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Too Proud to be Bought - Sharon Kendrick

Too Proud to be Bought was just that and such a clever love story.  I adored Sharon Kendrick's heroine, Zara Evans a proud and hardworking young woman.

Zara at a very young age went to live with her Godmother after her parents died.  In later years, Zara nursed her until she died and gave up her education to do so.  She was a loyal daughter and very loyal to her friends.  So much so that when her friend asked her to attend an embassy ball  wearing one of her dress designs, she did so with the understanding that she would give her friends business card to the famous and sexy Russian billionaire, Nikolai Komarov.  Usually at these sort of social events, Zara acted as a waitress, as she worked for her friends mother who owned a catering business.  When she arrived at the ball, she recognized some of her co-workers and was a bundle of nerves.  So much so, that when she realized he was coming after her, she retreated.  However, this alpha Russian was determined, asked her to dance, flirted with her and offered her a ride home in his limo.  That not all he did in that limo!

From across the room Nikolai immediately watched the lovely Zara arrive.    She was lovely and curvy and he wanted to meet her.  Women usually fell at his feet and they always had an  He knew that first hand and had learned the hard way when his mother left him behind in Russia to live with his sister and boyfriend.  His mother never returned and he definitely had issues with women and he was very cynical.   His mother was beautiful and she ended up with a rich man as his mistress.   All I can say is their meeting was tense, Zara kept him at arms length and in the end retreated and returned to her home.  Nikolai was so intrigued he found out who she really was, went to her employer and hired her for one of his personal events.  Shocked didn't even describe the feelings Zara felt when she looked up and saw him again.  Embarrassed would also describe her feelings because at their first meeting he had offered to take her home in his limo and  let's just say there was more than kissing going on in that limos back seat.

She was like a "drug"  and Nikolai wanted to bed her and would do anything to make that happen.  Money of course, he would offer her a job, make her an offer she couldn't refuse and invite her to his French villa to work as a waitress for a business meeting.  What he didn't know was the reason why Zara would accept.  She needed the money to pay off her Godmother's medical bills and to keep her home.  Of course, things in the end, ended up with them making love.  All I could think was this man didn't have a clue what a wonderful person Zara was and that he would misjudge her.  Zara, well would her heart get broken because it was obvious while reading this beautiful love story, they couldn't get enough of each other.  She captivated him.

So much for a light and easy affair.  It became so complicated, and Zara remained so strong, so proud and in the end she had to walk away.  Could and would she survive?  How about Nikolai,  would he get over his issues about women and their need to take him to the cleaners?  Would he realize what he had lost when she walked away?  You'll just have to read this beautifully written romance by one of my favorite authors, Sharon Kendrick and you'll love their happy ending which was quite the surprise!

Sharon Kendrick talks about her "complicated" Russian billionaire at I(heart)Presents

Back of the Book

The humble waitress and the Russian billionaire…

Waitress Zara Evans doesn't belong in glittering high society. That is until she finds herself unexpectedly at an exclusive party, and manages to captivate the most sought-after man in the room—Russian oligarch Nikolai Komarov.

For Nikolai, there's something about Zara's beauty that makes her stand out from the first-class crowd. Experience has taught him all women have their price, but he has never encountered anyone like Zara—a young woman who is too proud, too independent, too willful to be bought…

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