Monday, September 05, 2011

Bride for Real - Lynne Graham (The Volakis Vow)

The Marriage Betrayal was part of Lynne Graham's The Volakis Vow a two book romance.  Where I thought The Marriage Betrayal was intense, this one was off the charts.  So many secrets, lies and most of all betrayal with the ending chapters having my heart pounding so much so I had to put it down at times

Sander Volakis and Tally Spencer met quite by chance when both of their father's for certain reasons demanded they attend a weekend at Westgrave Manor.  It was there we were introduced to those in attendance with one of the guests being a Robert Miller who was also interested in the lovely Tally.  Now in Bride for Real he is Tally's business partner and he would like to be more.  But that's not going to happen because Zander has a plan to get his wife back!

So many things had happened to Tally and Sander, they'd lost their baby, had suffered so much misery and pain and were living apart.  Tally now ran a successful interior design business and Sander was the CEO of Volakis Shipping.  However he had an agenda because he for some reason couldn't stand the fact that Tally and Robert had been photographed and appeared in the London news.  He also realized there was more to life than business.  He was a man with a plan; so he had his solicitor call Tally's office stating that he was selling their beloved country home in France, the one they were so happy in before their baby died.  The one that held so many beautiful and yet, horrible memories for Tally as she had been devastated by her loss.  So much so, she turned her husband away and wouldn't share her pain with him.

As you can well imagine, she went to retrieve some personal items and who should show up on her door step but Sander.  She was shocked to see him and remembered how much she hated him when she found out why he married her.  But the passion was still there for both of them and very hard to resist.  Communication was the key and finally they both shared their own personal feelings about how they felt when the baby died.  They shared so much of their grief with each other, taking a few steps forward only to have something rear it's ugly head out of Sander's past.  Sincerely they couldn't resist the passion and just when you thought they could have a chance at happiness, a bomb exploded in their face.  A secret so shocking, I honestly couldn't believe it and thought if that had happened to me, could I have forgiven my husband for a betrayal that would have rocked my world? 

Zander was not the only one keeping secrets, Tally was as well.  She had to enlist her father's help to keep her mother out of prison and did not reveal it to her husband.  Couple that with a visit from his parents which was distressing, to having Robert constantly hounding her to divorce her husband. and then a very public scandal......all of it very shocking.  Just when I thought I couldn't continue reading anymore secrets and lies, a miracle happened for them both, something so special that would heal their love for each other.  Lynne Graham is a brilliant author and this book, Bride for Real is a true example of her talent.

Both The Marriage Betrayal and Bride for Real are stand alone books.  However, even with it's intensity, I think Bride for Real was my favorite due to it's spectacular happy ending.  It's one of those romances that will stay with me for a long time.

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