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The Billionaire's Bedside Manner - Robyn Grady

Bailey Ross and Mateo Celeca met in a most unusual way.  Bailey had been backpacking and then eventually settled in Italy until she realized she needed to leave in a hurry.  Somehow, after working for an Italian family as a waitress in their Italian restaurant, she found herself in a predicament and realized she needed to flee Italy and return home to Australia.  A warm and wonderful woman, Momma Celeca helped Bailey escape by loaning her some money.  Now Bailey was on the door step of her wealthy and handsome grandson, Dr. Mateo Celeca and let's just say he was very sceptical of Bailey.  When he realized Bailey had nowhere to stay, he offered her his estate but he watched her like a hawk and that was putting it mildly.
Mateo Celeca was a wealthy obstetrician and one with a "huge" past.  One he only shared with close friends.  He was getting ready to leave on vacation but throughout the course of a few days, those plans changed due to his house guest Bailey.  They had reached an agreement that he would loan her the money, she would get a job and he would pay back Momma.  However, every year, Mateo would go to France, to the very orphanage where he grew up.  As a child, his caretakers did all they could for him.  He had always hoped his father would return for him but that never happened.  One day a man came looking for his own son, which he never found.  In the end, he adopted Mateo, giving him a warm home along with his mother, Momma Celeca.  It was time for him to return to see all of the new renovations that had occurred with the money he donated each year so he asked Bailey to come along.
Paris, the City of Love and I secretly wondered if it would be magical for this couple?  Their attraction was so strong.  Mateo knew Bailey had secrets because she held everything back.  She did confide some little things about her mother and the charm bracelet she wore.  As much as their relationship had changed to a physical one, Mateo still didn't fully trust Bailey.    All she knew is that she wanted to help him accomplish his goals while they were in France.  She also knew that their relationship couldn't last but while she was here she was going to enjoy every minute.  When she returned back to Australia she would continue to work hard at the job his best friend's wife got for her, cleaning and repay her loan.  Also, if possible, she would also look up her father, who had emotionally distanced himself from her after her mother died.
This couple were both tormented by their pasts, Bailey suffered so much when her mother died, she didn't finish school, she was a disappointment to her father and he reminded her of that, constantly.  Plus her dad emotionally distanced himself  Mateo, of course always hoping someone would take him home and adopt him, watching his best friend leave with his new family, no hope insight until the day a stranger told him he wanted him for his own son.  Bailey's and Mateo's time at the orphanage will warm you heart as will the children they encounter, especially one little boy and girl.  All I could hope was that this couple will fall in love, return to Mateo's country home in France and give these children a home.
Upon their return home a horrible misunderstanding took place based on circumstancial evidence.   However, that's not the only thing that happens.  Bailey's visit to see her father goes sour as well.  All I could think of was Mateo "wake up", see what's right before your eyes and reach out and take all of the happiness you both so deserve.  Their love story was sweet and really many happy endings for them all, including Bailey reuniting with her father.  You won't want to miss the ending chapters in The Billionaire's Bedside Manner because they were heartwarming and beautiful to read.
Book Description:

An unexpected visitor was not something billionaire Mateo Celeca wanted to deal with on his vacation. Especially one as beautiful and mysterious as Bailey Ross. She claimed his grandmother had sent her, so he offered her a place to stay. But there was no way he was leaving his "guest" alone at his mansion. If Bailey needed a refuge, she'd come with him…to Paris.

Being with Mateo soon made Bailey forget all the reasons she'd vowed to avoid romantic entanglements. But falling into bed with him could lead her dangerously close to revealing all her secrets…and falling in love.

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