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The Privileged an the Damned - Kimberly Lang

Everyone loves a Cinderella story and this certainly is one but it's also about second chances.  Kimberly Lang has written a spectacular romance with The Privileged and The Damned.  It's about an elite family, the Marshall's who are heavily involved in politics.  It's also about family, a family with secrets.  A father that deserted his son's and left their parents to raise them at the family estate, Hill Chase..

Ethan Marshall is one handsome and successful businessman.  He's visiting the "Grands" who raised he and his brother Brady and Finn when their mother died.  Like his grandfather, he father is running for Senator, the father who left his parents to raise his sons.  The father who disappointed his son's and I'm sure their Grands.  Now Ethan has returned to Hill Chase and all I can say is he meets Lily Black, a lovely young woman who works in the stables in a most unusual way (blush, blush), swimming in a pond, naked.

Lily Black has secrets, secrets she dearly paid for during her youth.  She has learned and grown because of it and has left her friends and horrible father behind back in Mississippi to begin a new life in Virginia at Hill Chase.  She works in the stables and lives above them in an apartment.  She loves Hill Chase, her boss Ray, the town and has a huge crush on Ethan Marshall.  However, Ethan asks too many questions, questions she doesn't want to answer.  Like his father, Ethan has a temper and when asked to go to a fundraiser to support his father's candidacy he refuses until his brother Brady and the Grands convince him to attend.  However, not before he asks Lily to be his date.  Of course, due to their wealth, his father and Brady are not too happy because of her status as a stable girl.  As his grandfather pointed out, "the Marshall family rises and falls together" and it was up to them all to help his father win the Senate seat".

Their friendship turns into a physical relationship with Lily still keeping quiet about her past.  Besides the fundrfaiser, Lily attends Ethan's brother's birthday party at a posh club.  Knowing her past, the Marshall's popularity, I wondered if the tabloids would pick up on them dating and would her father find her, because from an old friend, Lily was told her Dad was angry and looking for her.  Her father, a mean man and ex-con.  However, Senator Marshall had Lily investigated and threw the report in his son's face.  For Ethan, everything was in "black and white" and he exploded and then some.  Add to the mix danger, in the form of her blackmailing father and a break-up which sent Lily "packing".

I loved the Marshall brother's, the way author Kimberly Lang introduced her readers to the entire family and I could so visualize Hill Chase.  However, would Ethan wise up and see the truth about Lily before it was too late?    As his brother Finn pointed out to him, he could only see black and white and not the gray.  Could he forgive her the past and have a future with her?  You will love Lily, her determination to make a better life for herself, her strength and desire to leave her horrible past behind.  As Ethan pointed out to her when he finally calmed down and went after her, "you don't have to live it lived through it and came out great on the other side."    The Privileged and the Damned is part of the Dirty, Filthy Money series and a beautifully crafted romance, one you will definitely enjoy!

Kimberly Lang Talks about family dynasties and The Privileged And The Damned
at I(Heart)Presents

Back of the Book

Introducing The Marshalls… A rich, powerful family: if the U.S. had a royal family, this would be it!

Running scared, Lily needs a fresh start—and, fingers crossed, she's found one. After all, why would any of her new employers, members of the hot-shot Marshall dynasty, even think to look beyond her humble facade?

Until she catches the roving eye of infamous heart breaker Ethan Marshall…

A fling with one of the Marshall's is a bad idea—especially for a girl with a scandalous past. But Lily is terrifyingly susceptible to Ethan's lethal brand of high-class charm…

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