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Cowboy Up - Vicki Lewis Thompson (Sons of Chance)

In earlier books in the Sons of Chance series, one learned that cowhand Clay Whitaker was a foster kid and he came to Last Chance Ranch,  He considered the ranch and cowhands his friends and home.  He also had love and respect for his boss Emmett Sterling the ranch foreman.  He considered Emmett like a father and the Chance's his family.  When he was also encourage by Emmett to attend college, he had majored in Animal Science.  He worked his way through school and was now in charge of the stud program at Last Chance using a new procedure of collecting horse semen and shipping it all over the world, for other rancher's breeding programs.

Now who should show up after all of these years was Emmett's spoiled and very sexy daughter Emily.  Most of the ranch hands had little respect for Emmett's daughter.  However, her father was thrilled to death that she was paying him a visit.  The cowhands all believed that for years, after his wife left the ranch and divorced him, he had monthly sent Emily money, leaving him very little to live on. So now after few and far between visits she showed
up looking like some sort of California "Barbie" in her short shorts; looking very sexy!

Could Clay survive her flirtations, could he take a chance to be with her and ruin his relationship with
Emmett and the Chances?  All I can say is it was a whirl wind romance, with some hot, sexy lovemaking
everywhere they could find the time or place on the ranch.  She tempted him every step of the way.  He was determined not to betray the man he loved and respected so much, Emmett the man who had encouraged him to be the man he was today. However, when they shared a kiss, it was like dynamite went off.  However, they knew their attraction for each other couldn't go any further because it would hurt her father.

So who was Emily Sterling?  Not the spoiled brat everyone thought she was, that was for sure.  Sure she took the checks but she didn't spend them, she invested and was quite successful at it.  However, she wasn't ready to tell her father that; so only shared the facts with Clay.  Life at Last Chance Ranch as we learned in the other books in the series was amazing.  Their mother Sarah, their cook, the Chance brother's and their wives and the ranch hands were all an incredible family.  They took their lunch meal all together and it just seemed so warm and wonderful, I could just picture it all.  Everyone was planning a surprise birthday party for Emmett, including his girlfriend Pam who owned a local bed and breakfast.  Everyone was pitching in, planning a huge party, with music, presents, a barbecue with all sorts of the trimmings.

Emily settled into the ranch assisting with the party planning, secretly made love to Clay and even did some horse training with her father.  She loved the ranch, the people and watching Clay and his horse breeding program.  There was a lot of "sneaking" around at the Last Chance Ranch.  Planning of Emmett';s surprise birthday party and Clay taking advantage of bedding Emily every chance they got and I wondered when would they all get caught?  Emily thought about her mother walking away from her father because she hated ranch life.  Since she had been a child, her mother had brainwashed her.  Now, she found she loved it at the ranch, and that "ranching" was in her blood.  She wanted to move here and learn everything she could.about horse training.  However,   Chance thought she was looking at things through "rose colored glasses" and that she might be making a mistake, especially during the Winter months, when there was snow and blizzards.

The last two chapters were unbelievable tying everything together with one exception, Sarah Chance.  She seemed to not only have a ton of respect from the ranch hands, her sons, their wives and her friends, she had power.  In the end, she had the power to make Clay and Emily's dreams come true and I suppose Emmett's as we learned Emily was determined to stay.  Cowboy Up was a beautifully crafted romance with a beautiful ending. Thanks to the very clever and extremely capable Vicki Lewis Thompson for providing this fan with this wonderful series, one I will remember for a long time.

Back of the Book

"Never fall in love with a cowboy." These words were drilled into Emily Sterling's head since her parents divorced over twenty years ago. But now Emily has returned to her father's ranch…only to find herself face-to-face with jaw-droppingly hot rancher Clay Whitaker.

Clay is the resident stud expert at the Last Chance Ranch and isn't so keen on "spoiled" city slickers…until Emily arrives. Now he's showing Emily just what a ranch—and a cowboy—has to offer. And luckily for him, it's an offer Emily can't refuse…

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