Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Sicilian's Passion - Sharon Kendrick

I adored Kate Connors, Sharon Kendrick's heroine in The Sicilian's Passion because she not only had spirit, she had spunk and at times, a loose tongue.  And when she set eyes on Giovanni Calverri at his godmother's estate she was breathless and at that moment is when I sincerely believed she fell in love with this proud and ruthless Sicilian.  At first it didn't seem he liked her, he corrected her and made her feel uncomfortable.  She was at the estate because she was the interior decorator.

Giovanni Calverri I knew would be challenged by Kate but I had no clue how much  because as a Sicilian he would be a man of honor, a proud man.  However, I didn't realize his shocking secret, one that would torment him especially after he made love to Kate.  I was sure of it.  Not all readers of romance will understand Giovanni's betrayal.  However, the way the author revealed it and made him accountable, I personally could forgive him because we all make mistakes in life and Giovanni was no different.

Kate was very close to her sister Lucy who was extremely happy in her own relationship.  She also gave her sister sound advice.  She obviously thought after Kate explained her relationship with Giovanni, Lucy believed Kate to be in love.  However, Kate wasn't so sure.  Poor Giovanni, he struggled with himself.  If you read this exceptional romance, you'll understand why.  It was obvious that what they both shared was not only passion, it was also pure and profound and I knew they were meant for each other, even though their journey would possibly hurt others.

They were both powerless is all I can say.  They couldn't get enough of each other.  Giovanni felt guilt and at times Kate felt used because she couldn't say "no" to him.   Their relationship was crazy, it centered in the bedroom and Kate wanted more.  I wondered if Giovanni "would get it?"  In his own way, he tried and spent a couple of weeks in London but mostly in the bedroom.  However, as a woman myself, I wondered when would she "wise up" and realize she needed more?  Not so much a commitment but giving more of himself to their relationship, learning about each other, all of the important things.  However, in the end, Kate realized it was the end of their relationship.  But for Giovanni was it?  No, because three months later he called the now miserable Kate, asked her to join him in Spain.  Simply, she became his mistress.  They travelled all over, it was very beautiful but their situation was very false.  And Kate knew when she finally left him she wanted him to remember her with a smile on her face.

You'll have no idea how very intense this romance became, so intense I almost wondered if I could read more?  Esspecially when Kate  discovered she was pregnant.  How would she tell him and would he believe her?. So many emotions for them both, especially Giovanni......anger, remorse.  Over dinner she told him, in anger he made love to her and then she miscarried. Guilt  was the emotion Giovanni felt.  So much so, he ended up taking her home to Sicily to recuperate.  Since I had read this love story a few weeks ago, this  morning I reread the ending chapters. Blubbering doesn't even describe my emotions, my heart ached. You'll just have to trust me on this one. Yes there is a happy ending to The Sicilian's Passion and it's one you won't want to miss.  It's how this happiness was found by Kate and Giovanni.  What they had to  realize about their relationship and to get there which made this love story so very special.

Book Description:

An Italian affair to remember…

It was just plain old physical attraction. That didn't mean it was any "big love" or anything, did it? Kate was just mistress to a very passionate Sicilian man, Giovanni Calverri.

And sex was all it was ever supposed to be. Until the day when everything changed. When fate forced them to put their steamy arrangement on hold—and think about what they really had together…

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