't believe it was his.  Talk about stressful.  However, after apologizing for his remarks, Sebastian offered for Aneesa to stay with him.  So many emotions for them both to face.  She didn't want to upset her family back in India anymore than necessary.  Due to her running out on her wedding it had cost her parents financially plus embarrassment.  Now she was going to be a single mother, she was living with Sebastian and didn't expect anything from him.  Plus the fact just having her there was driving him crazy.  Could they resist each other?  The answer, a definite NO!

Just when I thought things couldn't get anymore complicated.  Alone she went to her doctor, she also decided to visit an Indian part of town where things became dangerous because the Indian fans realized she was the famous Bollywood actress.  When Sebastian found out, he rescued her.  Also add to the stress his brother's wedding, facing his family, especially when his oldest sibling, Jacob appeared on the scene.  The very same brother who had been responsible for killing their father and had left his family alone and behind.  The very  same brother who invited Aneesa to his brother's wedding.  She, as it turned out, was a thorn in Sebastian's side.  As much as he tried to push her away, she pulled him in again.  Actually she got too close to his family secrets and family fears so when she said she to return to India to be with her family when she had their baby, he was relieved.  So he took her home and stayed with her family.

The ending chapters were an emotional roller coaster so full of emotions for both of them as only Abby Green can pen.  Staying with her family, seeing their interaction, I cried for Sebastian because he had never felt such love during his childhood.  How would he react?  Did Aneesa and Sebastian get their happy ending?  Of course they did because I believed from the first moment they set eyes on each other and kissed, their fate was sealed.  Talk about chemistry and passion, Restless Billionaire /The Stolen Bride certainly delivers a powerful punch to one's heart, thanks to the fabulous Abby Green.

Abby talks about her marvelous book here

Book Description:


Ruthless in business, Sebastian is at the top of his game professionally. Emotionally he keeps himself alone, aloof and almost untouchable.

Escaping her wedding, it takes one look at ice-cool Sebastian for Bollywood star Aneesa Adani to be hooked! Letting Aneesa in could ignite the fire that melts even the hardest of hearts…

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