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One Night, Two Heirs - Maureen Child (Texas Cattleman's Club: The Showdown)

"Texas Cattleman's Club:  The Showdown
They are rich and powerful, hot and wild.  For these Texans, it's showdown time!"

Can you imagine dedicating your life to serving your country in the military?  Well that's what Marine First Sergeant Rick Pruitt had done and he was now back in Texas on leave.  Plus the fact that he had thirty days leave to decide what to do with the rest of his life!  He had loved serving his country and was proud to wear the uniform of a United States Marine.  However, Rick realized something on his first days home, he had missed a lot and he hadn't been home when either of his parents had died.  He also remembered something else, a night spent with a beautiful woman in his arms, just before he left.  Memories of  Sadie Price had gotten him through some very tough times over the past year.

I loved a romance which starts out with an "explosive secret" and Maureen Child didn't let me down.  Talk about a secret, one that Sadie Price had carried for a few years......twin daughters.  Oh yes you guessed it, her one night making the most spectacular love with Rick Pruitt, he was the father.  Only a few people knew, her father and brother and Rick's mother and ranch manager.  Oh, how I couldn't wait until he saw her again and how would this honorable man react?  You guess it......explosive.

I wondered how Sadie and Rick would reconnect.  She had been at a meeting at the Texas Cattleman's Club and fuming mad and stormed right out the door and into Rick's chest.  Shocked didn't even describe Sadie's reaction to seeing him back home in Royal, Texas.  For Rick, Sadie had been his dream girl and untouchable.  She was popular, beautiful and wealthy.  He'd joined the Marine Corps and Sadie had married a wealthy guy thanks to her family.  The marriage had ended badly.  After her divorce, he had just been on leave and getting ready to return to duty.  By chance they ran into each other, shared dinner and drinks and a night of making beautiful and passionate love.  Then he shipped out.

How would she tell him?   Definitely not through idle "chit chat" and the phrase erupted......"Oh, God Rick, we really do need to talk".  How does one tell a man he's a father of darling twin baby girls?  All I could think of is this is going to be good.  All Sadie knew while riding back to her father's home was her day wouldn't end well, she was sure of it.  However, she also knew she owed him the truth, he deserved it.  Hearing him tell her on the drive home that the night they spent together he hadn't been able to forget and it had stayed with him, didn't help the situation.  And then it seemed to me that everything started spiralling out of control when they reached her family home.  First the housekeeper telling her "they're sleeping like angels", to Sadie telling Rick to come with her, that she had something for him to see.  Can you imagine how a proud Texan would be confused and demand some answers?  Well it got them with two adorable little twin daughters and what a surprise......he didn't like surprises.  Shock, then anger but he wasn't going to show any emotions in front of his children, their children.

Now being home, reconnecting with the residents of Royal, meeting his daughters, seeing Sadie again, Rick realized he couldn't go back into the military.  He wanted to get married, Sadie didn't.  He knew he had responsibilities to his daughters.  His girls, his family needed him and as far as Sadie was concerned, his feelings went deep for her.  Being home, staying at the ranch also made him realize a lot of things, things he had missed and of course he missed his parents. He certainly had a lot to think about.  Royal held a special place in his heart.  I enjoyed reading about all of Royal's residents, from Sadie's stern brother, to her women friends, especially Abby.  I could see how future books it this series were brilliantly being set up by the very talented Maureen Child.

When Rick Pruitt saw something he wanted, he went after it and that was Sadie.  She was stubborn, a warm and wonderful mother, and loyal to her friends.  I so wanted to see them come to terms with their relationship, their respect for each other and to become a family.  It was so heartwarming reading about Rick and how he assumed his responsibilities as the twins "daddy".  As for Sadie holding out for marriage......well she wanted to be wanted for herself, not out of duty.  Would this Marine figure that out?  Well he figured one thing out, he wasn't going to re-enlist.  He like it in Royal.   He had a chance there and he was going to take it.

The final Chapters of One Night, Two Heirs was marvelous reading.  Sadie and the girls had become essential to him over the weeks he'd been home.  He wanted marriage, for all of them to be together and live on the ranch but Sadie continued to hold out and the women from the town of Royal, were on Sadie's side.  Because there had to be more to marriage than duty, there had to be love and I wondered when the "light bulb" would go on for Rick?  In the end, it had always been there, the love he felt for Sadie, it was very sweet and pure.  As for the ending chapters, very "romantic" to read, plus setting up for the next books in the series.  The town of Royal, Texas it think will have a few more surprises coming their way and I for one, can't wait. 

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Book Description:

Duty is his world. And upon seeing Sadie Price with twin girls, marine Rick Pruitt realizes he has some proposing to do. He never would have left Royal, Texas, if he'd known Sadie was carrying his babies.

Yet the feisty single mom has no intention of agreeing to a loveless marriage. True, she and Rick share a bond, as well as undeniable passion. But Sadie believes vows should last a lifetime, not be declared out of obligation. Making it Rick's new mission to change her mind….

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