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Reckless Night in Rio - Jennie Lucas

Ruthless billionaire Gabriel Santos always knew he could count on his personal assistant Laura Parker.  He more than needed her to seal the deal on a business deal that would finally put some closure on his life.  After his parents and brother died in a car crash, he had made some poor decisions he regretted; he'd sold his father's business.  Now he had the chance to purchase it back.  However, the owner of the company was engaged to a woman he had once bedded.  He had to prove to  Felipe Oliveria who now owned Acoazul  that he was settling down and of no a threat to the man's future happiness.  Thus, it would be safe for him to "play" at being engaged and soon to be married.  That way Oliveria would sell the company back to him.

Beginning with her younger sister's wedding in her hometown located in New Hampshire, Jane was celebrating with family and friends when who should arrive on her door step but her ex-boss Gabriel Santos, the very man she had loved and had once devoted her life to.  The very same man who had broken her heart.H was also the father of her baby son Robby.  What was she going to say or do and how could she keep from him he was the father of her child?  Talk about tense and then he said three words, "I need you"  and I wondered  would she resist?   However, it was not what you think; it was for his own personal gains.  When he offered her one millionaire dollars to pose as his fiance she couldn't turn it down.  Because with her father dying, things needed to be done to the family farmhouse.  With that much money she could also help to send her siblings to college, so how could she refuse?

At least he didn't suspect he was Robby's father. The baby unsettled him. He was mad at Jane because she had left his bed, resigned and walked away. How could she so quickly go to another man's bed, he thought. Smiling, I couldn't wait to see how he would react to hearing the news concerning him being the father. However, do to loosing his parents and brother, his outlook on life, I knew it wouldn't be good. He also couldn't help remembering the only time he took her on his desk, how he didn't care and then she had the nerve to quit her job the next day and move back home? So now, he felt he owned her, she needed to show confidence in herself and needed to give the performance of her life for the next 24 hours.

Laura had bigger problems than coming back to work for him. She wanted to keep their child a secret from him because she feared due to his wealth, what if he tried to take Robby away? However, I wondered in this small town, in this farmhouse, would Robby be revealed and would he recognize the child to be his? How would he react? Would he be angry? He was angry because she wouldn't tell him who the father was but he'd do anything to regain his legacy, so he also included taking Robby with them. As he pointed out, the Laura he knew always put other persons needs before her own and her family disparately needed the money.

Not only ruthless, Gabriel was reckless.  Yes he had lost his father's company twenty years earlier and he wanted it back.  He was so close to getting it back and he needed Laura to pretend to love him.  The only way Felipe would believe their engagement to be real would be for Laura to pretend to be his fiance.  He just had to make sure Felipe and his fiance Adriana, Gabriel's ex, believed he loved Laura.  As for Laura, Adriana had always been threatened by her and never understood why Laura lived in his home. On top of that, Adriana had told Gabriel she wanted him back.  Did he honestly think she'd jump at the chance to come back to work for him and fly away to Rio?  Why did it need to look real?  Because Adriana wanted Gabriel back; she had told him so.

I wondered how this could end well?  It couldn't, because she loved him without a doubt.  Yes he lusted after her but at the moment all he needed was to get his legacy back and she was the key.  The baby was a distraction.  The parties they were required to attend, parading her in front of the rich and famous, was she strong enough because of her past position as his PA?  On top of that, the secret she was keeping from him and their mutual sexual attraction?  It was more than a roller coaster mess, it was insane.  Gabriel "craved" Laura like no other woman and was determined to keep her in Rio, at any cost.  There was one love scene I'll never forget due to their shared passion.  I felt the book should have been renamed "One Hot Night in Rio", because it was that "steamy".

A roller coaster romance is all I can say with such a surprising ending because I couldn't see how they would get their happy ending with him being so focused on getting back his father's company.  Also, I wondered would she tell him that Robby was his, that she loved him and how would he react?  Well, there's one thing for sure, have a huge box of tissues ready because you're definitely going to need it while reading Reckless Night in Rio, because it was just that, a highly emotional read  and sensual journey, thanks to the extremely talented Jennie Lucas.

Book Description:

"All you need to do is… pretend to love me."

The task should be easy for Laura Parker— after all, Gabriel Santos is outrageously good-looking, it's for one night only and he is offering her a million dollars.…

There are just three things to consider, however:

1. They've already had one steamy, unforgettable night together in Rio.

2. Laura's been in love with Gabriel ever since.

3. Gabriel's never wanted children, but he's not aware he's the father of Laura's baby

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