Monday, September 05, 2011

The Marriage Betrayal (The Volakis Vow) - Lynne Graham

What a dynamite duo, Lynne Graham has written in The Volakis Vow.  Intense doesn't even begin to describe this romance, it's definitely not for the "faint of heart".  Personally, I wanted to strangle Sander Volakis.  He was ruthless, handsome and he absolutely broke Tally Spencer, his wife's heart.  Their marriage was based on secrets, secrets so powerful they could destroy the both of them.

Sander Volakis was the second son of a Greek tycoon.  His older brother was the "golden boy and favored son" while Sander was ignored by his parents, especially his mother. She had hoped her second child would have been born a girl.  Now his brother had died and his father insisted that he attend a function at Westgrave Manor, the home of his brother's ex-fiance, who definitely had Sander in her sights.  Sander hadn't wanted to attend but since his brother's death, Volakis Shipping was in trouble so he agreed to go.  He also agreed to return to Volakis Shipping and help save the family business.

Tally Spencer, how would I describe her?  She was loyal to her mother in ways her mother did not deserve.  She was ignored by her father, the very same man who had an affair while married to her mother.  The end result, his mistress became pregnant and her parents divorced.   He chose his mistress and their child over Tally.  Her stepsister was a spoiled brat and had also been invited to Westgrave Manor.  It was Tally's father who requested Tally accompany her sister and make sure she didn't get in trouble. Meanwhile, her mother was off with another man.

Arrogant Greek, Sander was used to having women fall at his feet and when Tally ignored him, he was definitely intrigued.  Tally was sweet and determined not to be like her mother and go from man to man, making each one of them the most important person in her life until they "dumped" her.  She was so sweet and sensitive and just accepted the way her family, including her father, treated her.   The weekend did not go well.  Cosima, her sister, got drunk and played a horrible prank on Tally, such a nasty prank that Tally wasn't able to function.  Because this ordinary girl intrigue him and kept him at arms length, when Sander saw that she was in physical danger, he took care of her in his room.  In the end, he took care of her alright, he took her virginity.

He was like a hawk!  He struck his prey, Tally, and was relentless until she finally gave in and became his mistress.  In the end she became pregnant.  What a mess and this arrogant man had the nerve to say two things.....I don't do "exclusive" and when she told him she loved him and was expecting his child, he informed her "his lawyers would be in touch".  Could it get any worse?  You bet, especially when her mother found out she was pregnant, and set in motion a series of events.  She called Talley's father and her father blackmailed Sander into marrying her and kept it all a secret from her.  It was then that I realized Tally's life would be horrible, because her husband didn't "do love" and had only married her to save his father's shipping company.

Rejection played such a part in this love story.  Sander's rejection from his parents, Tally's rejection by her mother, father and her father's family.  Add to that his family thought her not suitable and wanted him to marry a Greek girl.  Tally's rejection by his family and friends.  It was all too much and I wondered how could they possibly survive?  Now do you get the picture what this sweet, ordinary and beautiful woman had to endure?  Returning home to Greece with her in tow, business became his priority and he ignored Tally.  In the end, she could see no hope for her marriage, she left him and he followed her.  When he determined he wanted her in his life, even though he could love her, he in the end convinced her to return to their home but I wondered what would she end up enduring and would she be strong enough to endure it?  That answer would be found in the next book by Lynne Graham, in the Bride for Real.

If you think The Marriage Betrayal had secrets, wait until you read Bride for Real.  Honestly, I sobbed my heart out!

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