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Secret Son, Convenient Wife (Billionaires and Babies) - Maxine Sullivan

Maxine Sullivan's contribution to the Billionaire Babies series with Secret Son, Convenient wife was full of passion, secrets and what Tate Chandler had assumed was betrayal by Gemma Watkins, his former lover.  He was a proud man and when he thought she had betrayed him with his best friend, he was furious and through her out!  He had believed his best friend Drake when he told Tate she had been coming on to him and he found them kissing.

Now two years later, they meet by chance.  Tate is attending the grand opening of a children's hospital wing, donated by his family.  Gemma is there because her infant son Nathaniel, has serious ear problems and needed tubes surgically inserted in his ears.   By chance a nurse appeared, mentioning her baby.  Tate being the bold and ruthless business man, pushed past her, determined to see her son and knew immediately he was the little boys father.  Talk about a shock, especially when he learned his son's name was the same name as his grandfather's.

So much had changed for Gemma when she found out she was pregnant.  Her parents cut her out of their lives.  She left the firm where she had worked and moved into a modest apartment and a new job.  Now due to a photographer stationed outside the hospital, she and her baby were being whisked away and taken to Tate's estate.  God he still wanted her but he still remembered how much of a fool he had been and he was determined to be one step ahead of her this time.  Once her charm had duped him but he wouldn't let it happen again!  He had a solution.   He would marry her so his son could have both parents.  Then everything blew up when the press got word of his son, his father was furious to find out by the press calling him which could put his family in jeopardy.  If his family didn't receivean important humanitarian award it would crush his grandmother.

Ten days later they were married and I sincerely felt sorry for Gemma because I knew Tate was playing a dangerous game with both of their emotions.  I also knew he didn't forgive her and would make her life miserable with words and actions.  But I secretly loved it when he was tortured by their wedding kiss, jerk!  Poor Gemma, she felt like an outsider.  So many emotions on her wedding day.  Speaking with the press, a picture of them kissing on their wedding day was taken and a short interview.  However, it had her wondering if her husband would take a lover?  One thing she knew for sure, Tate Chandler would always love his son and so would his family.  She was envious of his family's love because she didn't have her own parents in her life. 

They were sharing a bond with their son, but they began to share more, laughter, looks, doing things together and desire for each other.  All I could think of was this would become a dangerous game.   Gemma was the one who would probably get hurt.  Just little things, comments from Tate and she definitely knew her husband would never trust her.  Nothing was simple between them, they argued, they kissed they mistrusted each other.  It was painful to read this roller coaster romance.  Especially her so called betrayal kiss with Drake, or his accusations about the teenage boy she befriended.  Then the press took pictures of her old place making it look like she was a gold digger, her parents who had kicked her out, suddenly appeared on their door step and I all I could think of could it get anymore emotional?  Yup, the "snake" Drake called her at their residence and she wondered if he was the one responsible for the Internet pictures of her apartment? Then a TV interview with her parents, telling lies about their daughter was aired.  How much emotion could this marriage stand?

The extremely talented Maxine had me sitting on the edge of my seat because I couldn't understand how this couple would get their happy ending.  She tied the story together, beautifully.  Tate needed to understand his childhood feelings concerning his mother in order to understand and believe his wife.  He also needed  learn it was his best friend who had betrayed and get on his knees before his wife! But there was more, his family forgiving each other and their acceptance of Gemma.  Plus the fact of under covering Drake's plot and his part in making Tate believe Gemma had betrayed. him; it was brilliant I must say!  As the author had Gemma say to her husband, the man she loved....."our pasts have made us the people we are.  We've earned our right to happiness.  I don't ever want to forget that".  I say amen, to that!

Book Description:

Tate Chandler had never wanted a woman as much as he'd wanted Gemma Watkins—until the day she'd betrayed him. Yet when he learned they had a son, he demanded Gemma marry him, or he'd fight for custody. Tate was a man of honor—he'd create a family for his heir, even if it meant marrying a woman he couldn't trust.

Their marriage was about duty, nothing more. But Gemma's beauty tempted him to make her his wife in every way. Could he lure her back into his bed without letting her back into his heart?

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