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The Secret Baby Scandal - Jennie Lucas and Kate Hewitt (Harlequin Presents 2 in 1)

The Count's Secret Child by Jennie Lucas and The Sandoval Baby by Kate Hewitt were two beautifully crafted love stories by two extremely talented authors.

In The Count's Secret Child, Seattle waitress Carrie Powell was finally going to get the chance to introduce her infant son, Henry to his father, Theo St. Raphael Comte de Castelnau.  For well over a year, Carrie had tried to contact  Theo to tell him of her pregnancy and her messages had never been returned.  Carrie had broken the rules, she had told Theo she loved him and he had walked away, leaving her no choice but to raise her son by herself, with the help of her family.

Theo for over a year couldn't get Carrie out of his mind.  He had wanted her like no other woman.   He had tried to forget her but when that didn't work, he sent one of  his body guards to bring her back to his castle.  What he didn't count on was the shock that he had a baby son and how strong his attraction was for Carrie.  A paternity test was a must but while he was waiting for the results, he definitely would get his way, he would bed Carrie because to not have her back in his life would kill him.  In his heart, he knew Henry was his son and there was no way he was going to let her go home to Seattle, he was determined they would marry.  However, there were complications because Carrie would only marry for love and again, she fell in love with him.  However, there would be no love for Theo.  He would be a good father and husband but he would never do love.

Theo was a ruthless businessman we learned in Jennie Lucas Reckless Night in Rio when he stole the company away from Gabriel Santos, the family business he had lost and had wanted back so much it almost cost him his happiness.  Theo had offered more than it was worth and I wondered what sort of man he was, so determined, so arrogant. In the end, Theo would get his way but how far would he go to keep both Carrie and his son?  Honestly, you won't believe what he did and how he lied. Well let's just say Carrie taught him a valuable lesson and brought him to his knees.  Simply, The Count's Secret Child was an amazing read.

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The Sandoval Baby by Kate Hewitt was brilliant.  Both the hero and heroine had tortured pasts. 

Freya Clark was carrying around a ten year old secret, so dark it will break your heart.  And then there was the ruthless Spanish billionaire Rafe Sandoval, who as a child had never been loved and had wanted so much to have a family of his own.  All of the women in his life had lied to him; his mother and his ex-wife and he certainly had "trust" issues.  Now it seemed he had a secret son his ex-wife had kept from him and he was soon to meet this son because his ex had died.

Freya  had been Max's nanny for approximately three years and she loved and adored the child.  Upon meeting Rafe, she realized what a ruthless and powerful man he was and she prayed he would let her continue to be his son's nanny.  She immediately felt things during the early weeks of being around Rafe, feelings she hadn't felt in ten years.  Because of her "dark" secret, she knew she needed to prepare herself for her return trip to Spain.   Let's just say hurt doesn't even begin to describe it all.  What she didn't expect was the tension and then the passion she would share with Rafe.  What she also didn't expect was to become pregnant because years ago she had been told she was infertile.

While reading this lovely romance, I couldn't help but cross my fingers for this couple because they both had been so tortured and all I wanted was for them to get their happy ending.  However, first they had to wade through the messy pasts, before they could have a future.  Thankfully, Kate Hewitt in a most amazing way, gave that happiness to all three of them, plus a sweet miracle.

This Harlequin 2 in 1, The Secret Baby Scandal was outstanding and written by two USA Today Bestselling authors.  It's definitely one romance you won't want to miss.

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Book Description:

The Count's Secret Child by Jennie Lucas

Theo St. Raphael summoning Carrie to his castle means only one thing to her—he's finally ready to accept their baby son. So as she walks up the grand steps, the last thing she expects is to discover that all Theo wants is her back in his bed—and a paternity test!

The Sandoval Baby by Kate Hewitt

For Rafe Sandoval, discovering he has a three-year-old son by his late ex-wife is a shock. Max's nanny, quiet, beguiling Freya Clark, is a godsend. One night, the growing tension between them turns to passion, and soon Rafe discovers he's to be a father again.… This child will have two parents from the start—and Rafe wants marriage!

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