Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Once Touched, Never Forgotten - Natasha Tate


London executive Stephen Whitefield was definitely not proud to be a Whitefield, especially now that his grandfather and cousin demanded he give up Colette Huntington a pastry chef who worked for their hotel, the Grand.  Stephen had issues with his family and concerning the death of his mother.  But he wasn't ready to give up Colette, not yet.  However, what he didn't count on was her overhearing the argument he was having at the moment.  What Stephen also didn't know was that Colette was carrying his child and was planning to runaway from him.  They had agreed to a no fuss affair and when it was time they would both walk away with no regrets. 

That's exactly what  Colette did, she returned home to New York to have her baby.  She didn't want to trap a man because she knew what it was like to grow up with two parents who had gotten married because they were expecting a baby.  She also knew that her father only married her mother because she was carrying his child, a child he didn't love.  She was not going to have that for her daughter.  When she was together with Stephen, he made it very clear that he didn't want marriage, love nor children.  So, she believed she had definitely made the right choice and decision.

Once Touched, Never Forgotten was a befitting title for this book because neither Stephen nor Colette would ever forget the passion and chemistry they both shared.  So five years later when Stephen turned up and purchased the Renaissance Hotel Colette was working at as a chef .  you can imagine the shock for both of them.  However, there was going to be more of a shock when Stephen learned that Colette had a child, his child a little "princess" named Emma.

Talk about a shock for him and heartache for the years he missed from his darling daughters life.  He was furious and determined that he would marry the mother of his child and make them a family.  Due to the lack of love during her childhood, Colette was determined to drag her feet and her answer was no.  However, in the end she gave in for every one's sake because she knew she couldn't resist him, nor his advances and her heart broke because she realized she still loved him, would always love him.

If you wanted to read a sweet romance, then Once Touched, Never Forgotten is definitely not for you.  It's intensity stole my breath away.  Colette never thought she had been good enough for Stephen` but all she wanted was for him to love her.  Love was the only option for her but Stephen couldn't give it to her.  He loved his daughter, he respected Colette but he couldn't love her.  Reading all of this, about both of their pasts broke my heart.  I kept cheering for them but too much of each of their pasts kept creeping up.  However, like all good love stories, there has to be the good and the bad and somehow it took her crashing Stephen's grandfather's party for the light bulb to come on for him.`  Because he realized he had actually needed her, his Colette!  Once Touched, Never Forgotten was a simply fabulous romance, one I highly recommend.  However, have the Kleenex ready!

Back Blurb:

Super-exec Stephen Whitfield and high-flying colleague Colette Huntington both understand the rules of their attraction. One: it will never be anything more than a fling. Two: either can walk away at any time they wish.

Only, Colette hasn't counted on walking away pregnant. And, to Stephen's frustration, after Colette other women don't seem to provide quite the same satisfaction.

Now Stephen's going to lay down some new rules—rules that will most definitely give him the opportunity to indulge his craving for Colette once more.…

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