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The Sabbatini Brother's Contest - US residents only

Meet Melanie Milburne

Melanie Milburne grew up on a small farm on the outskirts of Sydney and as a keen horse rider, often competed in local gymkhanas and even broke in a few horses from time to time. As she was surrounded by animals, she decided at an early age to become a nurse; however, she couldn’t stand the sight of blood and so opted for a career in teaching.

She read her first Mills & Boon novel when she was 17 and that encouraged her to continue reading romance novels; the lure of the tall dark handsome hero, who in reality she fell in love with and agreed to marry on their second date! They moved to Scotland so her husband could work and study for his MD in surgery. Two lively sons later she decided teaching was the last thing she wanted to do!

She went back to University and up-graded her teaching diploma to a degree and then went on to do a Masters but she still felt as if something was missing. She sat down one day and began writing and everything clicked into place.

Melanie currently lives with her family in Hobart, Tasmania. She has now published almost 50 full-length novels for Harlequin Mills & Boon and her books are regularly released in several different countries, including Australia, the U.S., and the U.K. In 2004, she became the first Australian author in ten years to be contracted to Harlequin Mills & Boon Presents.

In 2000, Melanie placed second in the Romance Writers of Australia Emma Darcy Award. She is a two-time ARRA finalist and an eight-time CataRomance Reviewers Choice Award Winner. She was the winner of the ARRA Favourite Category/Series Romance for 2008. She is an active member of Romance Writers of America, Romance Writers of Australia, and the Australian Romance Readers Association. She is also the recipient of the Holt Medallion Award's Award of Merit and the 2009 Booksellers Best Short Contemporary Category.

In her spare time, she learnt to swim as an adult and after some great coaching, she went from a non-swimmer to National Top Ten in Master's Swimming plus several State records. She looks on any scary task now in much the same way as she did swimming. Her motto is "Don't say I can't-Say I can try!!" As well as swimming she enjoys long distance running, and of course reading. Melanie also has a passion for the needs of children and animals and is active in supporting the Australian Children's Foundation.

I so loved Melanie’s Thew Sabbatini Brothers. They were described as “three Powerful playboys from the richest dynasty in Europe! Ruthless, irresistible…impossible to tame?” I’ve had extra copies of this series sitting on my shelves and would like to share with one lucky reader here in the United States. I sometimes get carried away with my book shopping, and in this case id did!

He’ll claim his baby…by whatever means!

Billionaire Luca Sabbatini may have ruthlessly cast Bronte from his life…but he’d be lying if he said he’d forgotten this sweet ballerina.

That’s why he’s back, and ready to reawaken their lost passion. Only this time he finds Bronte isn’t quite so biddable!

Her better judgement is urging her to walk away. Bronte has been lured into Luca’s lair before… This time, however, the secret she’s hiding will have its repercussions!

Melanie shares more about the book.

When Maya met Giorgio Sabbatini, he married the penniless waif and stray despite her inferior breeding. So her decision to divorce him now is made with a heavy heart. Giorgio belongs to a notorious blue-blooded family, and their duty to maintain its lineage is unquestioning. Unable to give him the heir he craves, Maya knows she has to walk away.

But the ink on their divorce papers isn't given the chance to dry; after one last reckless night of passion, there's a very shocking announcement…

Author talks about One Last Night

Her trust fund is dwindling. If Jade Sommerville is to continue living in the manner she's become accustomed to, she has only one option…make the notorious Nic Sabbatini marry her!

The youngest of the Sabbatini brothers, Nic doesn't suffer fools, or respond well to ultimatums—especially those in his grandfather's will! But when the stunning, willful Jade breezes into his office and announces their upcoming nuptials to the world's media, Nic might have finally met his match.

He's turned Jade down once before. But this time?

An author post at I(Heart)Presents

To win these three books, follow this blog or Romance Author Buzz.  Tell me if you've read Melanie Milburne's book, comment on her Facebook page, ask her questions, etc.  Don't forget to leave your email address so that you can be contacted.  Contest ends September 30th and is for US residents only.

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